Yes, you see that also none box. So i choose hp omen 15. 20. 20 – and it has this um it’s almond, laptop 15 ek, 08, ca, core i7 processor, 2, a 1tb, solid state, drive 16 gb, sodium sd ram, yeah windows 10, and it has 156 f, hd, ips led display and yeah it will. Grass on this is one of my reasons that why that’s why i bought this it’s nivea geforce, rdx, 2060. yeah i’m, not kind of a gamer but yeah. I want to use some applications that needs the high resolutions name errands, a gaming laptop yeah and let’s open this gaming laptop that that i bought with my own money, Music yeah. I decided to buy Music certificate of the product first. I think this is the charger on my right, yeah charger charger and then the laptop itself, i’m shaking yeah cause he first ever looked up i’m. I love this logo now so let’s. Try it alright joke this. Video was actually unboxing it exploring the laptop yeah installation instruction, so yeah instruction language, though yes, the english one set up in instruction. Okay, you can use graphic mode in almond command center to switch between hybrid and discrete hybrid used to achieve longer battery life for media consumption, productivity tasks and internet processing. Discrete is used for gaming, ninja and other i don’t know maybe locate system information system information is provided service, fog, okay, oh this is the parts so let’s check it.

Yeah, you see nothing in box, parameter, yeah, sorry guys. So first thing at the outside uh says: oh man, and then it has the fun the thing yeah. I think it’s good measurement laptop and then let’s check it. So the first one is the wireless antennas, so check nothing going open one, two ready in about how you go nice, one, two: three, i Music, then Music, but yeah check it. The screen young one hunting the columbus unboxing one hunting it’s, not that good though, but for me it’s, okay, long Music, this one is the fun the thing. So, according to this antenna, camera and the power bot on is this. Looking to this laptop it’s, a story could be, i was looking for. The power button keep a little omen. Key. The windows application, the touchpad young wasd keys windows, yeah, stop boss, connector power, connector iron, sound power, connector rj45 network, usb port, my hdmi port tapas marine shop for headphone or microphone combo jack miranda memory card. The other side is usb port again. The one type c port and the other one is type c thunderbolt slip, charger and then dual mode port and the van Music, maybe because for airflow, maybe i’m, not sure, but for observing this siguro foreign Music, maybe i’m, not sure but yeah and then that’s. It um another video in a long time. I go open and everything because hey, i really don’t, know how to open this guys.