My name is, and my channel is the exceptional ordinary girl. So, as you can see here today we have a box, so we are going to do some unboxing of this laptop um that we just recently bought um and it came yesterday um so can’t wait to open it, um, okay! So as long as we’re doing the unboxing i’m also going to share some tips and some tricks to like how to pay less when you were going to buy a laptop yeah, so i i hope that it will be helpful for you as well. This laptop was originally um like three thousand um australian dollars um, but we have spent only sixteen hundred dollars so yeah i’m going to share some tips like how to do that, and also i will put some links on the description box down below so that you Can um avail that offers and stuff um now? This is not any um like paid promotion, video because i’m still very new, and no one is gon na pay me to do a promotional, video, so yeah it’s, just um. We needed this laptop for my husband’s studies and we were um thinking to buy one for like long long time. The old one that i had um is from like 2014 that’s, very, very old. So yes, let’s open it. Then, okay, i’m, just gon na cut that okay, okay let’s see what’s in there; okay, so that’s the adapter that’s, our cable, oh that’s, just the thing and um that’s.

The pen um, like a nice cute little box for the pen and i’m, going to show you something cool here about this um adapter. So this has this cool little holding place like you can um the cable you can organize and it will be there like organized there. You know when we open it and then we can never put that back with other cables, but this one you can always like, organize it and then put it in your backpack or so that one. I really liked um this feature. Okay and now the pen, okay, let’s, see open that. Okay, look at this all right, so this actually looks like a real pen like look at the tip when i it reminds me of like an eyeliner, um yeah. If we, if, like girls, if we ever have like an eyeliner, it would be very good like that. But okay yeah forget about eyeliners, so this pen um can be connected via bluetooth and it has like this port where you can put that in the laptop so that you can put it in for charging all right. So now let’s go for the laptop okay that’s good. They don’t put like heaps of plastics in the box, and everything is recyclable, recyclable, okay, so now that’s, the laptop okay. So the only piece of plastic or like a big plastic in this laptop, is this big package. Look at this, it is like looks so good it’s like a tiny laptop but yeah.

It feels like you know, like a tablet or something um, so this is dell inspirion, 13, 7, 306 and two in one laptop. You can actually fold it to make it a template. So this is a 360 degree foldable device and once it’s done like you can make it back a laptop. This laptop is a core i7 11th generation processor. It has 16 gb ram and it has 500 gigabytes of storage, so that’s the basic um specs of this laptop and it also it’s touch screen and the pen can be used as like touch and also for drawing and things like that, and it also has a Space to keep the pen and that’s how you um like charge it, and so, when you close the laptop it stays inside, so you won’t even see like see that’s the that’s, the pen yeah, which is like cool like i. I always feel scared about this tiny thing like i’m, like oh, what if i lose it so this this way you will never lose the pain. It will always be inside right. So now i’ll set it up in the background and i’ll come back to show you some features of the laptop right. Okay, so my setup is done so now, i’m gon na show you um some specs of this um laptop so like how fast it is and and and what facilities it has okay. So this is um dell inspiring 13 7 306, two in one laptop.

So this can be um used as a tablet as well. So i’ll show you this is 360 degree foldable um device. So there you go there’s your tablet. Okay, so there’s your tablet, um, and so when you may use it as a tablet, the keyboard does not um like it is touch proof, so it will not like mess up your um things that you’re doing okay and again back when you’re done with your tablet. You fold it back to a laptop yeah and um. It has a little spot to keep your um pens. So you see this magnet. You don’t even have to be like sure how to put it in so you just um hold it there and it will go like that and see when you um, when you close the laptop it stays in there. So you like your when you’re like going to uni or something is always there: okay and it’s very compact. Like can you see it like um? I can’t say enough like how good it is. Okay, so i’ll show you the port, so one there’s, one of the micro sd card um card reader, one for the earphone one um usb port and on the other side, there’s the usbc charger and a hdmi port, okay, so there’s nothing else, um on that side And okay, so when you open the laptop, the laptop rises up and there’s like a little bit of space underneath so that there’s a bit of like airflow and the laptop will not get um heat up.

So it has facial recognition and it can also you can also open it with your pin, and you can also open with your fingerprint so for today’s demonstration, i’ll open with my fingerprints and look how fast it is like it didn’t even take a second it’s. So fast, okay, so um let’s, try, the pen and we’ll go for the paint, see how fast it opened. Yeah, okay and we’ll just go for the brush and just like a purple color and with the pen like. Can you i’ll show you how fast it goes like? Okay, yeah, so let’s go for something like older, so like before our pens used to be like slow, but this one goes like it will be like it will be. So good. Do you know like take uni notes and things like that, like okay, when you’re writing something? Okay, i am going to uni yeah. Okay, i’m, not a good painter, but i would be doing this a lot. Okay, so let’s go no, not saving it. So now you there is an option to actually connect your mobile with this laptop, so there’s, an app where you can just connect the laptop connect, your mobile with your laptop. So whenever you have any calls or sms there, those will come to directly to this laptop. So there is an option to do that. Um. Obviously, if you want, you can do it. Okay, so now i’m going to um show quickly a few of the websites where i got the deals so um.

This one is the official dell website um and there’s. Like plenty of this discounted laptops, um, the one we got was um, this 40 percent off um. It was originally yeah um, so we got it like hundred and ninety eight dollars, but i got another discount later on and now this one is quite good for the university students, the uni days, um website you can, as you can see, there’s like different um categories Of discounts – and you can go there and like give softwares and technology accessories mobiles. I think samsung is giving um 25 percent discounts here. Um and like hp and laptops and yeah like hp is giving 260 discount and microsoft is giving some discounts as well, and we actually saw the dell discount here so up to 40 percent on their laptops now um. This one is the apple website where they said um. They will offer the um airpods free with any um laptops and also discounted price um, so yeah the macbook air, which is usually like 1600. This one is here just 14′.. Now the um hp. They also have a student discount of 27 percent on their laptops and different um other um peaks as well like, and so this one laptops, 27 percent monitors nexuses now um. I got a 125 dollars on this honey um coupon code. So i just searched like dell. You can search anything like that. They usually have most of the things so yeah, and then i just copied the discount code here thanks for watching this video.

I hope you liked it, and i also hope that you, like the tips and tricks that i gave you to save some money on the laptop um. I do try to find out any way to save some money and i love to share those with my friends. So um please like and share my videos so that i can bring more videos like this to you.