This is penguin tech. Today we are going to unbox the new laptop from lenovo. This is the lenovo ideapad 5 14 alc05. So this one the spec is here: it comes with nd ryzen 5500u, starting at 2.1 gigahertz. It has 512 kb of ssd m.2 and key or ram a 14 inch. Full hd ips display and three cell battery comes with windows 10 homes in the language, so it waits around. The box works around 2.25 kg and it has just been manufactured because i customize the spec itself and also it comes with the microsoft office home institute installed. So without further ado, let’s take the laptop out from the box, so this is around 200 2500 ringgit. I call it from the official lenovo website and customize this pack itself. So this is safety m r t guide nothing much in chinese charging, adapter and block itself, so it’s, only 65 watt, very small and very light – and this is the head so here’s. The setup guard itself, we got the 14 inch version without further ado. Let’S. Take this laptop out. This is the pantene gray version. So, as you can see, this is a very minimalistic design with a silver top, and i think this is the pontinium red with the logo on the side. Here i think it’s also plastic and plastic bottom, but with a slightly darker gray, it’s very light. Nice touch. Some rubber feet here, a long one and a two short one on here: let’s, look at the i o pods itself.

So we have the charging port here – usb 3.0 here hdmi here, um microphone and headset check here the headset indicator and the power indicator. On the other side, we have two usb 3.0 and a sd card reader, which is cool, so it has a webcam here. Let me just try and take this away, so if you can see it there’s, a very slight small slider, on top of it that lets you slide over to block the camera for privacy body itself. Very nice it’s a very different texture and powered by amd radeon graphics card because it comes with the ryzen 500 500 000 series and the keyboard feels not bad and here’s the power button with the fingerprint scanner and the speaker grill here. Actually, these are not speakers. Um only the the only speakers is here and here so the top it’s only for aesthetic. So this is a 14 inch full hd ips display. As you can see, it covers almost the entire panel, which is nice design. It comes with a dead battery, so you need to charge it up. First hi, there i’m, cortana and i’m here to help a little sign in here. A touch of wi fi there and we’ll have your pc ready for all you plan to do use your voice or the keyboard along the way, and if you’d like me to stay quiet, just select the little microphone icon towards the bottom of your screen.

If you need an assistive screen, reader press, the windows, control and enter keys at the same time to turn on narrator, okay enough intro, let’s dig in you can hear a bit of the fan running at the back here. Um i’ve tested it just now, so this keyboard has bad light and the sound quality is actually not bad, but the power button actually is a bit flimsy, and so is the touch pad other than that. I think this overall, this laptop is quite a very good. Build quality, as you can see it, doesn’t fit much so considering the prices is definitely good for long term usage. As a student, of course, with the integrated graphic of md radio, you don’t, you cannot expect it to run high end games, but simple, simple games like possibly even genshimp, can run well on this laptop and, i must say the display. The quality is actually very good. It’S, very vibrant, the color. The contrast is also very good, so yeah we’re now in the um windows 10 now after the all the setups, but it does come with some blockwear like lenovo’s on blockwear, which i honestly think that should not include it. And then this also comes with the microsoft office for students nskc, you can use it form right away, but it’s best for you to sign in so it comes with microsoft, office, home and student 2019.. This is a permanent license, which is a very good bank for depart.

You have to activate the microsoft office. If you don’t activate it, you will lose the lucid by a few days later and for me it’s just five days so lenovo actually has its own denoble. Welcome so this is personal another set of things i don’t want to go through anymore, maybe later so. If we talk about the package of this laptop, is that you? It actually comes with a one year warranty, but you can also choose to upgrade it to two years warranty or even longer, and so, and it also supports dolby audio and has a sticker here for you for quick e support and the laptop is actually very light. It’S it’s around 1.5 kg but, as you know, i already upgraded the battery from the stock 44.51 to the 56 watt. To give you a longer battery life so expect it to be a little over 1.5 kg. But still this is a very light laptop with a powerful processor and yeah they’re actually, and the processor is actually six cores 12 straight, which is an upgrade from the last gen, because the last thing is only six calls six threads so expect better multitasking performance from This generation – and it has a 720p webcam so that’s about it – guys thank you for watching, remember to like and subscribe and share this video.