Okay, so here’s one box all right. So this is the laptop inside here, as you can see, and we have another package which is the brand new backpack from them. So first let’s start with the laptop all right. Let’S get started all right and we’re back so now, i’m, going to take my little short and sharp razor cutter to cut open the seal at the top let’s get to it. Okay, once that’s done, let’s pull this down; okay and open it up, as you can see from here, this is the charger all right, the charger as well as the socket here. Okay, that is the charger compartment, as you can see, it’s now empty. Pull this out looks like it’s well packaged inside there. As you can see here, it is oh it’s, actually a similar color to mine the current model, so yeah let’s, take it out of the wrapper but let’s see. Is there anything else in the box let’s? Do it aside all right, yeah that’s all, and then we have another perfection inside there yeah that’s about it: okay, uh. We also get yep. This is the inspiron 14 5410. All right so here’s, like some kind of setup guide for all the dell apps, and here some safety and regulatory information here and let’s, get to the main thing, which is the laptop itself. Okay, so it’s a bit dusty. I think, because it’s been on the plane and on the truck, you know, but look great right, so let’s open up the wrapper.

This is the best part. Wow i’m excited Music. Okay, that is the brand new laptop, is now out from the box. Let’S, just take a look around first all right. I think they put some uh sponge inside their phone. That does not damage the screen. Okay, the charging port. We have the hdmi, we have the usb and we have the thunderbolt 4 here, okay and here on the other side, you have a sd card reader with another usb, and this is for your earphones okay. So this will be the first time me opening up the screen. Let’S go whoa, okay, wow! Just look at that. I like the keyboard, it looks so different: okay, that’s nice. So here we have the touchpad. This is a i7, a intel core 11 generation. We also have a nifty inside here, and this screen is special because it’s, a fhd display that is able to be 40 times brighter and 10 times darker for black colors right. So that is the special part and we also have a tiny camera shutter up there. So let’s turn it on for the first time here we go, i hope, there’s battery in it yep there is battery the there’s a keyboard light as well. If you can see okay now it’s turning on the all right, perfect, okay, let it start up. So for this i7, this i7 is actually the 11th generation and it’s actually way more powerful than the one i’m actually using right now and it’s uh catch can be up to 12 megabytes.

So i think, in terms of performance that is better as well as the graphic card. This is a mx 450, whereas the one i’m using right now is a mx230. So the there are major upgrades on this laptop let’s. Just give it a moment to start up. Hi there i’m cortana and i’m here to help people sign in here a touch of wi fi there and we’ll have your pc ready for all you plan to do use your voice or the keyboard along the way, and if you’d like me to stay quiet, just Select the little microphone icon towards the bottom of your screen. If you need an assistive screen, reader press, the windows, control and enter keys at the same time, to turn on narrator all right for now, i’m, just going to die, keep that quiet! Okay, so i’ll get it set up later on, but first impressions of this i really like the new color it’s different than my old laptop, the keyboard uh it’s a greyish color, but i think when i turn off the lights later, you can see the keyboard actually Lights up much better than this one, so uh right now, i’m going to do a simple montage on this brand new 5410 inspiron 14, so let’s get to that montage! Now, Music, all right hi guys welcome back! So now we’ll be talking about the specs of this brand new inspiron, 5410. Okay, so we have a 11 gen i7.

That is a 11370h. That is the model of this i7, so it’s a 12 megabyte catch and it booked up to 4.8 gigahertz all right. So for the graphic card, as i mentioned earlier, is an mx450 uh. It has 2gb inside for the processing and i have tested out the gaming in this laptop and it’s, actually much more smoother, much more efficient, much more cool. Looking, i would say, the gaming experience than my previous one and one thing that’s an upgrade as well is: my storage has now been changed and upgraded to 512 gb and it’s a ssd as well. So this is a 8 gb ram. It has 3 200 megahertz and it’s a 14 inch display. So the best part about this new display is a fhd, so it’s actually very similar to oled screen. Where i see that the colors and the whiteness, the white color and the colors are actually more redder than the normal one, so this is really such a big upgrade for me, because the screen is something that i’m really happy about, because when i play games with It the gaming experience, is really enhanced with this screen. Okay and now this is called the titan gray color. So we have a titan gray keyboard as well. It is backlit, as you can see, there’s no rgb it’s, just a white color black lip keyboard. Okay – and here we have our fingerprint as well same thing and the new thing that this keyboard is actually, it sounds much better than the old one and it feels the clickiness is actually much better and yeah.

