I want to say thanks for coming to the channel and my daughter join us right. There um, we are gon na, be doing a quick unboxing. Video of a tablet that i just received from vast king so we’ll be right back to talk about it. So it’s been a while that i’ve done a video with my family, and i have my oldest son right there, jesse and he’s going to be unboxing. The latest product or the latest tablet we received after we unbox it we’ll, do a follow up video to do some testing and comparisons. But right now, it’s unboxing video we’re excited to see what’s in the box or he’s actually more excited to see what’s in the box. And if you haven’t been to this channel before check out all the videos and if there’s, something that you do like a subscription would be appreciated so jesse what we got. Okay today, we’re unboxing, the vast king ma kingpad k10. Today we’re unboxing it. So this is a vast king, which is model kingpin. Okay, we’re unboxing. This now knives um careful always be careful tonight because of tape. Okay, that’s, how you open it! You stick right there, okay in the box, you get and the boxy in a box. You find a tablet, of course, it’s the tablet. Then you find the hot on weight or something inside. Then you find the uh uh user manual, also the uh quick start guide and then and then i’ll wait, there’s the ejector tool for the sd card or something yeah that’s the card.

I think then it comes with that part. Then you can do in that one. It comes with that one or it says if you just want a free gift: Music, then there’s, also more okay and also a power adapter. This one right here, a power gap and a usb and a usb c to usb cable, so it’s usbc. I think that’s usb a yes usb, a and and then this ports usbc. I know where so that is a nice looking tablet: yeah that’s king um. Oh they popped out the the camera a little bit right. There, yeah it’s kind of cool um, 10 inch green. I see a power button right here. Just volume up and down down it’s also got a phone’s, probably right. As you see, it’s got a usbc port and also it’s also got a 3.5 millimeter headphone headphone jack there’s, where your sd card goes or micro, sd. Ships like it comes with the ejector yeah and then it looks like this is for a this – is for a keyboard, keyboard, yeah and then there’s, two speakers only oh stereo speakers, those are stereo. Okay, it has. It says it’s running android, 10 octa it’s octa core cpu right there it’s a display any 1080p display, also a 10.1 inch ips touchscreen. It says it’s. Also, three gigabytes right here of ram and 32 gigabytes of storage plus it’s also got trendy design right. There plus also a 13 megapixel front, uh front camera and a 5 megapixel rear camera.

Then it’s also got wi fi 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz there’s a dual band: one it’s, a dude. Why a dual band, wi fi call it let’s see if there’s any power. Let’S turn it on see if there’s any juice i’m gon na show you guys. This is the power button. Three two one: yes, it’s powering on so it’s android 10 right, yeah, it’s, running android, 10.. Huh! Wait for this to boot, up, yes, cool! So we’re going to do a setup later on on our next video but um like i said right now, it’s just a quick, unboxing video. You want to check it out. We actually had another video on the tablet that we did a while back, but somebody i know, broke the tab Music but anyways. I warned him not to break this one, so we will be back soon with a follow up video about how this performs, but if you’re interested in looking at it now, you can check out it. Just came out on amazon and i’ll, put the link in description and jesse. What do you say? Uh, thanks for watching and subscribe to our channel, make sure to, like your videos, make sure to tap the bell.