And we are going to test How’s this product that we have sent. Go with the unboxing of the channel remember to subscribe, activate notifications that I you warn you each time you upload a new video good friends started with the opening of our package and we open it as two packages avoid the blows where a white marking code brings Us for this day – and it does not matter our electric portable and zinc or a portable blender, we are going to open it. That brings us about it late, and we see that it brings us what will be its charger with usb input or micro usb with a cover the address I don’t know would we have and what is it on its covers and what will be the blade? They cannot see, it is quite sharp, it has a handle and it is brown, although I want them or send. A brown amount is just as nice of silicone. What the power button has you can see here. The power button in this opening is where we are going to connect our cable and then we will connect our pc to an interesting power band. Well, we are going to give it more details of what this product is in a blender and we are going to give it a hard test. We are going to make a shake. How does it fit us, but first we are going to give it the characteristics of speed products and powerful blades with a 20000 rpm motor that is high, speed, revolutions per minute and refined nutrient extractor blades.

The portable blender can effortlessly crush and stir the food into smoothies whether they are juices. We can also make a coffee with milk there. It would be very rich sparkling and other things. We can only use those guys or fruits that are totally soft. No, We can force that motor remember. It is a 20000 rpm motor. It is very strong. It is not very big, so we cannot use it with any fruit. n little stronger is to chop. This also facilitate two lids for easy transport mark redundancy. The white portable blender comes with an extra light and portable lid after completing the extraction of nutrients, remove the lid from the blade and replace the lid of the cup, and it will be ready to start very suitable for sports travel and other outdoor places. We can also use it at work to prepare a delicious, completely fresh juice and instantly. It also has multiple ways to recharge. Our blender can recharge with various devices, because it has A battery also of 2000 milliamps that could be charged is very easy. With a power bank, with the charger of your car, the power bank only takes two hours to fully charge two hours above, as shown here. The charging points are four times we have to wait for it to load up to number four completely to use our blender is going to give us three daily blender sets with two hours of charging, so it is very good, very good compared to other personal blenders In which, as the charging port is exposed, add a small lid to prevent liquid from entering the port safety protection mechanism to avoid that the mini blender turns on suddenly is equipped with the protection measures.

When you activate the blender, you must tighten the lid and align the switch pattern on the cup at this time. Double click, the switch and the shot of the same will start as Otherwise the indicator the indicator will flash several times to remember. It is quite good that it has those walden mechanisms that here we come to look for. The most advanced in technology and white is not providing, and we are here again with our blender. We are going to do hard tests of you take. This is how it works, really let’s make a milkshake or papaya. Everyone knows it in other countries and well start with on a portion of water. If we see our pays and red light districts or water oh and can make the pressure or did not press the power button twice when it automatically because it liquefied so that we could not unclog, and we will try to To see how our papaya smoothie turned Out a perfect screen to take is not something less from Spain, it is good, but it lacks sugar, not sugar, a little bit of the xunta to our habits and this we are going to beat for a little more. He clicked well here we have our world, but before also perfect. Now we are going to unscrew. This do not talk about the way in them. The one hope and I do not plant accessories, and I think we have no jobs left in the gym.

Our laptop that is quite powerful, an engine or quite strong. They did not listen to us when they were when they were very strong. I thought that I was not going to endure so much force, therefore, with so many fruits, but with the measure that I made him active perfectly in some drinks and others blenders of this model of other models, several pieces of papaya stayed to work and well. This worked perfectly liquefied his period after he made a complete smoothie.