This is actually the website to see uh on the sides. We have the charging port, we have the hdmi. We have two usb, sadly, but the best part about it is we have thunderbolt 4., so many of you guys might not know what thunderbolt 4 is so tunnel 4 is actually specifically made for the i7 in this laptop, so thunderbolt 4 is actually we can transfer Data from another source, let’s say from a phone or from my external hard drive to the laptop at speeds of up to 40 gigabyte per second. So imagine i can transfer my phone data like the whole phone’s data within three seconds using thunderbolt 4. So that is actually really really impressive, with the new thing that thunderbolt 4 has done for us and about the battery. I haven’t tested the battery yet, but i think it should be slightly better or not similar to the old one and the new thing that this has is the shutter. We have a mechanical shutter now for the camera, so that is also very good and other than that it’s actually very similar, because the color on the outside it’s, exactly the same. So if i put this with the old one, people never know unless they see from the side where it’s different and the new part about the new one is look at the hinges. Yes, so this will actually lift the laptop upwards, therefore making it better for the airflow at the bottom, and also another thing is: this laptop is actually much quieter, whether i am gaming or doing anything that needs high performance is actually much quieter than the o1 i’m.

Not sure how they did that, but it’s truly impressive that’s what i would say and on the back side we have just the word written inspiron, so that’s one sticker here and yeah that’s about it very simple, actually that’s, all for the laptop it’s. A very i for me, i’m really grateful for it because mainly it’s faster it’s, better in terms of gaming, and it looks better for me – and i prefer typing on it and all that it’s, just that its capabilities are much better than the o1. No doubt the old one was good, but this is much better so now, once we are done with that, let’s move on to the final thing: we’ll be unboxing, the backpack that is given with this laptop. So this is the free one, it’s, not a option which i took a better version or anything so it’s, actually a free one that is included in the package when you buy this laptop, so let’s open it up. All right packaging seems good, yeah it’s, a very basic one, because this is actually the free one, but still at least it’s something they get from there. So it should be quite cool, let’s, just check it out. Yeah there we go. This is actually it’s, 15 inches and below, because the size cannot be too big, yeah essential backpack 15, so a 15 inch plus laptop will not fit inside here. It’S meant to be up to 15 inches only let’s check the inside okay.

We got our first compartment here. It’S about this height, the compartment actually called polyester, that is the material name, is polystar. Okay and let’s check the laptop compartment. Oh, this is good. They actually put the laptop compartment at the back. You know why, so that people are not able to steal or touch the laptop or anything that’s valuable when you are carrying it so pick pockets from the back we’ll find it even harder, unless you just put it inside here, wow good job, there that’s very impressive. Okay, so let’s open up the other side. We have a big compartment inside it’s, blue okay. So i would say you put your laptop inside this slot here. Then you close it up and then you can put your charger, your books, your files and anything that’s needed for work. Yeah that’s about it, nothing impressive, but i like that uh dell actually taught for an idea to avoid pickpockets, so it’s, pretty impressive uh. That will be all for my review, so i hope you guys enjoyed it. This was me reviewing my new laptop, which is f410. Thank you dell for sponsoring me basically for this laptop and yeah. I hope you guys stay tuned for the next video which hopefully once mcu is over. It will be a car review and, yes, i repeat it again – it will be a car review that is once mco is over so hope to see you guys in the next video stay tuned for more and yeah.