Todays video is probably the one for you. We have the coo lee book pro and were gon na, be checking it out in todays episode of good tech, cheap, Music, hows it going everyone welcome back to another episode of good tech, cheap. My name is brad and ill be the host for todays episode. If you are new to the show, then be sure to follow where you are watching, get in the comments and interact with the community and if you got that like button make sure to smash it in todays episode, we are taking a look at the coo lee Book pro, this thing is a two in one laptop, slash tablet with an i7 thats right, its got some sweet specs, so were gon na get it out of the box and see what it can do, but also keep in mind. We have all of our links and details in the description so make sure to check that out so without wasting any more time. Lets go. Do an unboxing! So, look at this packaging wow its really nice got a nice blue graphic going right here we have the lee book pro with a 12.6 inch screen at 1440 resolution with the core i7 8550u at 4 gigahertz. So lets get this out. Get this handy knife right there we have more branding the cool, got some foam right on top and then the device wrapped Music up nice right here, static, free cloth and wow.

This feels really nice, its a lightweight put that to the side. Underneath we have an envelope with some paperwork inside of it Music. Then we have a stylus pencil, real good quality there over here im sure we have the power adapters. Indeed, we do the wall plug that is usbc with a usbc to usbc, cable and thats. Everything out of the box opening up this lee book, take a look at the keyboard keys, feel really nice im impressed screens nice aluminum body here is great power, buttons located right here on top a speaker right here: headphone port, two usbc ports, another speaker, Music, a Webcam on the back as well as the front, then this will unplug like this going into tablet mode and you dont have to use the keyboard Music. So this is awesome. Lets get it charged up. The back will also fold out. We can stand it up. Lets get it charged up and put it to use so getting this thing set up and using it. I am highly impressed the lee book pro is definitely a laptop slash tablet. I would recommend anyone to look into the fact that it has a detachable keyboard that easily turns it into a tablet, is pretty awesome and not to mention that you do have this cool stylus pen that will magnetically stick to the side. That way, you dont really lose it that easily the overall size of this bad boy is 12.

6 inches and its got a 2160 by 1440 ips touchscreen with a metal housing around it, keeping it fully protected. You also get 16 gigabytes of ram and you also get a 512 gigabyte ssd hard drive with two usbc ports. You have the option to plug in power and split the other one out to usb ports, but that does require an adapter that is not included, but you know we are a tech show and we have a couple of those laying around. So we get to test that out for you for the cpu power, its got the intel i7 8550u in it, its got four cores with eight threads of processing power that will provide total responsiveness and speed. We all like speed when it comes to a nice computer. Its got the intel uhd 620 gpu at 300 megahertz. The picture is totally impressive: its got a nice bright picture and its completely clear it dont have no fuzziness to it, and that is something i truly enjoy, especially on such a small screen. Everything is vividly clear and you can read text perfectly and again. The 10 millimeter ultra thin design detachable keyboard is awesome. You dont have to worry about no bluetooth, pairing connection or anything like that. It will magnetically align exactly how it should be connect to the tablet and work instantly. Its got 4096 level of pressure sensitivity on the pen. That will definitely help you with painting, and i cant express enough how much i absolutely love that the pen will magnetically stick to the side of the laptop and, of course, when it comes to using a computer like this, you definitely want duration.

That means battery life. Its got a built in 5000 milliamp battery with 45 watt type c charging, and that will support an easy six to 10 hours of reading browsing watching movies playing games, its got premium battery performance. As for the webcams, they also come in extremely clear. I was highly impressed. The ebook pro has a webcam on the front of the unit and the back like a mobile device. So that way you can capture whats happening in front of you or you can use it in selfie mode. In all your calls or any type of situations, you will need a selfie stop camera. Putting this bad boy to use. I was so impressed. I use it for a lot of things like graphic design. It worked perfectly with, as well as using it with my music gear. I was able to put ableton on here and start working on music instantly without any issues, then i was able to use the usbc port to hook up to my interface, so i could keep the audio quality where it needed to be as well as record into The elitebook pro – and i must say i was highly impressed at how well it performed with the music equipment. Music do Music. That being said, this is definitely a laptop slash tablet that i recommend any of you to check out. Q has definitely stepped it up to the next level, making an affordable, laptop, slash tablet for you guys to use for multi types of tasks.

So, if youre looking for that, affordable, laptop, slash tablet to look into and the specs you need falls into this one. I would highly recommend looking into this because it is definitely a beast of a tablet. Slash laptop so dont forget to check out all the links and details in the notes below if youre interested in taking a look at the q lead book pro for yourself. I would also like to give coo a huge shout out for partnering up with us, so we could give you this review. If you found this video helpful then be sure to hit that like button and get in the comments. Let us know what you think about these laptops tablets and also make sure wherever you see this video at you are following what you should be following and youve got the bell rung for notifications.