X360 – convertible that i purchased recently and it just arrived today. So i wanted to share to you guys what inside the box of this spectre so again, hp. Spectre. X360. 2021. Ah, so this one is a convertible laptop and the color is. I think this is nightfall black. Yes, it is nightfall black. Let me just take this off such a beauty. Let me just put this on the side for a bit so inside the box. Some manuals, charger ooh, a braided charger, looks, and it looks good and it feels good. This one looks very durable. Okay and a pen, a pen is included. You hear that microsoft pen is included, what’s that oh, it has like a two uh. It includes like two tips for the pen, which is nice, so a total of three tips for the pen and i don’t know if the battery is included. Oh, oh, i remember that this one is rechargeable by the way, so no need to worry about the battery. So inside the box we have the charger and the pen just put them on the side and for the real star of the show Music, the hp spectre. So this hp spectre x360, is the one that i get. The one that i got is the 16 gig a 3.3 inch screen with 11th gen intel core i7 wow i’m loving the design. This one really feels really good. The color of this laptop is nightfall black, but it looks like the color has a? U of a charcoal with some rose gold or golden accent on the sides, which looks good.

It has a jack, and this one, i think, is the usb c, a uspca, the webcam switch, the usbc and thunderbolt and the sd card sd card slot. I think this is the power button and some branding down here and the speaker at the bottom too. I think i think it’s a speaker and a fan as well so wow. So this one has a is. The speaker is powered by bang olufsen speakers. This one has a fingerprint scanner and the one that i purchased has an 11th gen intel core i7, and this one also has hey. I don’t know if this one has a charge, but we’ll see, i think, it’s manufacturing charge. The keyboard looks impressive clicky, but not too much, not that springy, but it’s it’s clicky enough, but anyways i’ll be setting this up pretty soon. Oh wow, this is the 4k screen resolution, looks so impressive. You have it uh my quick unboxing of hp, spectre, x360. Nightfall black in color, so by the way this one comes with a leatherette case with put a place where you can put the pen see, i was so excited to open the box right away. I wasn’t able to check for this one out so yeah.