This is the 32 gig version, we’ll be just doing an unboxing. Today, i won’t be going through a whole setup. That will be probably a video here in the future uh. This says this for kids, three and up otherwise uh. This is uh the kingdom fire we’re gon na go ahead here, i’ll look at the front of the box, so it shows you. The tablet says includes the black fire um hd8 tablet, as well as a two year, worry free guarantee and a one year of kids connect with amazon, free time, unlimited and also the blue kids case or kid proof case with stan built in the side. Here just says: that’s the hfire hd kids edition the back here. I’Ll give some more information, so the hd8 just means that is the 8 inch display version. It comes with a micro sd slot that you can put up to one terabyte in it has a quad core processor with two gigs of ram. It has dual band ac wi fi, so it has the latest in wi fi technology and has a front and rear facing camera. It also has adobe atmos adobe surround sound built in so a little better quality speakers in here uh. It shows you a couple of different apps here that you can get for your kids. It says this was designed with kids in mind so it’s, a high speed with the quad core processor it’s got a vivid hd display, stereo speakers, dual cameras, usb c port micro sd slot.

We can span up to one terabyte of space plus one year of amazon free time, unlimited a kids proof case and easy to use print parental controls, endless fun for kids peace of mind for the parents free time free time whether your child speaks spanish or just Has to or just wants to learn the language amazon free time unlimited includes thousands of spanish language books, apps games and websites. If it breaks we’ll place it. So you get two years of worry free guarantee. If anything happens to the tablet, return it and they’ll, replace it for free, so it’s included, amazon provides with you, what’s included in the box. Is the tablet the kid proof blue case and you get to select which case you want when you look online amazon power, adapter, the usb charging cable, a built in rechargeable battery and one year of the free time, unlimited subscription, um, there’s, auto, renews uh, auto renewals? Also apply so i’m just giving you a warning there. Um always the bottom. Just has your serial and power information always on the top you’ve got the easy peel tab here to take it out of the box. Well, usually, it’s easy, so you just peel the tab off, so you don’t need any scissors to open the box i’m going to go ahead here. Crack open the box. It’S got a nice pull tab here to pull it out of the box that’s what it was sitting like inside the box, so there’s a table i’ll set that to the side for now here’s, a hello and i’m guessing in here is where your power adapters are.

So it’s got a little manual here. Walks you through how to uh set up, shows you what’s in the box, where everything plugs in how to power it on swipe it up to unlock how to charge it, removing to the case to get the sd card installed. How to open the stand and then the stand orientations, and then the back is all of the warnings and choke hazards and information like that and how to properly recycle the device in the future. When it’s no longer usable, whether it’s, outdated or just no longer holds a charge, so the tablet itself is currently in some plastic here you can see the rear camera there on the front. Your camera is uh currently there at the bottom, as well as two holes. Here for your speaker for the sound to come through, and then you get your little fold out stand here, and this is a rubberized case plastic. So the case is rubberized and then this guy here this is uh. Just a plastic hinge that locks in different positions. So then you can stand the tablet up, depending on your viewing your uh, how you’re going to be viewing it it’s got some sort of do not eat all. This is like to keep it fresh since it’s electronic. It keeps moisture out it’s like a moisture absorber um, always on the left side. Here, you’ve got your usb c port. A headphone jack at the very top you’ve got a power button and then your volume up and down here on the bottom, like i said you got the camera down there, your front camera two speakers, this side has nothing and this top side has nothing um.

Otherwise, this does flip all the way around, as well so just kind of, depending on how you wan na how your kid wants to angle it or how you wan na angle it depending on where it is that you’re setting it up at so that is the Tablet we’ll go ahead here and open up this bottom, so we’ve got your our power. Brick we’ve got our usb to usbc power, cable and that’s. It that’s all that comes in the box, so that is all the gear that comes out of the box for your kid’s tablet and a matter of just plugging in letting it charge and then setting up for the first time connecting it to your amazon account and Go from there unless your kids have at it. I know there’s a kid. You got your kid login and then also the uh adult login. So you can control what your kids can and can’t do, uh, which i’ll probably make another video and show you a little bit more in depth on how to do that and how to also set it up. Well, thanks for watching don’t forget to like and subscribe, there will be a link in the description down below. That is an affiliate link for this device, so you can purchase it and we ask that if you’re looking at getting it to, please use our link, as that will give us credit and that’s what supports our channel. So we can keep bringing you more fresh content of new uh electronic devices for your home and for your family to make your life easier and simpler.