Tiny Spectrum analyser en de Ultra is de notitie Lets Open the box and Sea watch Inside testen plasticine. What is Different, If You look to the outside of the box, you can see the poort. You have Only One RF connector and you have the calibration. Connector is hij loopt dood de bottom, je zie Theres, The USB Port Next card slot en een audio headphone Jacket. This is de Standard 5 mm headphone Jacket en je kunt uiden for sensitive headphone or to Connected to a amplifier. If Need It with the top site, Everything Is as We are used to. We have to all Switch and the jupil device on you can see There. First, Big difference en dit is de default. Maximum frequency is 800 mhz Standard, impo trains voor die, Art connector is between Zero and 800 mhz, So You Know longer have to switch between High a lowranes, but You Can Call monitor this complete Range in one sweep in the level menu Theres. Also, when you item des The la delen Provides 20 DB of extra game. If you have very level Signal of the Tiny, do not stop at Muziek 800mote in the Ultra mode, much Higher Frequencies, Solid First unable The Ultra mode. We go to enable Ultra important that you understand this. All the Wives. You Can have measurements, Which makes no Sense. So Im going to enter the Local en de meest, Lea The scan Range changes en nou de tuin.

Is it skins UPS to three kakert zo voor me Zero to threekehurts, but I can go even Hire. Zet de stop frequency Hertz time for scanning increases, and here this over the full Range up to 60, Hurts you see a jump.35 Floor, vermoord information on the tinya Ultra visit, Tiny ec.org.