Video and i’ll be doing an unboxing video this time and uh well, i’ll show you that in a minute, but this is just a view outside the window. At the moment in the uk it’s all bright, sunny dry, so it’s not a bad day at all, but it’s uh, not too bad at all for today. So that’s that’s the view outside it’s quite cloudy, but some the sun is out somewhere there. It is yeah we’re gon na do an unboxing video today, so uh i’ll uh show you that i went and bought something this morning, so we don’t have done the phone. So this is, this is another one, so um we’ll see see what’s there there we, okay, can you guess, yes bought a new brand new laptop, the first laptop i’ve ever had weber owned. Should i say: oh it’s uh bought it this morning and uh there. You go no vote idea pad, so i bought it because uh i’m thinking i may be starting a business or online business and you’ll need a laptop. You can’t do it on the phone, so i’ve been looking and looking and looking and looking at bits and pieces and uh. This is, this is what i come up with looking at reviews and stuff on the internet and stuff, and this is what i come up with so we’ll have a look. It is a lenovo ideapad 14 inch with a amd 5 ryzen chip in it or yeah.

Cpu or chip or whatever they call it so yeah. So this is it so that’s the box, and i have no idea what’s inside it says the first time i’ve owned a laptop so because, when i was at school, laptops or computers, when i left school, computers were only just just coming into the mainstream there. Wasn’T, even any smartphones or anything, no mobile phones, nothing when i left school. So this is all new. So god i sound old, but uh yeah, okay, i’ll get back to you in a minute and we’ll see what’s inside the box. Hey you all we’re back again, right we’ve got it out of the box, so this is what’s inside it. We have 65 what um, yeah that’s the charger and cable, no idea what it is, what that’s for but i’ll find out, and now we get to the good bit. This is this is the actual laptop as it sits all in all this packaging, so uh we’ll. Take some of the packaging off i’ll, take all the packaging off and see what the actual laptop looks like well, that’s actual laptop itself, which is uh, looks good, so it’s a 14 inch screen, so it’s, not very big it’s, quite slim, but it’s uh, so uh Yeah i’ll take the take the packaging off and then i’ll i’ll get back to you, but uh that’s i’m, not sure what else is in the box. If anything, oh, yes, we have uh setup guide, which i need, because i’ve got no idea what’s.

What really and uh safety in a warranty guide and a windows, s10 or windows, 10 guide or whatever so we’ll – have to have a really read through that lot and see what’s what hello again so this is it. This is what we’ve been waiting for. This is a laptop and say it’s, a lenovo, it’s uh it’s, quite slim different ports there for something or another hdmi port and charging port, and that house and tight house, but it’s a two in one computer. So you can use it as a tablet, if you so wish to. The actual screen goes all the way back and flips over itself, flips over the keyboard, so there’s a two in one. What i call a two in one computer or laptop and it’s, also a touch screen as well. You can uh it’s like a mobile phone, that’s that’s the power on button. I think and uh two other different ports there, some some sort of description beside else, hdmi, port and somehow see. I know a lot. Yes, so that’s it that’s uh that’s, the top of it and the bottom of it and we’ll open it up and see what it looks like, but that’s uh that’s, the laptop itself, the safety well little mesh thing there to the keyboard and uh so it’s a What they call a glossage and you have to excuse my hair. Yes, i need to watch this Laughter that’s better, but so yeah a thing at the top.

