To help you make a purchase decision Music now, starting from the unboxing, the box comes with black, with galaxy butts pro on top the visuals of the buds in the middle and the brand down below then at the back. There are some of the specs mentioned over there. Opening the box reveals a smaller black leaflet where, on the outside, there are the instructions on how to fit the earbuds in and the quick start guide as well down below. There is a smaller black box which contains the usb a to usb c cable and the extra ear tips. First, let’s look at the build quality. Looking at the charging case itself, it has the same form factor as the buds life which i liked with a plastic clamshell built a compact foam factor and the matte finish makes this a very complementary accessories of the phantom black version of the s21 ultra. In terms of ecstatics alone, now, besides being aesthetically, nice i’ve always preferred a matte finish case, as it is less slippery than the glossy ones. Then the charging case is charged via a usb c port at the back and of course it can charge the earbuds inside. At the same time now, opening the charging case did not feel like it was cheap, as you’ll need to put a bit more force into it, which was nice, as this avoids situations where the cover might accidentally open by itself. Now i also like how the case closes quite strong, where you don’t have to put much force into it, where a single touch would do, then the magnets that connects to the charging pin is quite strong, so it won’t come off even when it’s turned upside down.

Like this, which we had a similar problem when it comes to using the buds life, then, as for the earbuds itself, it is made of plastic to keep the earbuds nice and light, which also has a matte finish. But there was a glossy back where at first i was a bit worried whether or not it would be slippery as mentioned earlier. But since the inner parts of the earbuds had a matte finish, it wasn’t an issue at all. Then there’s. Also, the pressure vent to ensure to relieve pressure when the earbuds are in your ears to maintain a comfortable wearing then the buds pro is also ipx7 water resistant. So no issues using this in a slightly raining situation or during working out as well. Now, the overall fitting of the earbuds, with the other, smaller size, ear tips fitted in nice when it comes to working out or even listening to music, so make sure that you get the right size of the ear tips for you to get the best experience when It comes to fitting audio and the enc as well, and speaking of the fitting i found that the earbuds rest at the bottom of the ears compared to where it was rested on top for the buds life – and yes here is my usual hashtag sour mode test. Music, so the initial pairing process is super simple: it has bluetooth, 5.0 and it’s compatible with both android and ios devices, where it will immediately go into the pairing mode as soon as you open up the charging case, even before taking the earbuds out, which was really Sweet then, in the future it passed with your phone immediately now, just in case you guys want to pair the earbuds, maybe to another phone, your pc or laptop just press and hold the buttons in the middle for about three seconds to re.

Initiate pairing now, based on my test using these earbuds, was totally fine on an ios device or even a mac. But you won’t get a seamless pairing like how it was on samsung devices, especially like the seamless, auto, switching sharing audio with another buzz user. And, of course, there’s no 360 sound or even reading out messages more on that later, but as a true wireless earbuds, it works very well with those devices now, as for playback controls, it is all done by pressing the button right at the middle of the earbuds, Where this touch controls works for music and call mode, as well now under the music playback first clicking once plays or pauses the track on each side pressing any one of the earbuds twice goes to the next track, and three times goes to the previous track again And you can map the volume controls to put it as a touch and hold feature where on the right, it increases the volume and on the left, it decreases the volume then looking at the control options when on a phone call to answer a call, just double Tap the earbuds and to decline a call, touch and hold the touchpad and to end the call double tap the touchpad again now let’s talk about the overall sound quality as tiny as it may seem. The buds pro has two speakers which is super nice to know where one is an 11 mm woofer and the other is a 6.

