Today i will be doing an unboxing video on the latest addition to the precision mobile family, the dell precision 5470. Here we have the uh box that the system ships in this package is made from 100 recycled or renewable reuse material. Let me go ahead and start opening it up. As you can see, we have the dell branding its all made out of corrugated paper material kind of cardboard material again, all of it being recycled um inside the box. There is an internal gift box, pulling the internal gift box out states, precision on the top of the lid opening up the box, lifting up the front tab here and pulling it up, youll see on the inside uh that the system is wrapped in a bag. The bag is actually made. It feels like cloth. Its very soft. The bag is actually made from shredded plastic, so again, recycled plastic thats been shredded and repurposed into this. Carry bag im going to go ahead and remove the system from the box, and i will go through what else is inside the box that ships with the 5470 in the middle is the warranty paperworks paperwork. It has recycled material information, quick, start guide and such over. On the left hand, side youll see the power cable that plugs into the wall outlet. Again it is theres, no plastic material in here, um, no plastic bags or anything like that or sleeves. This is a paper sleeve holding the power cable.

On the right hand, side is the power adapter, cable, 130 watt power, adapter um ships with the precision 5470, and it is a usb type c adapter, providing 130 watts of power and also in the box, is a da20 dongle. The da20 dongle is a type c dongle, with two input: ports, an hdmi and a usb. A port so gives the customer a lot of capability to plug in external, monitor, usb stick nice, whatever they want to use and it uh just flips open, and you have your type c connector, which you can plug into the system. Here we have the dell precision 5470 dells, most powerful 14 inch mobile workstation and is also the uh most powerful 14 inch mobile workstation on the market uh. The dell precision 5470 has a 14 inch display in a 13 inch chassis um. Some of the internal options are 12th generation intel core, i processors, ranging from a core i5 i7 and an i9. The i9 processor has six um performance cores and eight efficiency cores for a total of 14 cores uh. It is a 45 watt processor. This is the only 14 inch mobile workstation on the market. With a 45 watt processor, we have up to four gigs of discrete graphics memory on board. We have an optional nvidia, rtx a1000 graphic card, the system memory scales all the way up to 64 gigabytes of 5200 megahertz ddr5 memory inside the system. We have a single m.

2 slot, which takes a up to a four terabyte pcie gen4 ssd youll, see on the system that we have four thunderbolt ports. On this side. We have micro, sd card slot, two thunderbolt 4 ports and a um a lock, a wedge type, lock slot. On the other side, we have the 3.5 millimeter jack, two additional thunderbolt 4 ports, and then you can see its got an sd card reader um on this one. So the precision 5470 is a uniquely built for precision system. It is not leveraged from any other line of business and because of that, precision was able to build it with the features that we wanted. So we were able to go with the higher power processors, the higher capability, uh, discrete graphic cards, and we were able to add some additional features for our corporate public and federal customers such as the smart card reader. Also, we have the capability to offer the 5470, with no wi fi, no camera options for those customers who need it. On the inside. For connectivity we have wi fi 802.11ax, so 6e 6 gigahertz connectivity for your ultra fast data transfer and bluetooth 5.2. Opening up the system, you will see the interior, we have a very large touch pad on the front with a carbon fiber weave on the palm rest. This is an nfc location for your nfc type, uh capabilities such as your phone or a card um on the panel really and were really proud of this panel.

Its a 14 inch infinity edge display with a 16 by 10 display aspect ratio because of the infinity edge were able to get 91 screen to body ratio really impressive. What youre, looking at on on this system is the quad hd plus um panel, which has 10 finger touch and active pen support um the active pen is not sold. Um is not included with the system, its sold separately, but can be purchased at time of order. Uh, it is a 72 adobe color gamut panel with 500 nits, so very bright um premier, color software and comfort view plus. For those who dont know comfort view plus, is a hardware enabled low blue light to help with front of screen viewability on the backlit keyboard. We have on the power button, we have our fingerprint reader and up at the top of the panel, we have an ir camera with proximity and ambient light sensor. We also have dual microphones located at the top of the system so that, when you close the lid and are docked youre still able to utilize with the the microphones pointing out instead of pointing into the system, it has four speakers. You have uh one speaker on each side of the palm rest and uh two subwoofers located on the bottom of the system we have aluminum covers on the top and the bottom and, as you can see, we have uh on the back. We have a lot of venting to allow the system to stay cool.

The precision 5470 has dual doo fans: dual opposite outlet fans, so it pulls air in through the bottom, pushes air directly out the back from both fans across the thermal heat pipes and it pushes into the system creating a high pressure area and pushing that hot air Out through the middle of the exhaust on the back uh middle of the system, this allows for uh up to 30 percent, better air flow and if air efficiency within the uh 5470., i wanted to thank you for letting me go through the unboxing of the dell Precision 5470 for more information. You can visit dell.