So, with the raxe 500, you will see incredible leaps in performance, including nine times faster wi fi, with speeds reaching up to 10.8 gigabits per second and capacity for up to 60 devices, making this router ideal for multi gigabit internet. The box shows you all of the new and key features of your rax e500 listed on the side of the box. Are the tech specs for the raxe 500’s 12 stream axe 11000 wifi? The back of the box highlights additional benefits of this all new wi fi. 6E technology, like top speeds for all your devices and smoother streaming gaming and video Music conferencing, now let’s take a look at what we have in the box Music. When you open the box, you’ll first see the quick start guide that will instruct you to download the nighthawk app which you’ll use to install the router. The back of the quick start guide includes a reference for the contents in the box and a visual overview of the features on your product carefully. Remove the unit from the plastic cover and set it aside, open the wings in one swift motion: remove the protective foam insert between the two wings Music underneath the unit you’ll see the accessories. These include an ethernet cable which you’ll use to plug into your current internet service provider device like a cable modem in your home. There is also a power adapter for your router. On the back of the unit. You can see four gigabit ports, one 2.

5 g, multi, gig port and two usb 3 ports. Your router is now ready to be installed now that we’ve unboxed, the raxc 500 let’s briefly walk through this easy setup with the netgear nighthawk app, which is available in the play, store and app store. Make sure that you have downloaded the nighthawk app on your mobile, ios or android device and that all your raxe 500 contents have been removed from the packaging Music to connect your router to your modem, plug one end of the included ethernet cable into the port labeled Internet Music then plug the other end into one of the internet, lan ports of your isp device to power. Your router find the port for the power adapter on the back of your raxe 500, when the cable is connected, plug the power brick into a power outlet, then push the power button on the back of the raxe 500. Once your router’s led light turns on you. Can follow the step by step process using the nighthawk app available for ios and android Music after opening the app create an account or log in to move forward with the setup Music process? If your router detects a new available firmware, we recommend that you update to the latest firmware, so your raxe 500 will have the latest security and performance fixes. The setup of your raxe 500 is now complete to learn more about the raxe 500 visit raxe 500.