Uk 1200 display tablet so yeah. This is the display tablet and it is really nice, and so let me take this and yeah it’s very good. It has these uh hot keys and uh hotkeys buttons. Now let’s remove this paper and see what’s inside. So here are the items with the display tablet, and this is the drawing glove it’s good for not having scratches on the tablet, and here is the cloth for cleaning the device Music. Now we got the front holder it’s like given in two pieces, which we had to fit together like this. So in this case we have the digital pen and we get two of these in the week. Vk 100 tablet set so yeah. We get two so let’s put them aside, and these are the wires required for you know, connecting the tablet, and here we got the pen nibs and the nib remover Music, and then we have our driver, download Music. And finally, we have a quick guide Music. Then we have the tablet stand which does not come with the tablet unless it is mentioned by the seller. So we were given the information that we would get the print step, then display tablet stand and hence we got it: Music, Music, Music, Music. The tablet is very good, but the con of the tablet is that sometimes, whenever you apply anything using the display, uh pen, the image or whatever action that is done is not shown.

So that is considered as a con other than that. I do not have any other problems with the tablet. It is really good and worth the money and yeah.