I had been hoping for bed at night Id look at the ceiling say to myself. Where is the mate xs2 and where is the mix fold to because Im the folding phone guy, its using the z fold for forever, since it came out daily driver status? And I did the same with the three been folding, increasing and so forth since the beginning, Im always curious about the different ways in which companies are approaching this new form factor in front of me here I have two different takes from brands that Ive had a Little bit more difficulty interacting with, obviously we know the story with Huawei and then the mix fold 2, where they were able to really Slim things down. I want to look at the hinges. I want to feel the tension. I want to open up the display and see what Im looking at. I want to compare the exterior fold to the interior fold, theyre two totally different different approaches: how about this one, the mate xs2. I believe this model is still Snapdragon Triple Eight, whereas the mix fold 2 goes up to eight plus gen 1., so this is Flagship status as of today. But what Im mostly curious about is the mechanical aspect of these devices and it feels insanely slender, with this leather, like finish on the back heres whats, fancy and special. It goes this way, the other way and it Clips here with the button. Why dont? I just right, now hit the power button.

This really feels like a typical smartphone. I think we all know the potential downside here. Oh hello, there we have our softer display exposed at all times on front and back speaker sounds pretty good camera layout over here as well. It all kind of Blends together in a way this solution feels more futuristic. The problem is practicality and durability. Huawei says: hey. We put like a really protective finish on there, so youre gon na be good and cool and fine, but I think theres going to be people that are nervous regardless, a very slim bezel. Certainly, on that side, look at that vibrant Ty will lock it at 120 and standard will lock it at 60.. This might be a champion status when it comes to feeling like a regular Smartphone when its in its non folded non unfolded, although it does seem pretty slippery now. As far as the fingerprint scanner is concerned, its over here in the thumb location, and then you have your volume rocker above there, some stereo speakers and the type C Port is over here in order to open it up. You hit this button, which flings it like that and look at it kind of slowly release Im guessing youre going to be holding it like this, but it does feel very Science Fiction with just how Slender it is. I mean we still obviously have a hinge here. Its just kind of different the way that it feels compared to something like the z fold.

Four, these devices are China, only theyre not easy to get your hands on in North America, and there are some drawbacks, including in the case of this device. The lack of support on the Google side of things and then also the regional stuff when it comes to languages and so forth in the package, a type c connector, a fast charger capable of 66 watt supercharged, which is gon na, be key with this device because It does not have the biggest battery its not going to be a tip top battery performer. I would consider that a premium unboxing experience mix fold 2 co engineered with Leica the latest Flagship chip from Qualcomm in the form of the Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1.. Ah, who wins the unboxing experience? Maybe this one? So we go this way and then we remove this, and here is our device, oh also, quite slender, so in the case of this device, this is your exterior display and then you open it up. Wow. Okay, then, this, though, on the outside and the slenderness of the whole deal, I have to say kind of appealing what a big display on the exterior and because they slimmed it down. It is a lot closer feeling to just a typical non folding, smartphone youre. Just then gon na open it up for your more extended consumption session. This looks like it also has some big grills for stereo speakers type c to charge it up fast charge.

Side mounted fingerprint scanner volume rocker above there, you do have more of a bomb for the camera in collaboration with like up SIM tray is up along the top now this hinge feels quite a bit different, its like more spring loaded, almost when compared to the z Fold four – and I know because I opened and closed that thing thousands of times. Oh, he has a z fold, yeah, so z fold feels more like you could kind of stop it at a few different spots and then theres tension at the very end. Prior to the close, but its also smaller its definitely small, the external display is definitely small. I didnt necessarily mind that about this phone because it let my thumb reach across easily with the narrow screen, but this is so thin and lovely to hold. Keep in mind this video is all about the hardware. I realized the software limitation of utilizing a device from a different region, theres another device. I really wanted to work, which was the Oppo Find n. That was just such a solid feeling piece of Hardware. I love checking out the international varieties and different, takes and sort of where the technology is at from a hardware perspective, but often its not worth the software pain points to actually attempt to use one of these on a daily basis. Todays episode has been sponsored by established titles. Have you ever had the issue of trying to select a gift for somebody who has absolutely everything today, I have something that they probably havent, seen a proclamation of their very own lordship, making somebody a lord Lord Lou, Hereafter referred to as the Lord has.

