Now this laptop is a fantastic deal for anybody. Looking for a thin light on the go laptop that really packs a punch and so it’s it’s, one of those laptops that you really don’t know how they do it. How do they make a laptop this thin and light with this good of build materials and make it so affordable and we’re going to open this bad boy up right here, it’s so fun? How it’s the same box as last year? It kind of pops up and presents itself. I think, it’s a neat little feature pull this guy out here. It’S such a nice thin light laptop. I just man, i just i really can’t, believe it how how they pack all this in such a little package. So let’s get this thing out of here: man, it never gets old. That is just so. I don’t know if you can see that see, that trans see that iridescent man that looks good. This is it’s such a good, looking laptop it just it blows me away. It’S all aluminum top cover bottom cover keyboard deck. This does feel like a plastic material, but it is in fact aluminum. The model i’m unboxing right now comes with the latest ryzen 9 5900 hs, the rtx 3060, with six gigs of vram 16 gigs of ram and a one terabyte ssd. So this is the 1500 ish model. Prices tend to vary, but that’s. The cost that i picked.

This one up for overall you see it is just it’s, so firm, there’s, no there’s there’s, just no squishiness to the laptop. Even when you push the top cover, you can see a just, barely just a tiny bit of push on that screen, but that’s not going to affect the screen it’s. Not oh, that shows. Smudges let’s show some smudges right away there, so it’s not going to affect the screen it’s not going to break. This is not a glass screen, so you don’t need it. You don’t have any concerns there, but just the edges, the beveled edges are so smooth. As you see the i o ports, we have hdmi usbc headphone combo headphone mic combo, as you can see there, the little icon i don’t know. If you can see yeah, you can see that the little icon and then we have our standard power cable. Now these do charge the laptop. However, you are not going to do. Thunderbolt 3. ryzen still does not have thunderbolt 3, and then we have two standard: usb ports, your kensington, lock and then another usbc on this side, good ventilation on the bottom cover these vents are closed, so know that that is not a vent. Asus does that they put vents on their computer. Excuse me they mill where vents would go and then they don’t fully mill through. So you can see we have here here and here as well as these three spots.

Take a look at that in a second. I will open this thing up and take a look at it in near the end of this video, but, as you can see, really good build quality, the ventilation on the back of the keyboard deck here on each of the side panels. Now the one thing i really hope they solved this year was the heating issue that we ran into last year. Okay, so that was my biggest concern with this laptop. It had very high temperatures. It was one of the highest temperature thermal laptops that i saw on my channel so i’m, hoping they resolve that and then i’m also hoping that they resolve the issue with the keyboard deck. The lighting was very mushy, especially for such a light, uh colored laptop keyboard. So we’ll check that out in just a minute as well, but let’s make sure we don’t miss anything else here. Good rounded edges really solid hinges, good bumpers, so it doesn’t slide too much on your desk, so you don’t just throw it off your desk accidentally. So, overall, really good package on the outside let’s go ahead and open it up and turn it on. As always, i love the r how the keyboard raises as you open it that helps with ventilation underneath the keyboard to get those vents really pumping air through the laptop to try and keep it cool. Like i said one in my main test, we’re gon na see if we can keep this thing cool, if you have questions about this laptop now is the time to ask them i’m going to start releasing these unboxings.

So i can field your questions and then answer your questions. Inside of the full review, let’s go ahead and get it turned on and as we’re waiting for it to turn on we’re going to go ahead and look at a little more here. The crazy thing is these: actually, if you look in here that’s, not this is not an air of the camera. You can see it’s a little translucent there that actually is not translucent iridescent. That actually is iridescent. Oh my gosh it’s, so funny i’ve been matt. Monas always points out the stickers it’s, so funny it’s. So true, the stickers are so crooked. It cracks me up, um, okay, so speakers are right here on the top deck we have. I should probably plug this thing in that’s. Probably why it’s not turning on okay? So, as the computer is powering up, um keyboard deck is good. It’S it’s, firm, it’s, not mushy. Now what? What actually i would have thought is there’d be a lot of bend in the middle so like when i push down on there. It would like bend a lot let’s see how what happens here so let’s give you straight on back yep, like that’s, really firm, which, which honestly surprises me um, because it’s like elevated here that hinge, you know i’m, like i’m, going to break the hinge. If i like accidentally hit it or something, it’s, really firm, it’s kind of cool, this kind of divots down a little bit that’s, something you don’t, oh cortana, i don’t need your help okay anyway, so this is not often seen on a lot of laptops.

This kind of indented feel um. It really doesn’t make a huge difference. It doesn’t lower your keyboard, any the keys stick up high enough, so it doesn’t make a difference. The trackpad is one thing that i like the trackpad it’s good um. It doesn’t have any of that front. Puckering that happens sometimes the track pads. It has a good click, basically, all around it. Um it’s just a little small, and i mean it is a 14 inch laptop. But personally, if it were me um, i could have gone without maybe a few of these keys. I don’t know which ones i’m not gon na like claim right now, and i could have moved these keys down here and then that would have allowed me to push the keyboard up and have a you know. Maybe a whole half an inch taller track pad, which would have been my personal preference as far as this is concerned, typing on this keyboard is super nice it’s, the keys, um they’re a little mushy on the side, just to be totally honest. When i push there down on the side of the key it’s a little mushy, but overall i really like the keyboard deck, the keys, they feel good. They, you know, i’ve been hearing other reviews about them, feeling a little plasticky and cheap. They they’re not like the hp omen, soft touch, keys, um or the pro book keys, or even the keys on like say the acer predator helios.