There is that’s the camera it’s a privacy privacy thing, he’s got a little shutter and you flick it flick. It across it’s open and you flick it back and it’s shut. So nobody can see you why you’re not using the camera, apparently, which is quite a good idea, actually that’s it there yeah it’s all good. These are what i call a glossy screen because it’s a touchpad uh or touch touchscreen, so it’s uh, but the keyboard will have a look at the keyboard to take this thing off and are you smart? Yes, shutter that’s, the camera thing 360 degrees front facing speakers and that’s the uh, whatever cpu ryzen, 5 4000 series and radium graphics, that’s. What it’s powered with, which is supposed to be quite powerful and it’s, got dolby adobe audio on it i’m supposed to be quite powerful, so all right, i’ll get back to them. Oh, yes, it’s supposed to be quite powerful that one for what it is um. I said keyboard that’s, what the actual one doesn’t doesn’t weigh too much. So the keyboard is quite good. I’Ll see about the screen. I’Ll flip the screen backwards, see if it does the flex thing and we’ll see you see what happens here, check it out, but yeah that’s, the screen, that’s better that’s, the computer on the laptop, shall say: wow we’ll uh we’ll check the screen out in a minute. Let’S see make sure that goes, i’ll try about turning it on sure.

It’S got power on it or not. To be honest, so i don’t know to be honest, but we’ll uh we’ll see that’s uh it’s uh. It was quite nice, quite quite impressed with that looks as good as it does on the on on the youtube things on the youtube reviews. So, yes it’s quite good. It feels quite quite sturdy that doesn’t, i smell, flimsy all plastic. I don’t think it’s metal but it’s very it’s, not it’s, not um, not screening that you can’t doesn’t twist or bend or anything so which is good but yeah, we’ll, uh, we’ll, try and flip it and see what happens. I’Ll show you that a minute! Oh there. We go here, we are again so that’s the keyboard and that’s the screen and you can push the screen back and you now have a tablet or yeah. You have a tablet with the screen on its own, so here’s touchscreen. So you could use a screen. You don’t need the keypad and then the keypad is the other side. And then, if you want them, you just pick it up and screens a bit tough but oh yeah. And then you have your laptop back again that’s a laptop, so yeah that’s. What i mean that’s, what i mean by two in one? Apparently: yes, so it’s all good, yes, so we’ll uh, i’m, sorry i’m, not sure whether it’s got any any juice in it. I shall try i’ll press the power button, see what happens and uh.

We will uh we’ll go from there. Well i’ll, just press the power button and there doesn’t seem to be anything anything flashing or working when the light didn’t come on. So i presume it’s he’s charging up, obviously he’s uh empty battery, so we’ll have to charge it up before we can uh see what it looks like, but yeah so far, very happy with it. I’Ll have to read through what we got so that’s, the natural computer or laptop idea pad flex 5 14 inch. So you can get 15 inch screen, but this one’s a 14 inch a little bit smaller and it’s uh, so it’s, quite small. You can put in a bag or whatever it’s, not it’s, not big at all, put in a bag and whatever else and uh it’s. Quite easy. It’S, not not heavy it’s, quite light, but it’s heavy it’s heavy enough to be feel like it’s. Quite strong, not like very light, you know, it seems, could be a bit flimsy, but uh you seen his little is heavy enough to know. You’Ve got something it’s a bit sturdy, so that makes sense but yeah, please it’s uh it’s, all good i’m, very happy with it uh. I should look forward to playing with it and try and get used to it and over the next couple of days, and then hopefully it will uh come into good use. If you forget this, uh do this business or whatever for whatever so yeah that’s the pro the prime reason i bought it, and hopefully we’ll uh we’ll, be all right but that’s it.

So if you like the video and like the unboxing and whatever else and uh sorry about my mug we’ll uh shut up. So we can’t see me anymore, um yeah! If you like, the video and like the unboxing and please subscribe to lisa mccowell and uh once you’ve subscribed, please ring the bell and hold out to get the uh to get the notifications that’s. The word notifications of any other videos coming up and uh. Thank you very much for watching and uh that’s uh that’s about all. I can show you in a minute i’ll say this: uh i’ll have to read through it and maybe once i get fired up, then maybe we’ll do another video, once it’s fired up once it’s charged up and whatever so, but yes, so that’s uh, that’s, all good. So i say place to be: is the place to go, is lead to macau and plenty more videos there like and subscribe and we’ll see you soon.