I look different so guys. I give credit to my mom for doing this and you know tonya family tv. She made me look beautiful today. She did an amazing job and the item. The makeup items that she used is from deck 5g transformation which i’ll be linking up here. You guys should go check her out. She has awesome, awesome, stuff, celebrity stuff, you know it’s, so fancy and lovely and yeah go check it out guys and if you guys, don’t know who i am i would see, and that will also be linked up here – go check out my channel. If you want to see more of me, so i want to say a big thank you to my parents for buying this for me and if you guys don’t know what it is: it’s, actually a laptop and yeah. Today we are going to be unboxing it and see what’s inside so let’s get into it. So here it is it’s hp, we’re, gon na open it up: Music, Music Applause. So guys, if you don’t know what this laptop is it’s hp, hp, pavlon and it has many interesting features and we’re gon na go through that. So first of all, this is touchscreen. You can use the screen and you know do your stuff directly. You don’t need a mouse or you know, and actually like it because i’m, a student and it’s much more helpful for me and the size is actually very portable.

You can take it any places. You can keep it in a laptop purse and take it anywhere. So i like, i really like um the design it’s black and it looks very fancy. You know pavilion. It has it’s a very good um quality has lots of nice stuff and also guys, if you don’t know this laptop can actually bend backwards. So it can now turn into a tablet or ipad, you know, and with the touchscreen. It really helps so much so now we’re going to talk about another interesting feature. The keyboard can actually light up. So if you guys are having trouble seeing in the dark, there is a setting, you have to click on it and the keyboard will show light, and i also like it. It makes it more fancy and it looks good and you can also change the setting. You can lower the brightness, you can increase the brightness, and so here is my wireless mouse. I really like it and it’s actually very thin, so i like thin mouses and it’s wireless and it works good and the color is very pretty it’s white with you know. Some design on it and i’m loving it so here’s, my wireless mouse, so this laptop also came with a pen, and i didn’t know about it so wow. This is really nice it’s very helpful for the touchscreen. If i don’t want to use my fingers – and you know dirty the screen, so i can just use this pen wow here is the manual i believe and the pen here it is there’s a battery too.

Can you guys see – and here it is so you can use it with the touchscreen – i think it’s actually very sensible, which is very good. It also comes with a battery and i am loving it and we have our microsoft office. Um number that we’re going to be entering into the computer to activate it so yeah, my parent talks about that, and this is for a lifetime. So that’s really good, and here we have our chargers – extensions, there’s, one charger that has three points and there’s another one. That has two points. So it depends on your socket how you want to fix it yeah so that’s, very helpful. We didn’t have to pay extra. So they came in the boat and here’s our manual. If you don’t understand you can view the manual and yeah, there are different ways you can set your computer and how you want to use it it’s very useful and there’s a lot of features in it too, and it’s very high quality. I love it. Hp is amazing and awesome, yeah so i’m. Sorry that we didn’t take you along. You know our dad was like let’s just go and we just hopped in. We were excited and forgot to record, but i have to tell you guys that the place is amazing. In qatar we went to a place called jerry bookshop and have a lot of amazing devices, different mobiles phones, laptops and also books and many other items.

You know so we went and we bought a laptop. So forgive us for that, so that this is a 2021 model and i believe when i actually open the computer, there’s got to be a lot of features inside which is going to be fancy and the designs i’m sure they must have upgraded because it’s latest. I think and it’s very good, so yeah so not to make this video long.