5 mm tweeter, where the overall audio quality was truly amazing. Now this dual driver surely gives a deep, rich bass and a clean sound, especially when it comes to listening to rock or metal genre of music, as i felt that most earbuds, even the premium ones, does very well on pop and edm music and sometimes jazz, but They usually fall short when it comes to rock or even metal music, and that was not the case where every single instrument on the samsung galaxy buzz pro was heard, and the same could be said on the sound sampling for the other genre as well. I’M. Also happy to note there was no latency when it comes to watching videos on youtube and also watching netflix. Watching movies was really good, where usually earbuds in general, tend to favor music listening as their priority. So it was nice that it had an amazing sound, especially when it comes to dolby, atmos content on netflix or any other spinning platforms. Now the earbuds also comes with the gaming mode, which was great but as usual, when it comes to playing games. I don’t really recommend using wireless earbuds during a competitive gameplay, but it was totally fine if you guys are casual gamer. Like me, now, the active noise cancellation, better known as the anc, was good, definitely better than the buds life where i did see a huge difference, especially on the lower hums and more annoying constant sounds like a squeaky fan in the surrounding area that you’re in.

But where i really noticed the anc was when i was playing music, where the music totally blocked out the background noise and everything felt like i was in a quiet room, just listening to music directly into my ears. Now, when i saw a huge improvement is when i was on ambient mood when it was turned on everything around, you seems to really amplify the sound as opposed to regular yeah. I can hear my surrounding it really sounded very loud. Then a voice detect feature does work very well for situations where i was in a lift. I said after you, when the lift doors were open to let the person out first, and it immediately changed back to the ambient mode to really amplify the sound where you can choose to go back to your music, listening or anc after 5, 10 or 15 seconds. In the galaxy wearables app, but there were situations where it did not work as seamless as well. Now, speaking of the app diving deeper into the app other than the battery indication, you can adjust additional settings like triggering the noise controls between active noise cancellation. Turning it off and ambient sound, you can also adjust the anc level between high and low down there. You’Ll find the toggle of the voice detect feature and the duration set, as mentioned earlier next there’s the touch and hold feature where i left it at volume controls. Then there are the eq adjustments reading out notifications allowed, which i find it very handy when it comes to listening to the earbuds, especially when you’re moving about when you get a message which i find it very nice.

Next is the advanced options like the 360 audio, where i like, the spatial audio technology or the dolby hit tracking, where, for example, if you guys are watching videos on the s21 series or any one, ui version 3.1 device. If you move your head, the audio will change according to its directions of the phone, which i find it very nice and addictive at the very same time – and i think it’s very nice. That is the hearing enhancement options to give a more balance on the right or even on the left. For some people who have hearing problems on either side, then there’s also the toggle for the gaming mode. Then let’s define my butt’s feature and other general options as well: Music. Next, looking at the call quality on the microphones. Firstly, it has three microphones, two on the outer and one in a microphone where the microphone quality was really good during phone calls and video calls now there’s. Also, the additional noise reduction for both sides there’s also the windshield technology audio, where it was just not a fancy name, as it really worked very well during a windy situation, since there is the mic mesh and the chamber to reduce wind sounds and even a noisier Environment noise simulation test, and here is a quick microphone test all right. This is a microphone test and this is without a fan blowing right in front of my face, as i have the dyson pure call me now.

I have the dyson pure cool meat turned on. So this is another microphone test with the fan blowing right in front of my face. Next, this is a voice simulation with the coffee shop sounds testing one two testing, one, two testing one two and here is another test in a train right situation, testing one two testing, one, two testing one: two now as for battery, i got about four hours and 45 minutes with the charging case, i got about 17 plus hours now, a five minute quick charge could get you up to an hour of playback with anc turned off what about 30 minutes plus with anc turned on there’s also wireless charging, and you can also use The wireless powershare feature on your galaxy phones, which support that now. In conclusion, samsung has given yet another improvement to really make a pro earbuds, with a lot of thought in mind to include many great features now my biggest takeaway on this earbuds is how well the audio quality was compared to many other premium earbuds, especially with a Higher price point – and i have no battery anxiety when it comes to the overall usage of the earbuds noise cancellation – was very justified compared to the buds life microphone. Quality is truly amazing, as well and it’s nice to see that all of this comes in a very great price, with only 799 ringgit, where i’ll leave links down below for you guys to get yourself one aside from that.

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