It guys for you to see let’s open it. So here is his Box. Wooo Nice let’s open it. When we remove the lid, we can see our pentablet … woahhh the size so later put it aside first, so this. What is this? Maybe it’s? The bag we’ll show it later …. So here are the nibs and nibs remover That’s our pen, it’s, okay, it’s, not heavy it’s, not light it’s. Okay, so let’s show it later guys. So this is the drawing gloves, manual and warranty card, so is it empty …? Oh, it still has our Usb Cable guys, … ahm. Is it empty? Ok, so here are the contents of the box. So first we have these Gloves …. They are right. In my hand, here are 8 extra nibs and nibs remover in our small pouch. Here we are with the pen with 8192 pressure level sensitivity. Then it doesn’t have a pen holder, but there is a pouch that is not unfair quotLUGEquot. There are two costumizable buttons, so here it is. Our USB cable is probably 1 meter long. As far as I know, so, here is where you can download the drivers to make the pentablet work properly. So here is everyone’s favorite manual, and this includes our warranty card. Let’S go to the bag, so here’s the pentablet bag. So let’s try that later, if it’s exactly right for the pentablet – and here is the main item – guys our pentablet it’s a bit big guys compared to other pentablets.

There are 10 by 6 Inches Work Area guys and they are really big. So I compared them to our display that’s the size, guys isn’t it. If you can see on the left side, it has 10 hot keys and a scroller AHAHA. What did I say wrong if you notice that the surface is not smooth, it has anti glare and no reflection to make the drawing more realistic. It looks like you are drawing on real paper when you have that. Ok, so here is where the pen you can put so there’s a bag here, that’s it it’s. Okay, so let’s try his bag guys if it’s exactly fit on our pentablet. So there you go guys exactly right on our pentablet. Nothing too much nothing too little fit in our pentablet cool, so the socket guys are like the android phone, the socket … then here it is, you will plug it into your computer or laptop or that’s. All the contents of the Box. Guys lets move to next step on how to install drivers, …, ok, just open your browser, Let’s just type to then let’s search for it. So here we are on the site of GAOMON we’ll find out where our Pentablet is here so it’s like mine here are the mac and Windows drivers, so let’s install what’s ours. This is the latest, then click download. Then it will show at the bottom of our screen. Ok, i downloaded just click.

, Confirm and install I already opened it. I just need to plug our pentablet to our PC. So Let’s GO ok. We are here. So this is the drivers. Here you control the sensitivity of your pen, OK it’s, up to you, where you are comfortable with your sensitivity because I’m more comfortable with the sensitivity that doesn’t work as well Let’s do some testing so that’s it. If you can see there’s not much pressure here is the option on how to enter shortcut keys.. I don’t put shortcuts i’m more adept at keyboard. Ok, lets test.