What was it the apple pencil to compliment? Now? I have an iPad from before this. One I got today will be the third one I have in many years, and so many years now I purchased my first iPad in 2014. I liked it so much that in 2016. I got around to purchasing an iPhone okay. This will be the unboxing of it. Foreign Music, foreign – this is the apple pencil right here. I just want to unbox everything just to get it out of the way lets see here, all right, all right Ill, be here. Oh look, it comes in clearly I have my name put on it. Thats, the all right Apple, uh, pencil now lets see here, do the unboxing uh the uh, my new iPad, foreign Music, all right Music. Last time I got the uh, the Apple iPad. It did not give me one of these, but this time they did people. Okay, lets see here just the usual paperwork. Now this is supposed to have the M2 Chip in it, whereas the other one had the M1 chip in it. Foreign now lets see here you got the power button up here up and down volume over here, and it uses the. What did I just do with it c type plugs now from the 2019. They switched it over from the eight pin to this type c. Now I got the iPhone 12. one end or the plug is Type C, but the other end where they still use the eight pin lets see its got two cameras lenses here.

Uh that looks like it needs to be charged up before doing anything which I will do shortly. Oh yeah, Music, now with the uh the pencil, its wireless charging and its got this little thing over here, which does the wireless charging on it and its supposed to be a graphics thought its supposed to be better, along with the M2 Chip and some of the New features, which I could probably do a review on it about a later date and if you enjoyed the unboxing of my new iPad and new pencil, give me a thumbs up and share with everybody else. Thank you.