I just want to give a big shout out to natalia. She was the first to comment. The secret word on my last video. I wanted a macbook pro for as long as i can remember, and now i got it. This laptop was given to me by my school, and this is one of the perks of being a student now let’s open up this laptop. I am so excited. Let’S, first see what accessories it came with. I see we got some instruction booklets over here, a charger. A battery pack, i really love the white color, and that seems to be it i’m being really careful not to drop this. This is so expensive laptop during my last life on november 14, i made a huge mistake of bringing my laptop down with simba. I did this with him in the garage and i thought simple would be careful around my laptop, but he accidentally knocked her down lesson learnt for next time. If you want to see that life it’s on my channel somewhere and it was pretty fun for like 15 minutes, the life was shown in both facebook and youtube, and that was my first time showing on both platforms. I’Ll insert a clip of my laptop falling and cracking somewhere over here, Music at first, when my laptop fell. I thought it would be okay, because i didn’t hear a crash or something i put the laptop on the stool. So it was pretty low, but i guess not low enough for it not to break now having a laptop is really important, because i have to do schoolwork and everything’s online.

I guess in life you learn by making mistakes so now time to open my laptop. I hope i can do this i’m being extra careful with this one Music. This laptop feels very light, so this will be perfect for traveling and bringing my laptop everywhere i go. This laptop is smaller than my last laptop. I am just so excited for this. This is so satisfying, oh look, it already has my name and the only thing about this is. I can’t seem to find the usb port, so i guess we have to buy an external port. I remember this from high school, a garage band. I can create my own music, coach i’m, so looking forward to i love creating stuff, and this will be so helpful for school too. If i have to create a video or something like that – and here are all the apps laid out. This looks just like my iphone but much bigger and let’s ask siri some things: hi siri, hello, what’s the date today, it’s sunday february 28, 2021., hello to this. The last day of february. I can’t see for tomorrow’s march 1st already time just fly so fast i’m. So happy because i can also play some games on here, i’m so excited because i just downloaded imovie one of the main reasons for getting a macbook pro is the imovie app. So now, hopefully, my editing will be better as soon as i figure out how to use this so take some time getting used to unlearning all the ropes, but luckily i’ll find some youtube videos to show me how to use this.

This touch bar is so cool and so convenient. I love this keyboard because the sound is muffled. This is so great in public, especially in the library i once was in the library typing, something on my laptop and um. I guess the sound was a little loud and somebody complained when i was trying to download world powerpoint and the essentials for school. I just realized that we need a subscription to do that and the subscription costs um eighty dollars per year, which is really expensive a year or per month. I think it’s per year, it’s good, that i remember it i’m a student and we got it for free. Okay, it has been a few weeks with my macbook pro and i have a conclusion to make. I love this laptop so much as it’s so light and has so many cool features. I can use my apple airpods. This is so good because this is wireless and uses bluetooth and it’s so comfortable with the regular headphones. I usually get a headache after using it for a while, and i really love that this laptop has imovie, which i can add it on. You know it took a bit of time, learning it it’s so much easier and faster editing. My videos on there. I literally spent so much time trying to figure it out by watching youtube videos and going on google, but sometimes it doesn’t come up and i’m more confused, but like most new computers and technology, it takes time to figure things out but i’m.

So happy that i got this laptop and i got to try out new technology if i would have gotten the same laptop as last time. It would have been so much easier, but i probably would have regretted it because i really wanted a mac for so long. I would say my favorite thing about this laptop is definitely the size as it’s so easy to carry around and so easy to carry on my lap. I have been using my dad’s laptop for the last couple of months and it has really been a hassle to do some work because it’s really slow at times. This is my dad’s laptop, and this is my new laptop it’s like half the size, and this is my last laptop that broke. This is still in good condition. Just the screen is broken. It would take like 300 bucks to fix the screen. I have had that laptop for about four years and paying three hundred dollars to get a new screen, isn’t worth it when i’m about to get a new laptop. Now, the screen is like completely off of the laptop and the laptop doesn’t seem to want to close. Now i had to get a couple of accessories for this laptop, but it was totally worth it and not too expensive. This laptop doesn’t have a usb port, so we had to get an external port. I guess, since it doesn’t have the usb port, the laptop will go much faster, so the first one i got, which is so important and i think it’s one of the most important is the external port.

This is different places to put different things, which i really love about this and this color matches the laptop. The second one i got was the carrying case, which is so important too. I really love this design so much and the color is amazing. This has two compartments. The first compartment is somewhere where you can put your phone or other things. The second is the main compartment with ridges to put your laptop, and this looks so comfy. This is so great because this is waterproof and can protect your laptop from spells and the zipper seems like it’s, good quality. The only thing about this is that this does have a carrying strap, so you either have to hold this like a baby or put this in your backpack. The third thing that just arrived today, which is perfect timing, is Music. The wireless mouse embedded bluetooth Music and this comes with a charging cable. I think i got the pink one and i love the color so much – and this is so slim so it’s really easy to hold so now before i leave today. I’Ll just quickly show you imovie, which has started editing a video and it’s almost finished i’ll. Just give you a preview of it. This video will probably come out next week. When i first tried to open this laptop, i couldn’t seem to figure out how to open it. Let’S take some strength to open it. Here we go and this automatically opens for you.

This is the video that i have edited so far. I haven’t finished filming this because something unpredictable happened: i’ll just roll the clip for you before my camera dies. My camera only has 14. Now there we go. Thank you so much for watching everyone and i’ll see you in the next video the camera on this macbook. Pro is amazing. I was so surprised to see the clarity of the camera also excuse the mess on my bed.