This is a quick and complete overview of unboxing hui on h950p drawing tablet. This is not sponsored by anyone Music. This is my brand new huion tablet. You can see all the product details printed on the box. The model and pen details Music, wow, a cool artwork here, let’s peep into the unboxing now Music. This is a guide for installing drivers. With some given links, you can download matching drivers using this links to your pc. The tab is pretty much bigger and handy Music brand name, eight customizable keys for zoom in zoom out and other commands without using your keyboard. This is the working area Music product details again, one usb adapter Music, a lock for eight on board tablet, keys Music, some user manuals. The very important one is this: battery free, unique pen, Music pen included with two quick buttons. You can do right click while you work in pen, Music, the pen holder. Here you see additional eight pan nibs inside this Music Music. There is a pen, nib, remover downside. The holder can be removed. The nib in this way keep the pen in rest, Music. The tablet comes with a usb cable to connect the device with your pc Music. It includes two additional adapters for android devices. You can connect the digital, drawing tab with your phone and do really cool artworks. Hope. You guys look at this again before purchasing this. Drawing tablet we’ll see how to install drivers and connecting the device with my pc soon we’ll meet again with some cool graphic works on this youtube studio.

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