This. This is the samsung galaxy tab, s7 plus. So this is the 12.4 inch model, so they do do the standard. Samsung galaxy tab s7, which is the 11 inch but it’s a lcd display. This is fully amoled and pretty much either than that, and the screen size is the rest, is pretty much all the same. There’S a battery difference. I think the s7 standard one is 7000. This one is 10 000 milliamps of battery, so let’s just get looking at it. So, looking at the front you get this nice little display. You get a image of the tablet and you get the back, as you know, is the s7 plus and the standard s7. You get the s pen um, so they’ve updated the s pen on here that’s. I guess another difference between the standard and the plus. This has a nine millisecond latency in using and looking at other people’s reviews. You can see it so, as you can see you get this nice gloss, texture at the front same tab, s7 plus and you’ve got the samsung logo in the top corner and then just looking around, as you can see here, just get an image of how thin It is again nothing on this side and then at the back, it’s just plain so let’s just open it up. So what my plan is guys is i’m just going to quickly unbox this and then once i’ve set it up i’m going to do a few parts to this um, where i’m going to show you the top accessories that you would need, and so some are going To be mandatory, accessories say that are required for this product and others will be extras that you can get and then i’m also going to show you what i’ve installed and what i’ve downloaded onto here and how i’ve set mine up so lift the box.

So this product here retails for 799 pounds and the specs of this are this – is the 128 gigabyte model of storage and it has six gigs of rams. In the uk, i have not been able to source the eight gigs of ram, which has gigabytes of storage or 512 gigabytes of storage um. This uses the latest, not the 888, which ain’t out yet but uses the 650 snapdragon 7 nanometer chip, um and other than that, the rest of it. It has the 120 refresh rate, and it has a super amoled. Hdr 10 plus display it’s a 12.4 inch display and a screen to body ratio of 84.6. So let’s just look at it. So it comes in this nice little pouch and it’s just a protective cloth, and you need to remove that to use it, and it just shows you where the s pen goes in the back. Let’S put this to one side for now. So what do you get in the box so either than the tablet? You get your s pen here, it’s, quite a nice s, pen, as you can see, my hands are standard size and it feels like a normal size of a normal pen, it’s very light, and i love this color. So this is the mystic bronze. You get a charger so with this with this tablet, you can charge up to 45 watts, but they only give you the standard, fast charger, which i think is their 15 to 18 watt charger same as my phone it’s, a shame that they don’t now give you The optimal charges that’s required they’re, just i guess, trying to make as much money as possible, and then you get your type c to type c cable.

No, you get your type c to usb cable. I was really hoping it was a type c to type c, but i guess it’s not, and then you get this box here, which is the sim injection tool um, but my ones, the wifi model, so it’s just for the memory card and other than that i’m. Just guessing it’s gon na have oops i’ve ripped the box, guys already yeah it’s, just a warranty and quick start guide, that’s about it and that’s it guys. So that was a quick unboxing. Now let’s just quickly look at the tablet itself so to open this case. Open you can’t just rip it it’s. Quite a strong cloth need to peel this off. If you like the attention to detail in the packaging – and here we have the tablet itself, as you can see, this is a gorgeous tablet, huge here’s, my hands against it. It doesn’t feel too heavy very thin. It’S got the propriety pins at the bottom to connect a keyboard cover and you can’t pretty much see anything else. Um you’ve got your grill speaker grills here and on here. You have your charging port here and another two speaker. Grille, so this comes with four speaker grilles and then at the top. You have your sim card or memory card and your volume and power rocker. So let’s just quickly. Look at the color, as you can see, here’s the camera, and this is where the s pen will sit.

Let’S put the s pen in it should be magnetized. So, as you can see it just locks in it just goes into place like so and that’s. It guys this was a quick unboxing of the samsung galaxy tab, s7 plus and stay tuned i’ll be doing a lot more. Videos on this i’ve got a big project for this one.