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Its up to you Moe would like that. Lord MO sounds pretty good, actually, Lord Mo. If I had to pick which Hardware I would choose based on this interaction, it would be here the xiaomi mix fold to Outside Inside softer display still protected. This is an enormous display once youve got it unfolded. Lets do a quick comparison of the unfolded scale. I guess thats pretty similar. I happen to know that the battery life is also better on this device. Plus youve got the flagship chip in here, xiaomi might be winning granted. We have to bring Samsung into the mix. This feels the strongest of the bunch I dont know if you can understand how substantial and maybe it doesnt look as significant as it feels theres something about this one. Its just feels a little bit more right. I guess – and this feels more like Im holding up peanut butter and jam sandwich which teach their own those can be delicious as well, although I typically will toast the bread, if thats, what Im gon na do and Im gon na use the crunchy peanut butter as Well, Ive got a case. How are they going to man manage their case design? Ah, a leather like finish with a kickstand, so I have the later case, typically on the z fold 4 and what it does I only install the back region. I typically dont install the front portion. What it does is give me a little bit more of a ridge to grasp onto when Im opening it up.

So sometimes that can be finicky when you dont have one side elevated. So I think in this case, actually the usability goes up when you have the one sided case, because now the ridge is much more obvious to your thumb. This is a thing youre going to be doing all day long and you dont have to dig your fingernail in as much plus. I guess you get a little bit of protection and in this case, youre going to flick out the kickstand and stereo speakers, one for each ear, like this youre having lunch or something that is a very nice little option. Oh Billy Billy here we go Billy Billy got video. I used to have videos on Billy Billy. I dont know if I still do or not check it out, see shout out zealer what an era you wan na have this type. How that type of content is received across the globe, with the subtitles and such if anything is Lost in Translation or not? Did you get a new Yeti? Mug easy thats, not cheap, youre splurging like that now yeah. So the speakers is nice. You get a decent stereo spread out of it, the quality on that video, wasnt fantastic in order to analyze. Maybe this place is a little higher quality. Video now were taking real International risks. Anything can happen here that beer. What do you think that drink is its like blue energy or beer? Damn look at the nutrition in this milk right here, grab that at tmall real, quick, skateboard, drink Music, this guys back the aggressive dance fighting.

Are you familiar with it? I just never know how you figure out who won the battle, but this is where the folding device really excels. Is this idea of content consumption? In my opinion, and in my experience its like you just want to lay back and watch some videos. The form factor is even better than a dedicated tablet. In most cases, those things tend to be a bit heavy depending on where you hold it and stuff like this is just its perfect. When youve got an extra second to watch, a video thats a little bit longer or something youre laying on the couch or I can imagine even for public, transit and stuff its not a phone anymore. Of course it can fold back up and change its form factor. Its getting a lot closer to the idea of no compromises as a phone, its still feels right and then, when its unfolded, its like whoa bonus, whereas this one a bit of a brick and this one does something similar as much as I want to love it. It feels to me like this particular Tech is not going to win out. Even I feel somewhat sensitive about constantly resting my fingers and resting the device down. My Edge is going to go to the new mix fold 2.. This is Flagship category all around so whether were talking about display quality or camera performance, mainly. What I wanted to analyze was the different approach to the mechanical aspect, just the approach in general to a folding phone and where I think its going to go based on these designs.

I would love to see particularly this device, a North American version of it its ambitious. This is an ambitious part of the market at the moment and thats. Why Im so excited about it? So there you have it. Those are the three big players in the folding phone space. Unfortunately, I dont have the find end with me at the moment, but were getting. There were gon na get there were gon na, have folding displays good battery life, fast charging Flagship, specs and were gon na. Keep figuring out, I like how Im taking some credit for like Im like were gon na. Do it. Hopefully, you appreciated this glimpse into a couple International options: the mix fold to the mate xs2, and obviously you know this one, the z fold.