I know these are like different brands, but just comparing a little bit here, but overall they’re very good i’m, not offended by the feel of them. They don’t feel super cheap they’re, not super wobbly. They have a little bit of shake to them. Um i’ll look at i’ll get a closer look at that in my full review, but overall well done it’s, pretty epic how’s it going there. People one area of concern. Last year was the keyboard lighting and it looks like they’ve made some improvements. It was a little bit mushy as far as the lighting being crisp and clear. Throughout all the keys, we still see a little bit of degradation over as you head towards this side of the keyboard. That might just be because there’s less area for the light to come through and you see there’s a little bit of light leak around the keycaps. But overall it looks as if they’ve made an improvement on the keyboard backlighting. Then, as you turn the light back on, you can see the keys, especially in a well lit room, but if it’s dark and you weren’t to have the keyboard backlighting on it would be rather difficult to spot the keys because it’s kind of a gray on gray. This is actually like silver, so it’s, like a white top cover black bezels and a silver keyboard deck, which is kind of weird to me, they’re, using like three different shades of gray or colors.

However, you want to say it because black white and silver really aren’t colors, but i digress so i think it’s kind of odd something that acer did is they made the whole unit white or the whole unit black? We literally have black silver and white um. You know it’s it’s, a choice, it’s, a design choice um. I think there could have maybe been a little more thoughtfulness than that, but that’s really splitting hairs. This does have the uh fingerprint sign in which i didn’t even realize that’s pretty cool. So if you like, go click setup it like you can do your fingerprint on that power. Button that’s pretty cool i’m, not going to do that right now, but this does have fingerprint it. Doesn’T have a webcam, so it doesn’t have windows, hello or face up hello or whatever it’s called. I never use it even when it does have it um, but for me a webcam would be important. I do a lot of virtual meetings from my work, and so i would have to go grab another laptop and use it. So if this was my only laptop i’d, be like okay, that stinks, but you can buy a little webcam or use your phone to do. Virtual meetings, so you have some options there, but note that yeah. This does not have a webcam now they’re claiming 100 srgb. It is pantone validated. So i mean this is insane it’s like the ultimate gamer and creator workstation.

It packs a punch, it’s, thin and light. I mean it’s just it’s crazy, how light this is it’s around four pounds. Another thing to look at is the bezels. The bezels are very thin on this laptop. They also have a little bit of buffer here so when it closes it’s, nice and soft. So that also helps with any sort of pressure on the screen. So, like you, i was pushing on the screen earlier. Those bezels have a nice rubber, so they’re not gon na it’s, not gon na have so much abrasion against your keyboard deck and your screen it’s going to be very firm. So it locks down very tightly so you’re not going to have the screen just randomly popping open. Another thing that’s awesome about this laptop specifically is you can jump right into your like asus control, center we’re gon na jump into this more in a later video, but for instance, i just turned it on like turbo mode and it’s not really too loud, but i’m. Not really doing a lot right now, all right now, we’re gon na go ahead. Open up this computer. Take a look inside, see what we’re working with that was way less dramatic than i thought it would be some computers. It feels like you’re like ripping open a vault, all right, one, disappointment, uh and, i would say downfall. This computer is pretty well known fact that you can only swap one of the ram positions which would make its the max ram ability of this computer 40.

Gigs. Roughly, if you put a 32 in with the 840, a simple upgrade is gon na be from uh 16 to 24. If you put a 8 and a 16 gig ram memory, stick! Oh, i just did my biggest faux pas people hate it when i say ram memory, it’s all right, so filthy habit, um and then you also have i’m not going to tear that up because it’s, nice and organized you also have an m.2 drive here and again, Just one m.2, so this is not an expansive laptop and you know the reason being is they put a lot into this little package? We have our 76 watt hour battery speakers right here. We have our uh dual fan setup right here, which is nice, the full heat pipe it’s, a rather expansive heat pipe. We have one two three, four four heat pipes running through the machine, so it it should keep it cool and i’m hoping that they’ve improved it. So, like i said, it’s a very, very well organized motherboard, but it is not the most easy to upgrade and really the main upgrades are going to be the ssd and the ram. So, as i mentioned earlier, these are closed off and really the reason being is there’s no need for them to be open. There’S, heat pipes right here, the main portions that are open are the portions to the fans and then obviously there’s some air flow. That can happen here, so air can get pulled through this area to keep your ssd and your ram cool and so that’s.

Why we have these two areas here and then these are the speaker grilles. So it makes sense that these are closed. Since there’s only heat pipes here it would be nice if it did release some air. But you see you’re sucking air in through here when the computer’s tilted up and then the air can be pushed out a little bit there or it can pull air in and pull air through. The computer go ahead and gently press down on that like button. If this has brought you some value, let me know in the comment section below what you want to know about this laptop and, of course, subscribe and ring the bell. So you don’t miss out when those reviews come out i’m gon na go back, because i never even like looked at anything else in the box, because i don’t care, i don’t care what else is in the box? No because i don’t care i just want to play with the computer charge it in case. You didn’t know how to charge a laptop there’s that safety, you should not remove the battery or you might die okay there’s.