Khan here checking out an all new laptop by q, Music Applause, Music. This here is not no ordinary laptop, believe it or not its actually, a two in one feature allowing you to go ahead and convert it from a laptop into a tablet in a matter of seconds Music. Now the cool thing about this is that it both has an intel i7 power processor, as well as front and rear camera, and a variety of functions to use it on a day to day basis. This episode here will be unboxing it trying it out and seeing exactly what its all about so without further ado lets go ahead and get started Music all right folks, so this heres our packaging. You have this sleeve kind of showcasing the laptop here. Its going to take this thing out this here is our ley book, the intel core i7. So its got a good processor from what it looks like uh kind of rotated about doesnt really mention too much about it on the packaging, but lets open it up and see whats inside so this heres everything thats inside the packaging. So we have our laptop over here. Also we have a manual stylus and then a power cable. So, first off we have our looks like our user manual in here, so its gon na be like a thank you card warranty card uh talks about a little more in terms of quick start details how to go ahead and boot.

This thing up, so we have a standard usbc to usb c power, adapter all right, and then it does come with its own power block and then, of course we also get a stylus. So this here is going to have touch screen capability now lets go ahead and take a look at this laptop, so uh aesthetically looking up state, it has a really cool feel. I i love this indentation here directly in the middle. You do see the logo theyre kind of embossed. You do have a camera on the back as you kind of rotate it about. You have a cloth like material here almost has like a rubbery texture to it in terms of size about a foot not too not too big uh in terms of how width and then, in terms of the length, almost like 78 inches, now lets go ahead and Open this thing up sweet, so obviously you know you got that two in one or multiple in one feature you have your keypad here based off of a rubber, compounded material. However, they are not composed as one piece or individual pieces in terms of the lettering goes. So you do get that feedback when you do press it now, you do have your mouse pad here too, which is great. You have a power indicator, a shift indicator light, and then you also see this little indentation over here, where the laptop screen will kind of attach to.

This will identify this that you are detaching it just like that. Just kind of comes off like that without any hesitation, and now you can use this as a tablet, so thats really neat now in terms of installing it back from my understanding, just its magnetic so see how i just kind of like magnetically attaches. That is actually pretty wicked. You have these pins here, so it just kind of glides onto a place just like that and youll snap into place like that. However, obviously its not as strong as you think it would be, so you want to exercise caution if you are using it. This part here, i believe, will come out there we go so that is why we have an indentation to help with the stand. So there we are says intel inside um and then this will just kind of fold over like this, and now you have your laptop, so you can go ahead and adjust the height by simply moving that stand back and forth, and you do have your camera on The front and, of course, on the back a lot of different like positioning levels, which is really neat uh. One thing i do notice is that when you kind of move this about you kind of hear that plate ah kind of grinding, so i do wish that this had a little rubber stopper here on the edge as you might scratch the surface. So just exercise caution when you do use it so as i detach this uh, we do have a few different things going on here.

So it looks like we have a aux port here on the corner here, uh. So in case you want to listen to headphones. Uh on this side here you do have two usbc ports, uh and then the volume control button on the top here is our power button. So lets go ahead and hold that it is on so far is taking some time. However, this might be just because its a first boot up im not too exactly sure uh, as we do have to boot this up, install windows and do a variation of different uh installation processes to get this thing running so with that said, lets go ahead and Fast forward and see what this thing can do a few moments later, all right so check it out. So this here is our laptop uh. Overall looks really. Nice has very smooth function in terms of the mouse usage. The screen is nice and crisp. You do have it from corner to corner, it does have a little bit of a glare but overall, not too bad. So lets go and take a look at some of the performances here. So were currently running. Windows 10 pro, which is great. It features a processor thats intel our core tm i7 855 view, and then we kind of move down here. We do have an install physical memory of 16 gigabytes, as well as total physical memory of 15.9 available physical memory 13.7. So you would want to expand on that if you are using it.

However, this being more of a tablet kind of gives you an idea what thats about now, as we kind of go in a little bit in further detail. So we do have our hardware resources. Uh, you can see all the different variations, the different ports that we have here so thats, nice uh, but yeah i mean it does sound like a pretty solid laptop slash tablet. So another thing is that it does have an integrated fingerprint technology, so just above the power button here, its actually the power button itself, you simply tap it, and this here is actually a sensor, so you can go program it to unlock based off your fingerprint, its Actually pretty cool on how they did that in terms of the features behind this laptop so its great, because you can use it as a regular laptop meaning, you can go and type about and use all the different functions that would come with it. But you can go ahead and expand on that, for instance, if i just open up say like paint 3d over here, i can create a new document. I can type a text per se like this and you know type whatever i want and you can see how quickly it responds, which is really nice now, in addition to that, it does come with a stylus which i can always go ahead and draw. So if i click on paint here, i can go ahead and you know draw about.

If i want to now the nice thing about this, is it does detach? So if i go ahead and detach it, i can rotate the whole screen like this, and i can even draw it like that too, which is great, so you can use it as a tablet form or you can go ahead and use it as a laptop based On your personal preference and in a matter of seconds, itll go ahead and start working, so in addition to that, we can open up something like youtube. So just click on this i can play this. Hey guys welcome back, and this here is the sound quality coming from the speakers Applause, so one of the downsides is that the speakers are kind of facing backwards, so theyre kind of projecting that way, however, its not that bad uh again, you know, i would probably Recommend using headphones with this, but it does do the purpose of playing music or listening to kind of sounds if you need to which is great to see now moving on, we do have the camera mode too. So if i open this up here, you can actually see me hey guys. Uh surprisingly, the camera is actually pretty darn crisp. Now it does have a focus mode, so you can see its kind of tracking me, which is nice, and then you also have the camera on the other side. So you can just go ahead and do that too.

Also, a nice quality camera, so thats actually pretty cool that they do have all those features in there. So if you have to use it for like uh meetings and stuff like that, i would highly recommend it. So in terms of the response from the keyboard to the screen, its actually very accurate, i would say its almost identical to a real laptop now, usually in a display like this, where its separate between the tablet and the keyboard theres, usually a small delay. But with this i cant even tell at all i mean literally the moment i press the button it instantly posts it on the screen, its actually pretty impressive, all right. So the next thing im going to do is try out a 360 video and see how this computer handles a 360 atmosphere. So there we are so it is a little bit laggy, but it does work and the fact that you can use this for 360. Videos is actually kind of impressive, especially for the fact that one, its a tablet, slash laptop all right. Well, there you guys have it so overall, a really cool laptop. I really love the design concept of it and the fact that you can go ahead and use it on a day to day basis is absolutely amazing. Now, a lot of these kind of tablets dont really have the full functionality, including windows, built into it. Otherwise theyre, usually just a simple android device, but this here is definitely something very unique and the fact that you can go ahead and switch it between those two.

In a matter of seconds is actually really cool now i would highly recommend it, especially if youre looking for something as simple and easy to use, especially for school other than that for gaming. I probably wouldnt go that route, but definitely a very cool laptop overall. Now, with that said, if you guys have any questions, feel free to comment down below otherwise, thank you for watching see you guys next time take care now.