6 inch tablet. That is also a laptop featuring android 10, with a 2 gigahertz arm 710 4 gigabytes of ram 64 gigabytes of storage. It is an all in one exclusive device for your personal needs. So in this episode here, we’ll be unboxing. It trying it out seeing exactly what it’s all about so without further ado, let’s go ahead and get started. Hey guys welcome back to all new episode conflicts today, we’ll be looking at the tangotab xl by simbads, a company we’ve seen before that makes a variety of different tablets. This one here is their largest one. Yet, at a budget of a price this year is an 11.6 inch tablet, slash laptop i’m, not exactly too sure what to think of it, just because it’s so big. So if you guys want your very own, be sure to check out the link down below in description, uh and without further ado, let’s see what it comes with all right. So this here is our box very traditional to the simband’s uh product lineup. So this thing’s got four gigabytes of ram and it’s got 64 gigabytes of memory and it’s only priced at about 199 yeah 199.95. So over here we have ourselves in the detachable keyboard and case slash cover. This is actually a really nice material. So it’s got like this uh magnetic lid, and this will kind of open up just like this and voila. There is our lovely keyboard and our mount for our laptop screen, uh soft, to touch i like it that it’s all made out of like a rubber pad, and then you also have the mouse.

And then you have a spot to go ahead and put a stylus traveling, brick a universal adapter. So if you are traveling around the world, you have those micro, usb and dc cable, and then lastly, we have our tango tab. Xl whoa. This thing is gigantic. Look at that is so big um, so it looks very nice, definitely a little bit more refined than the original model that we reviewed. Previously. You do have a camera here on the front and a camera here on the back, which is an 8 megapixel. By the way you have a variety of different ports, including a headphone jack uh. You have your usbc, you have a micro, hdmi uh, solid standard, usb b, which is actually kind of nice to see how they put that in there, your dc port, your tf card, for you know you can go and expand the memory. This traditional is 64 gigabytes. Just keep that in mind your power button and your volume control, which are in red um, and this will kind of just i believe, just clip into play – should be quite simple. Look at that it works now. How do i make this into a laptop? That is a very good question. I think it just kind of ah look at this, so it has this lovely looking metal mechanism. That is actually a solid deal. I mean i can move it in any direction and it holds it in place.

I can go ahead and have it at more of an arch. I can bring it down a little bit more and it’ll actually hold it quite well. Look at this uh. I think that’s actually really unique and then, if you want to travel just going to close it up and we’re ready for the road let’s go ahead and turn this thing on next and see what it can do, all right. So we’re all set and ready to go so this here is our screen on and the vibrancy of it is quite on point now, with the keyboard it’s very soft, to touch uh, so we do have some pre defaulted apps as an android 10 basis. So you do get your play, store your youtube, your chrome, and that has the capability to go and install windows in terms of like word and office. Now, if we go ahead and scroll up just like this, we can go ahead and see all the different apps on the screen here. So you do get a good variation in terms of what you can do with it from the youtube music to the play store to a camera, it’s kind of has the pre defaulted apps, which you necessarily do need now. What else can i say is the fact that we do have a big comparison from the original to this one which we’ve previously reviewed, which is actually this guy right over here. So this here is the original tango tab that they sent us about a year ago, which actually is a very nice two in one laptop tablet.

But this one here is a little bit different, mainly because the fact that it is significantly bigger – as you can probably already tell now – the keyboard is definitely a lot more refined on the newer one and compared to the original, i have to say they did a Phenomenal job improving it now. This thing also has a pre built in camera, allowing us to go ahead and take photos with it from the front camera as well as the rear. So this here is our rear camera and then you can go ahead and switch it up to a selfie mode, so you can always use this for like zoom meetings and other reasons as well there i am so it does work quite well now, if you go Back home here, you do have your youtube so with youtube. We can actually go ahead and see how the audio is. Now. I have the original tango tab that reviewed. If you click on the video here, you can actually hear the audio so based off of that, you can actually already hear that the quality is not perfect, but again it is loud and it does serve justice for a tablet laptop. So i went ahead and downloaded a game just to get a better feel of what we can do with it. So this here is highway racing, so as we’re kind of playing um, it is quite smooth all right so in terms of the game.

Quality. Surprisingly, it’s handling it quite well now this year’s running very smoothly without any kind of lag or delay and the graphics are very detailed. You can see that is a very smooth operating device and something for this big of a screen. It definitely holds up quite well. So you can definitely play games with it, which is always a great addition all right so in terms of the keypad. So how does it handle? So if i start typing uh on this keypad, how fast will it type? So you can see that is very accurate and it’s really on the point in terms of response units, so i have to say they did a great job with it. Now it being a two and one, i can go ahead and just simply take this off and now i have myself a tablet, so you can go ahead and just use it just like any other tablet and gives you full function of an oversized looking tablet screen. So yeah there you guys have it so this here is rectangle tab overall, a great device, definitely a huge improvement compared to the original, and i have to say they did a phenomenal job overall. Now, if you guys had any questions about this, two in one kit feel free to comment down below. Otherwise, thank you again for watching we’ll see you guys next time take care now.