This is the hp aero 13 that just announced from hp, and i have the full laptop purchased by me personally, and this is going to be my personal laptop im going to show you a lot of videos im going to drop a lot of videos on the Playlist called hp, 013 and itll be like if you watch my channel before, if youre, actually new person, what i do actually post one video for unboxing, followed by uh, a marathon of videos, uh going through all the things that this laptop or this machine or this Device going through either by physical side or the software side, so please uh stay tuned and subscribe and make sure you have the bell icon on because im going to break down this laptop a lot and a lot of people actually asking. What is this laptop is about and ill tell you just from just picking up this thing i was like what is this: is this empty? Is this an empty box or what because i literally, can you know i can lift this thing with my pinky. Let me just show you this: is these my pinkies right im just i can easily lift this box with my pinkies, like good luck, doing that with any any laptop out there, but hey. Let me let you know what you whats going on here. This laptop is being marketed by uh and i have this knife. Dont worry im, not gon na.

Do anything crazy right, im, just gon na open open this box right, oh wheres, the now this is the 16 gigabyte version um. Let me just quickly check out the information. Well dont bother with it, because its in arabic, it has the ryzen 7. uh. It has the ryzen 7 uh 5800u, which is amazing. Im gon na go down and break out down everything. Gaming, uh processing everything just stay tuned, guys uh. It has uh im, just translating guys uh four gigabytes, four gigabytes. It has 16 gigabyte of ddr4 ram and it has also um. Oh the the screen guys when i saw the screen. Its amazing has 400 nits its more than 400 nits. I believe its its so great. The audio is done by via bnq and uh yeah thats it this laptop. Now, what makes it great just wait for it. Let me just open it first, okay lets just me. Just open is this: the top yeah. This is the top, so lets just open it and see what we have here so stay tuned, guys, im im as excited as you, because when i saw this when i saw this, i dropped the video and i was like yo. This screen is amazing. Not only that i was looking at the battery life. Looks amazing too, oh okay! So when you buy this, what happened? Youre gon na see it like this. This is how it open and youre gon na see a lot of lightweight stuff.

So this is the packaging. Let me just first take out the charging or the charger cable crap. This is small, so small – and this is the cables um, as you know, as you can see here, lets take out this thing first off. I hope this video doesnt hit 10 minutes or less so this is the charger, its a tiny charger and its its a 65 watts charger. As you can see uh its very tiny. I can put this in my pocket, its small, very tiny, wow amazing. Now this guy is going to take some space, but this small charger is funny anyways, so thats a good thing. You have a tiny charger, so you dont worry about like carrying charges. All that stuff now lets talk about the big guy in the in the house. Here lets pull this thing off by the way guys just just to let you know, i sold my xerox g14 for this laptop okay thats. What i did yep. I did whoa all right, so nothing else inside double check booklets, so some booklets instructions all that stuff. All right, okay, so this is it holy holy. This thing is this thing is so lightweight. Let me see what the hell i need. I need to get myself a uh, something to measure the weight of this machine, because this is super lighter how to open it. Oh okay, we are almost there, everybody we are almost there. Okay, stick up all that stuff away! All right! Lets move these small dusts.

Okay. Now this guy over here is super lightweight. It is under 900 grams, so were talking about 908 gram, so 908, almost that measurements with this laptop. This is amazing. Ive, never seen something like this before. Let me just adjust the camera a little bit. I never seen something like that before its just just to show you it puts it into perspective. This is the gdb13 right and if you dont know what this device is just go my playlist and watch all the 100 plus videos that i posted. So this weights around 600 500 – is it 500. I think around 500 300. 400. 500 grams. This guys is a 900 grams okay. So, just to put this into perspective, its almost this guy is not even the half halfway there just to show you now lets just start focusing on this small tiny, lightweight laptop, the build quality is top notch, and i know by just looking at the device feeling It using it turn around pushing pushing it to the limits and thats what i did on the store. When i went there, you can go and check that video, so um just forget it just just watch this now now what happened? People ask me when you open it: what happens so you open this lid, so it doesnt lift up the keyboard. It doesnt lift up the laptop and look at this thats cool. When you remove that you have the stickers.

This is the ryzen 5800. U series with radeon graphics vega 8, which is awesome, lets check out the keyboard real, quick, okay, excellent, so that the trackpad is fine. So what i do when i check the trackpads, i touch them and there is some sound that, like you know what i call the sound like um shaking the sound the squeezy sound. I feel theres something wrong, but here this thing looks amazing all right. This is the topping sound now this is just uh, just the unboxing guys im gon na go through this a lot of videos going to drop later on im just doing this unboxing, because i own this laptop im going to show you my honest opinion on the Left side, you have a usb type c and you have usb type a that actually has a mouth. It opens up and closes and has a hdmi, as you can see, hdmi port and im, just its so lightweight that im afraid im gon na drop it. We have hey, this is the power cord and we have another usb type, a with the mouse that can open and closes. But here you can also charge it through the type c uh charging um. If you have your like fast type c charger, it does support the pd charging here so thats about these um uh outputs now theres a lot of things i want to talk about, but i dont want to do any kind of what they call it spoiling things And uh before i just go through everything uh, let me just first show you um.

Let me just okay. Let me just show you the starting just lets just start the laptop real quick see if there is any juice left on it. Okay, number one, the the fan sound is so quiet, which is really great and, most importantly, let me just close this guy. Most importantly guys when i buy something like this, i watched the back. The back has a great holes for ventilation, and this area opens up and suck up the air and push it out on the top. How can you see the air get out so this these holes out there? So you dont need to worry about any type of problem. It comes to the heat blocking something else. No, it works really fine anyways before this starting and start to you know making it work. This is a screen a great screen. This is 16 by 10 aspect. Ratio – and i see how good it is here – ill show you. It looks amazing by the way this screen looks amazing, its tall, its really nice, and you can just watch movies. The colors, though the colors are amazing man. These cars are totally amazing, and this is no. This is this is the maximum and when you want to drop the screen a little bit, this is the minimum. So you can still watch the movies or watch whats going on with the screen when you put it on top minimum. Now this is the keyboard lid.

Let me just turn off the light here: okay, now its better now im going to test this later on.