So this is all the accessories, and this is. I think this is a charger yeah. It is a charger, and i have the manual here and a warranty card and the pin so that’s it. I wan na keep the box so just in case uh there’s something wrong with it. I i can. I can return it straight away, but this i will. I will keep it outside and the box, so now i have to charge the tablet for at least eight hours. I think normally a new, a new phone or mobile needs to be charged at least eight hours straight, so that’s it. So this is the new tablet and actually this is uh an offer from my bank santander and because now they have a new, a new policy that small uh depositors, not unless you have 5 000 euros in your bank, five thousand up but below five thousand. According to the lady who asked me to come for an or an interview in uh in their office, according to her there’s, a new policy that for the small depositors, they will deduct 10 euros per month as a maintenance fee. So but uh i was when i reacted. I said that’s a big amount to be deducted for uh maintenance. I was expecting if it’s only three euros or five euros: that’s uh, still fine with me, but 10 euros it’s a it’s feel like it’s, uh it’s. So high exaggerated price amount and then she offered me to purchase one anything from their products.

In that case, the money that they should deduct to. My account goes to the payment of the item that i will decide to loan from the bank, so she gave me a catalogue of different items: gadgets life, insurance, car insurance and other things, but i don’t need most of the things that she was trying to offer Me and then uh, but i said this tablet is payable for 36 months and every month, it’s only 9 euros, something that i will deduct. My my bank account, so i decided to take uh a loan for this uh tablet. Samsung tablet: a7 uh, 10 inches uh screen the the size, and this is it, although i don’t need it, because i also have my my uh desktop over there, and i have my note, 9 and there’s another phone. I have a small tablet which my husband Music vote for me when we went to the uk in 2015. I think having another tablet, i think, would would help me because most of the time, my note 9 is always on and it’s two years old now. So basically, i think this is the best thing alternative. Anyway, what is nine euros every month for 36 months? I i wouldn’t even feel the wording of paying it and nine euros every month, so that’s it.