This time is something a little different. This is the remix it's, an android tablet that actually comes with a keyboard it's, a very similar looking to the surface, the original surface, with its top color, and they advertise it as a productive, Android tablet that has the keyboard and it also has a custom remix Operating system which allows you to multitask a little easier, looks similar to Windows, so here's the box here nice white box with remix on the front of it, and it looks really quite an interesting Android tablet. Now it's running on the ticker, for which isn't the latest chipset with 2 gigabytes of RAM, so there should still be enough power, though, to do some multitasking played games reasonably. Well, though I said, is it isn't the latest, but it still does have reasonable power to do those kind of things here. So here we go this to state information thing a little come here with a screen cover for the tablet you can put on there and so what the tablet itself. Ok so feels nice, nice kind of weight. I would have to check the weight on that and just a second you can see there there's the docking port, which looks very similar to the surface. We have a speaker here on the right bottom, one there on the left bottom, and this looks to be a volume rocker here on the top left front facing webcam, which i think is 2 mega, bytes, megapixels, sorry and there's a microphone there.

Now we also have on the top, is the power on button and top right hand? Side the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack? We have the charging port, sorry micro, USB charging ports. This one here magnetic connector charging port again similar to the surface and a nice red magnesium. Alloy back in here on it, which looks very nice and here's, the kickstand don't think there are any other Android tablets out there that have a kickstand, so it's got the first position there and it has a final second position. Okay, well have a look and see what else here is in the box very nicely packaged. So we have the keyboard and just over here there is a very nice actually OT g adapter. This looks to be the power brick. Okay, that is really well packaged. Debit plus look at the keyboard here, so it's got like a velvet felt touch to it, here's the trackpad and you can see the keys, their individual chiclet style island keys, so that should be really nice to type on and there's a few shortcuts. Here you can see there's even got control a ya, brightness print screen even home end, so very similar to more like a PC there, the keyboard and it's very thin. You can see there that thickness is good and it's feels light. We'Ll check those weights in just a minute very, very surface, like type color. This is like a type cover very similar and the back of it there's nothing else on there there's a remix branding here actually and again that felt nice material.

There they've used in just look and see how they actually close them. So very nice club scenic just lightly surfers again. He filled that up and a nice neat package there. Okay, we'll check the weights out shortly, just see what else is in the box here, so we have a little QC pass sticker there. Information leaflet by the looks of that it seems to be stuck down onto the box here, have a look and see what is in that, so the remix looks to be warranted, and this here is all in Chinese. Doesn'T seem to be any English: okay, so there's a quick start guide there outlining the microphone position. Usb 202 G microphone on the back, my friend on the front. So when you using the cameras, it must switch to that microphone depending what camera you're using there. One thing I did not actually show you: there was the micro SD card slot, so this can. I can show you this micro SD card slot. Here is tucked away behind there. You can see there that it's a remix branding and nothing else here and the adapter to see if I can pull that out, it's tucked away quite nicely and very hard to get out of the box there. We go it's, definitely well packaged very nice packaging. Quite premium net, so that's the charger it's a u.s. style, one there. So the two prong, then I just have a quick look to see how that plugs in to the remix, so the magnetic latch there.

I think it can work either way so it's reversible and that just yell leches arm like that quite easy to remove box in place there. So we'll just have a look at the weight of the de Chocolat turn my scales on here and also have a look at the thickness to shortly with my gauge. So both the tablet and the keyboard weigh in at 1.15 kilos. You can see that there now on the camera, the keyboard dock, while the keyboard weighs 299 grams and then the tablet itself is 858 grams, so it's a reasonably heavy table. But the good thing is it's got that kickstand with two positions see. If I can power it on now and how long that takes to power on little haptic vibration, there bit of feedback turning it on just remove these, so the kickstand can hold it up like that, and you get those two positions there. So it's the first position and the second one and remix okay, so language selection here welcome English Wi Fi setup I'm. Just going to skip this for now and get into it so it's, quite a nice looking screen there and you can see straight away that it does look very different there with that remix OS there's something different here. We have the cameras, calendar I'll, get into a lots of details here, install lots of applications benchmarks and to two quadrant Geekbench and show you those in later videos so do subscribe.

If you are interested in seeing more on this remix tablet here and we'll just have a look quickly and see. If I can see where my settings are so we've got browser here couple: a quick launch like a taskbar, very similar to Windows there. So that is interesting and the keyboard itself. Let'S have a quick talk on that. If I can up here see how that feels actually feels really good nice feedback good keep travel there too on the keyboard. It doesn't look to be backlit there, anything there, but very premium, very nice, so I'm gon na see what else I can do. This brings me back to the menu there and I think this might be okay, so that is the memory can actually clean up the memory there just seems quite smooth. Do it in the menu – and this is running, I think, it's it's Android KitKat is running 4.4. I think with the OS the remix OS is on top of that so there's their custom operating system there, but very nice to know that so far do subscribe. We'Ll have more. I can coming videos of this tablet. If you did like this video.