You get the lovely tablet with its 10.1 inch screen and you can see what it also has three gigs of ram. Wi fi it’s got an 8 megapixel camera on the front 5 megapixel camera on the back and runs on android. Now, let’s peel this off all right. So this is the front here’s. The back also has all your buttons on there it’s a micro sd card slot up here, there’s the 8 megapixel camera with flash headset jack, which is very nice for this day and age power. Button and volume buttons all right, let’s get this fired up, so you can see right there. It says prydum, which is the name of the company that came up with this tablet right off the bat. I can definitely feel the premium feel of it. It definitely feels like it’s a lot more than what i got it for um. You would think this would be in the neighborhood of around 300 400 bucks, and i got this relatively cheap on amazon for about 100 bucks, so hopefully it’s gon na be worth it for the price. So there we go i’m gon na go ahead and get started and i’m gon na go ahead and get this set up and i’ll come right back and give you a quick take on it all right. So now we are sent up, and this is what it looks like on the home screen and that’s the notification um down here.

I forgot to mention there’s, also a charging port here, so you can charge your tablet, but this has a very nice feel to it. It definitely looks premium and it’s very responsive there’s, your notifications and you get your google apps. So you get google gmail maps youtube. I’Ve got youtube music, which used to be what google lamps was um and then you’ve got duo. So you can do communications with that assistance uh. You got chrome and your calendar app and then i’m, just installing all these other apps as well, because i have other android devices so that’s in the process. If you swipe left um, you get your google headlines. So you can see what’s going on here, along with your google search, so you can search stuff over here. Get your forecast all that wonderful stuff, so there’s your notification, section i’m, just going through the setup here! Nothing too fancy, while we’re doing waiting for that. Let me show you what else is in the box so after we remove this, get another box in here and that’s, just the notification thing going off all right, so this does come with the charging port and cable, so you’ll be able to charge your tablet it’s. Nice that that comes with that so there’s the micro usb port. This is the usb side, so then, obviously it’s gon na connect to this and then a nice little ziploc baggie. So obviously, this connects like so like that, and obviously this end right here goes into that port right there, so there’s that instructions user manual, all that all those goodies are in here, so you get a little brief rundown of how that works.

So this tells you what’s all in there it’s a usbc port, obviously power button cameras, headphone jack micro, sd card slot. All that stuff, you get a user guide and it looks like it comes in multiple languages, so you get both spanish and english and then a little. Thank you for the purchase. Uh we’re just happy that you’re happy. If you’re satisfied with our product and service, we got a few suggestions. This is from prime time obviously for the purchase. Um. So happy unhappy, clearly, i’m happy all right. Let’S take a look at the camera. Real quick, so first thing, we’re going to do is we’re going to unlock this all right. Let’S, take a look at the camera, real quick, all right, we’ll go ahead and allow that all right. So here are your camera functions, so you have the camera button here. Takes pictures you can flip over to the camera, and this is the eight megapixel camera on there. Let’S do a quick test run Music. So this is just a test run of the camera. Um it’s, an 8 megapixel camera. It looks like it takes pretty good video quality there and then you’ve also got your pause, so you can pause this and the play button resumes it it’s also got a camera section up at the temporary camera function here to switch cameras, so you can get the Front facing camera and there’s there’s that so again you can record Music.

So this is just me recording on the 5 megapixel front facing camera Music switch the camera. You can take a selfie notice that it recognizes your face again: it’s not going to be the best camera in the world, but it definitely gets the job done, especially for interior stuff, so there’s that and there’s a screenshot option too. So then, here are your options for the camera settings, so there’s that and then a back button to go back to the page. Now this works in landscape and portrait mode, so this can rotate and it responds relatively quickly here. Um let’s try, google chrome see how quickly that loads up, and it looks like just a generic google chrome that you’ll see on your laptop and that loads relatively quickly i’m impressed, especially with the downloading that’s going on right, now responds pretty well. So i think this is definitely a must have if you’re looking for a cheap, android device. I got this on amazon um. It was about 100 bucks when i got it um, so it’s definitely worth it, especially if you’re looking for something that’s uh, not like a phone but at the same time it does all the functionality and it’s not like a laptop it’s kind of that in betweener. Uh, this is a must, have it’s a hundred bucks, but it has the feel of a premium tablet and it definitely gets the job done. So i highly recommend this tablet to anyone, and so that is that review of the tablet and that’s the l10.