Be this whole one hs611 creative pen tablet, so just a little backstory um. I already have my own graphic tablet, the one that i have unboxed before um xp pen star03. So apparently my stylus broke. So i was just supposed to buy a replacement stylus. But then i couldn’t find the one that uh that suits my xp pen version and then i was scared to buy other uh stylus because they might not work with my graphic tablet. So i just decided to invest on another perfect tablet, so i searched it up online and then honyon came up. Then i read the reviews. They’Re actually good, and this one is pretty new um version, so i took it anyway. So, okay, so apparently i got this from choppy because of the quarantine, so you know we’re not allowed to go outside yet so i just searched from there and then this thing came up. So let’s start, oh, so this is how it looks like the box. So the one on the front is the um. It says coral color, coral red of the shopping pose, so this creates more eight different let’s create more oh, my gosh. So it says creative pen tablet, sunrise red, so it says: sunrise, red it’s, a color that the one that i got so this was what’s at the back um. Okay, so it says the stuff about the specifications so it’s um holyon model hs611. Then the working area is 258.

4 by 161.5. Millimeters then what’s. This is it about the what 5080 lpi resolution and then 8192 levels pressure sensitivity. Then the report rate is 266 pps. Then tilt range, so it’s um about 60 degrees. So if you’re working like usually like you’re supposed to just put your pen up right at the back with this one, you can tilt the pen a bit to control the thickness of the lines that you’ll be drawing. So this is the inclusion, so that’s a graphic tablet and then the pen and then on the stand, the cord, then probably the booklet or something so this is made in china. Yes, yes made in china, so okay let’s open it now, so it has a security sticker at both sides. Yes, but not at the other, the left and right side: okay, it’s a little bit hard to open Music. Oh my gosh! I could actually use the scissors right here, but whatever Applause Music? Oh well, i actually got this for like about three thousand six hundred pesos, but the original price is a around four thousand yeah. I just got this gun so okay, so as we open the box, um there’s, this security foam right here and then there’s a thank you note. Thank you for choosing huion Music. Yes, some stuff uh yeah about the warranty. Okay, so let’s face it. Okay, so at the side of the box we have this um stylus, so it’s a bit different from the xp pen series that i got this one uh.

The design of this one is kind of the bulky at the tip of the pen and then at the other end it goes slimmer. Yes, unlike my my old stylus it’s, like one whole size, so this is uh. The pen stand okay, so okay, so as you open, there are the replacement, nibs, so there’s, one two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight nibs included and then okay. So this is the cord that you connect to the computer, and then we also have this one, because a special feature of this huion is that you’ll be able to work using your phone. So you you wouldn’t, have to bring your laptop with you when you want to draw so you could just use this um. What do you call these adapters and i’m? Sorry? I’M, not sure so you could just connect it to your phone, so you could draw easily. But what it says on the website is that um, you, you won’t, be able to use the whole tablet when you connect it to a phone like you’ll, only be able to use like a portion like this part, but when you connect it to a laptop you’ll, Be able to draw on the entire graphic tablet, so let’s open this one. This is the sunrise red hullion, hs611, graphic tablet, okay, so um. What actually got me to buying this huion is the color so i’m. Actually a fan of this shade and i thought it looked really good, so i decided to buy this so it has um one two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight, nine ten hot keys at the side and then these are like touch keys as well.

Music. I’M! Not so sure how to use this, yet we will try that on another video. So this is what it looks like the back part. So it has um this uh soft thing to secure the tablet so that it won’t be touching the ground or like the surface right away and then okay, oh, so we actually have this um half glove thing like when you’re drawing Music – oh my gosh. So this is how you do it so that so uh remember when you were drawing with a pencil. You know it gets greasy or it gets sturdy at this side, because when you draw you know, the lead comes to your hands, but with this one you’ll be able to move smoothly at the surface of the graphic tablet, so it’s actually already included at the package. Wow i thought i was going to buy. I thought i was gon na buy a second one, a separate thing for that. So this is this is a manual. Does it have a cd? What i don’t know also, if you need the driver Applause – oh my driver manual, you could download it at their website. Yes, so, oh so that’s, actually everything already Music. Yes, so wow, i think um it’s, actually pretty packed or for the original price of um. Four thousand for like around eighty dollars, yeah i mean you get the the tablet at the pen, the stand with replacement, nibs and then, of course, this um, oh my gosh.

What happened here? Uh this cord, with um additional uh adapters, to use for connecting to your android or apple devices, and then, of course, this um half hand glove. I don’t know what you call this thing, but yeah i didn’t know it was a phoebe. So yes, okay, so i’m excited to try this um new hoyon, hs611 graphic tablet uh. I really wan na draw right now already but yeah. We are gon na end our video right here so that’s it guys um. Thank you for watching stay tuned for another unboxing. Video don’t forget to click like subscribe and hit the bell button right there. I think here yeah so that’s. It guys stay safe.