While this jet gets faster and faster and then we’re going to surprise a fan, who’s going to be the first to own it yep here we go here, we go it’s a beefy package. Let’S get inside we’ve got the phone on top there. Can you take that as well? One question one plus charging number five is the price? How much do you think it is when i beside using, i thought it’s, probably going to be 400 it’s 299 euros? Oh, my it’s one of the god stones, but also it looks like one color right, this green blue, but actually it ships, it’s, dark blue now and if you’ve got like hints of purple on the sides and remember how i said that it would be a little More than you expected, it’s also got a headphone. Jack number three is cameras. The phone is three particle is like this. The r drive like this and the monochrome like this, but really it’s all about the main one it’s, a 64 megapixel camera and when you take photo with it, it takes up to eight different frames of different exposures and uses them together for some of the most Reliably balanced photography at this price we’re going straight up. Oh, my god is unreal, but in my opinion, what’s more impressive is the power what’s inside this thing can match significantly more expensive phones and snap recommendations means that you don’t really have to worry about whether or not you can play certain games.

At 4, 500 million per battery, which means you can finish a day with like 25 left and fast charging 30 minutes 30 to 70. But you want to know my favorite thing: it’s a screen Music. The screen, i think, it’s something that anyone can pick up this nord and immediately notice is 1080p resolution, which is exactly what i chew for at this price. It uses amulet tag to give colors a little punch and it’s got a knight to go through three. A bit of extra you ready too so that’s my top five now it’s time to surprise the fan and we’re upside down again. That was completely next level. I can’t even feel my legs anymore. Thank you. Hold on fella, see ya, cheers! Oh, i have to deliver a phone to a community member. Can i borrow your car sure i’m trying to spend it though can’t promise yeah nice car mark, but just before we deliver to the fan, i wanted to understand how oneplus has done this. So we’ve got senior product manager at oneplus, sam and i’m gon na ask you ten questions. I apologize in advance because, as we go through them, they’re going to get more and more probing i’m ready. Let’S do it. So this is a blue phone, but you also make red phones, you make white phones, so something i’ve always been wondering is like when you’re in the boardroom designing them. How do you pick what color is a great question and, first of all, it’s not really a boardroom more like a kind of laboratory setting with hundreds, maybe thousands of prototype phones all with different back panels, maybe more phones than we have in this room? Sure and um for this nord it’s kind of simple we wanted to bring the blue color through so keeping it quite simple to have a very high yield rate, which is important at this price point.

First, you have to think about yield. So when you try more complex finishes, more of them fail in production, 100 yeah, so keeping it quite simple, especially at this kind of quite cheap price point. So in your eyes, as someone who’s kind of you know, built this phone, what would you say the best feature is what’s what’s his biggest achievement. I think on a phone like nordc it’s, about that day to day experience which, for the consumer is kind of well rounded, you don’t want anything, stand out and then anything to be pretty poor. You do see that a lot in the kind of mid range category, and so with nordc. We kind of really see it as the kind of gold standard of the mid range, because it is so well rounded. So the way you see it the best phones, they don’t specialize, i think so yeah. So one of the things i’m finding as i’m testing more and more advanced phones is that i’m having to find really creative ways to show the differences between mid range and flagship? Do you think, as a manufacturer that that gap is narrowing, i think the gap between a low end phone and a mid range phone, like nordce, has seen a huge change for the benefit of the mid range in the last couple of years, like what you can Do at this price point is incredible compared to maybe even one year ago, and what about the the sales numbers themselves? Would you say, you’ve noticed people veering towards buying mid ranges over flagships? I think the numbers are around 60 percent and this is a kind of industry.

