Is the del vostro five, four one five. So let me just grab the box and we’ll start to have a look, so here it is in its box freshly delivered to us. So should we go ahead and we’ll have a look at this, so yeah it’s the uh bostro 5415. So that means it is a kind of amd ryzen based laptop i’ll, get into the specs in a second. So just having a look at the top of the box, sir i’ve just opened it up, and i can see straight away. We’Ve got our power, brick, which is nice and our plug for that, and obviously because i’m here in the uk, that is a three pin uk connector, that is it for the top of the box i’m. Just going to take out this packaging and we’ll see what we’ve got underneath so the usual cardboard protectors for the laptop – and here we go here – is the laptop there’s, the usual paperwork bump with it, which will cover things like the warranty and the safety things. And here it is still in the packaging. So hopefully it comes across on camera that this is quite a relatively small and light laptop by no means the smallest by no means the lightest, because it is a 14 inch laptop. So it’s not like you know like the xps 13, which is really really slim and tiny that isn’t the case here, but likewise compared to its kind of bigger brothers, the 15 inch laptops of this world compared to one of them.

It is much smaller and nicer. You can see, i can easily hold it with my one hand there so let’s go ahead and take it out of this packaging and we’ll take a look at it and talk about the specs and uh and see what we’ve got so let’s open it up and Take a look here we go so that is it now out of the packaging casing. Feels very nice is a plastic case on this, just to stress and there it is so. I like this particular form factor, because this is a 14 inch laptop means. It doesn’t have a number pad slapped on the side of it now i’m, not a fan of number pads on laptops, because i feel like they’re slapped on the side and squeezed in now. They’Ve obviously got their place because we have lots of customers who work in financial sectors and having the number pad on their laptop is clearly of benefit to them. So i’m, just saying for me personally, i prefer not to have it and that’s. Why i like this form factor the 14 inch version there, so it looks like it’s got a nice big trackpad space here looks, looks good keyboard with a mid range laptop like this from dell i’m expecting to be quite good. I’Ve not used this laptop at all. So i can’t vouch for it, but it’s, certainly on my very basic test there. It feels like a decent quality lap, um keyboard to me, um nicely spaced as well, but look at it and a full enter key, which i i always really really really like to see so yeah spec wise.

What do we have here? So i touched upon it at the start of the video, so this is an amd ryzen based processor and in this one it’s, the ryzen 5 that’s the 5500u, so a decent, mid range processor, which will give it plenty of power, but also decent battery life as Well, in in a laptop of course, so making the work nice efficient, efficient, uh 14 inch screen. As i mentioned, the screen itself is full hd, that’s 1920 by 1080 it’s got uh claimed anti glare in it and it is an led base which is great it’s. Not touch or anything like that, it has the fingerprint reader which we can see over here as part of the of the power button just highlighted just over here um and this particular one, the rest of the spec wise we’ve got um. Eight gig of ram we’ve got two five six gigabyte ssd and i believe that is a pcie nvme uh ssd hard drive as well. So super quick, hard drive, which is great it’s, got the four cell battery in it uh stereo speakers and then what do we have? Expansion wise? So, as you can see there, hopefully, on this side here, we’ve got our connection for our power. Lead we’ve got hdmi, we’ve got usb and we’ve got usb type c as well, so a decent range of connectivity there. So you know in terms of unit power output into a screen and a couple of accessories all covered there on the other side and for an i.

t geek. Like me, this really floats my boat ethernet port yay. You rarely these days seem to get an ethernet port built into a laptop anymore and me as an i.t techie. I still go out of my way to find a laptop um if i’m, using it with an ethernet cable in for doing all the networking, jobs and basically in the world we live in where wi fi is better and better and better, and it is there’s lots Of great wi fi technology out there at the minute you still can’t beat a hard wired connection, though just for reliability just for speeds by yourself and so yeah it’s got the ethernet connection. There we’ve got another usb port. We’Ve got our headphone jack and we’ve got an sd card. Reader as well looks to be mini sd, so a decent amount of connectivity there for this nice dell, vaustro 54, 1. 5, really really good. Mid range business laptop in my opinion, so price wise. What do we have there for that spec that i’ve just outlined, so this one is a roundabout with a spec. I just talked about is around about the 650 pounds mark so i’m saying around about, because um dell do offers all the time so there’ll be a retail on this. So probably a lot more than that, but i think we got this one for around about 650 pounds because there’s always some sort of offer with dell, whether it’s you know discount off the rrp, whether it’s uh, you know a promotion for that month.

Something like that. So do check the dell website and see what they’re offering so yeah around about 650 pounds, and i think that is really really good value, because this is a really good spec in terms of a mid range business, laptop it’s, a really good spec. It feels like it’s a really good build quality. The keyboard feels like it’s, going to be solid and good to type on for long periods of time. So all the signs are. This is quite a promising laptop. What i may do with this one because i’m going to use this one for a bit as my work machine to give it a proper, a proper test. So i will trial that for a little bit and we’ll see how we get on and perhaps i’ll report back with a full review after i’ve used it maybe for a month or so, but overall yeah the dell vaustro 5415 around about 650 pounds and for that Ryzen 5 processor, with the 8 giga ram the 256 gigabyte um ssd in it. I think that’s really really good value and battery life. I think overall, is decent in it purely for my memory. I think it’s around about the eight hour mark, so it’s, not the best you’ve ever come across, but it’s, certainly not the worst and should get you through a full business day. Let’S say because that’s what i think this laptop is aimed at there’s. Nothing to stop.

You using at home, but i think, it’s more, aimed at your average business person to use um so overall yeah, quite a nice looking little machine. I will wrap up this video now i’m, just going to hold it here and hopefully get a nice thumbnail for the youtube video. If i talk slowly enough and see if it picks up on this, so there we go as ever. Please do comment on the video. I do read all the comments and i do try and get back to everybody. So please do comment and one thing you can really really do to help us is smash that, like button, please please please do smash the like button. You have no idea how much it helps us grow our youtube channel to avoid our audience it’s, the biggest thing you can do to help us. So if you’ve enjoyed this video, you found it useful in any way. Please do smash that, like button below. For me, i’d really appreciate it. Please do subscribe to the channel, of course, we’re releasing releasing new content all the time, so please do get subscribed up and likewise all the links are down below to connect with me on other channels such as linkedin, twitter and instagram.