. So we’ll be doing some reviews on this down the line and seeing what else i can do with it as well. So we have a box in a box off to a good start. Here is our pretty box g5 and then, as i mentioned, i5 1050h zoom. You guys in so yeah i5 10 uh, 1050, h, 16, gig, 3200 ram 512 gig ssd black in color, rtx, 3060p. Six gig not sure what the p stands for yet and a 15.6 inch 240 hertz display let’s, get into it and see what we’ve got one security seal very loosely. To put on me failing to unlock it, there we go let’s start with the boring. Let’S give this an idea of power limit on the machine. We have a 180 watt power, brick fairly slim in size actually and a similar charger port to what i normally see in like acer laptops. So this does look rather generic, especially being the brand. I have seen this with essentially metabox tomfang computers. What else do we have? It looks promising a couple of m.or mdot script, 2, screw 2.5 inch screw so i’m, a schumann upgradable and also one sd card let’s get in there and see what we’ve got itself feels rather chunky already in hand. It doesn’t surprise me. So initially displayport full size, sd usb3 on the back type c, hdmi, even ethernet power curious of these well, these do look like one vent, no vent over here and the other side headphone jack microphone usb 2 usb 3.

kensington lock. It does have a little bit of weight to it, obviously it’s about a couple of kilos opening it up. What do we see on that neat? Looking keyboard the keyboard itself, doesn’t, look too bad. It does look replaceable as well. Looking at that kind of thing across the front, a couple of led lights across the front down here, assuming power, charging, wi fi and maybe even ethernet there and the screen itself – does look fairly standard granted it’s what it produces as opposed to how it looks bezels On it do look fairly normal for a screen this size coming up with the current trends. We do also have a webcam at the top, presumably 720p. So far, looking very nice now another thing i probably should look at too. Before i end the video is what we’re looking like underneath for breathing so breathing. You can already see an m.2 over here one leg here i can see a fan over here. I can see a fan over here see one very small removable battery, so even though we’ve got gigabyte on here, i do believe that this is a re, badged rebranded other g5 and i’m, assuming that’s a wireless card up here, an ax 200 ngw now i’m, going To take that battery out and let’s quickly see what we got here: wow, that is a baby comparing it with the charging, brick it’s, actually the same size, not a good unit of measurement.

What are we 48.96, what hours so it’s? Actually for the size of it? It is surprising i will be curious to see how this goes in the real world, considering mostly most batches i’m used to seeing nowadays are about double the length for what this one is. Can we see not much else so that will do it for today the unboxing of the gigabyte g5 laptop down the line i’ll be doing a couple of benchmarks on it, and i will also have a full review so stick around for that.