This is beautiful. This is a beautiful tablet. It has a charger and a usb cord and so guys we also have three cases for the ipad. We have. We have three colors guys which what colors are these? We have red this one pink and purple. So who who wants the red color me turtle here we have it and this is for joshua. Are you happy? Yes mommy? I love you so much. Oh, i love you too baby that’s, my son let’s open the second one and see what is in there. Okay, here same beautiful asgardi tablets. Okay, you ready to see what is inside guys it’s a scientist inside the other one, the same thing that is inside the other one, so we’re gon na remove that the cover um there, you have it beautiful, beautiful ipad, and this we go into the purple case. Good, so the pink one belongs to Music belongs to who baby baby and the purple one belongs. To who love me yeah? This is for jesse Music, now let’s open the top package baby. Do you know what is inside this package? For you? Do you want to open it? It tosses me to say that i want to stop it with my pills, want to cut it by yourself. Mommy will do it for you, okay, mommy. I know it’s hard to sit down and watch me open it for you. Okay. Okay, this is for baby favor same beautiful nice egg body powder, my baby girl.

Do you want to open it baby, okay, let’s, open it, one two: three ready Music wow! This is for baby favor. I, like my pink one. You like your pink one. I, like my red one, you like your red one Music joseph likes his purple, one favor likes hot, pink orange and joshua likes his red one, and now that we have opened the packages and i’ve put the tablets in their cases, it’s now time to set them Up i’ll set them up, yeah we’re, going to set them up, connect them to the internet, and then they will be ready to be used to connect them to the internet, we’re going to connect them to the wi fi. So guys now, we’ve set up the tablets and the kids are happy. Joseph is watching the biscuits adventures, mommy i’m, watching animal moves and joshua is playing games. What are you doing? Joshua you’re, spelling animals? Yes, that sounds interesting. What animal are you spelling? Panda, Music, wow, that’s, beautiful, Music, Music, yes, yeah, yeah, okay, because kangaroos needs a lot of levels: Music, hey! Now everybody is busy with your new top bed joseph. How do you feel fun? You feel happy just sure you happy! Yes, favor! You like your ipad. What are you watching? Um kids are busy doing different activities with their tablets.