, I think it’s here., I think it’s here., It is here.. It is here. Welcome to PC Gaming Tech, Summary. I’m, your host gamer and today we open a box. Actually a courier bag., All the way from Hong Kong.. It left 3 days ago and it’s here: already. It’s, amazing., Let’s, open it up. Bubble, wrap. Plug. It’s, the Amazon Fire HD; 83 2 Gigabyte stupendous. Allright allright. How are we going to open this baby upOoo it’s, sealed. It’s, sealed alright right there.What’s that say. Quality assured and quality sealed. Ohh it’s been security, sealed. Allright., ok., Well let’s open her up., OK, going to break the security. Seal. Got some more seal: here. OK. Mixed packaging from responsible sources. FSC. OK. Have a look: have a look. Gon na take her out. Here it is. Ooo a little smiley, face. Nice., Very nice., OK. Hello, Fire HD 8. Welcome, oh nice. OK.. What haveyou got here? Good, it is a USB C which we want. On the 2020 edition of the HD Fire tablet.. The micro USB on the old is a port on the old Amazon tablet is a real problem.. I fixed it a few times, but it just stopped charging all together.. So we have a much better one. I hope. OK. Alrighty.. There is some instructions. Welcome. to get started. Connect to a WI FI network then enter your Amazon, username and password. Do more with Alexa Transform your tablet. Try for Free Need To Know, Watch read, play connect, Browse Your Way: Go hands free with Alexa.

Allright. OK. On the box. Very small writing. – OK. Responsive with responsive display. Designed for entertainment. Watch, listen, read and play.. Just ask Alexa. Great for the whole family. Allright. OK. Allright., So in the smiley face, we’ve got the American USB.. So what we do for New Zealand is plug this baby in there somehow., Oh boy., It doesn’t want to go.. Ah, there we go. Took a little bit of elbow greaseand, got it going., OK., So that’s ready to charge. OK.. So before I turn it on I’ll charge it.. So we will have a pause.. We got some plastic peeling here, plastic, peeling. Allright., And this is the plum colour. Color It’s got the old smiley face from Amazon. Allright., So I’ll go and charge this and be right, back., Just A Second., OK, so it’s just asking me to log into Amazon. put in email password.. So I will go ahead and do that. It’s registering my tablet with Amazon., Just a sec., Just a sec. Enable locations, services., Plus maps and weather. Auto save photos and videos. Automatically uploads to the Amazon cloud drive., So OK. I’m not going to do that. Now.! Ok, set up options., Auto save set up options., So we will click on continue. There. Meet your fire. Tablet. Discover, Alexa, hands free andmore., Make this tablet child friendly., Oh OK., So you can change to other avatars.. Ok, we’ll choose the dinosaur. OK. Name. None default date is January.

One 2016.. Well, just click connect continue. OK.. So this is the menu for the first time.. Ok, so you got Amazon. Shopping. You’ve got internet there, so there will be a browser. There. Apps. Prime Video Freshbooks Free Time, Amazon, Free Time, Audible, Photos, games, email, camera., Allright OK.. I think we will leave it there for today. I’m, afraid you’re a little bit too bored. Just put in the commentssection below. If you would like me to do anything else, show you anything else on this tablet. We’ll do another quick video for you. Allright.. Well, this is PC Gaming, Tech Summary and my name is Gamer., Have a great day and give us a thumbsup subscribe. Click notifications. If you like., OK I’ll have some Amazon links at the bottom of the video., So that would be great. Take care and solong. And don’t.