Wide uh of people are kind of going for that mid range, 60 yeah, but just theoretically like going forward five years, do you see that trend continuing? So you said that 60 of people now own mid range phones. Do you think that could be 80.? So five years is a long time in the tech industry and i think that kind of great components they are getting more affordable for the kind of day to day user, and so i think we will see this trend continue now we’re in a in the kind Of world of 5g, and pretty soon on millimeter wave 5 during we have tested this it’s going to be faster to kind of ping, a satellite than it is to access the internal memory on the soc, so it’s faster to go into the atmosphere and down with A decision or feedback than it would be to travel a couple of millimeters on the phone changes, everything kind of think how much that will change your day to day life on your phone cloud storage cloud computing cloud, gaming cloud, everything yeah, i think we won’t give Too much away today, but we’re looking into a lot of cool tech, so something else that’s been on my mind recently is i’ve heard a lot of companies talk about ip ratings to protect against water and dust, but at the same time there’s a lot of companies Who launch phones without ip ratings, and they say oh, but don’t worry it’s, still, splash proof.

The question is: is an ip rating pointless or at least do people overstate how important it is? I don’t think it’s pointless it. It can protect you in those kind of extreme scenarios and but for the nordsie. I know i keep saying this, but it’s about the day to day scenarios and going for a swim with your phone is maybe not the day to day scenario in this device. We’Ve we’ve covered, obviously the key ingress components like the headphone jack charge, port and the speaker grille, with the kind of waterproof membrane and um the seal, which keeps it kind of splash proof in the rain and keeps duster over time. This is like the day to day things you’re gon na come up against all right. Final few questions i’ve been. I wanted to know this one for ages. What is the most expensive component of a phone? I was expecting this question so for naughty processor display ram. Rom with those four you kind of have about fifty percent of what’s called the bom, so the bill of materials and that’s kind of a good rule of thumb for most devices, but in this phone, the soc, so the snapdragon 750 g5g chip is the most expensive Component, so do you find that even with flagship phones, that kind of proportion that 50 that stays true, it’s kind of consistent, obviously plus or minus a pretty decent tolerance, but as a rule of thumb, it’s, not bad, so i’ve been using this phone for a while.

Now before i actually knew the price – and i remember when i first got out of the box and saw the design and saw the screen – i thought: okay it’s going to be 349 or maybe three – nine nine, but it’s, two, nine nine right yeah. So the question is: how do you decide which corners to cut and how do you decide what to make sure you don’t cut yeah you’re, not the only person kind of debating the cost, as well. Even internally, there’s been a lot of back and forth between the market teams, who maybe represent the customer and then hq and we’ve kind of ended up at 299, probably on the side of the customer. So we think it’s a really a really great deal and internally we’re calling it that kind of mid range killer, mid range, killer, catchy, hey, and so, when you think about cutting corners, we usually start kind of the other end of the equation. We’Ll start with the end consumer we’ll look at how they use their device daily over a period of its life so two to three years and then we’ll go shopping for the componentry. That is going to be able to create something to achieve that experience, and so with oneplus nord ce you’ve got obviously 5g you’ve got the snapdragon chipset warp charging 90 hertz display. All of that, together, we think, will deliver this kind of phenomenal day to day experience that people can kind of accept.

So you see it less like starting with a flagship and taking things away more like starting at base zero and adding what the person needs exactly yeah. On a similar note, though, i’m super curious about someone. This is a big question. How is it that a 299 euro phone has a headphone jack, but a thousand euro flagship, doesn’t it’s, not really about cost it’s about options? At this price point, people want versatility, they want options, but at the kind of higher end price point a lot of these people pretty much all of them will have a set of bluetooth earphones that they use and so for nord ce it’s. Just about the versatility. All right, thank you. So much for this sam it’s been so interesting back to the car Music. Surprise! Oh my god, you’re all right! You are the first owner of a oneplus nord ce. How do you feel that’s amazing? Thank you. Let’S get a photo together. I do not do this every day, amazing. How do you feel so excited i’m, just so nervous, it’s, crazy, isn’t. It check out the link in my description for all info about the phone, including an early access sale. If you want to be the first to own the ce well, second, at least thanks for watching my name is aaron.