So here on the box, we have the chewy here are some specs. So this is the model number its a high 10x, with an ips display so in plane. Switching youre gon na be see this display from lots of angles because its an ips, its quite important for a tablet because youre going to hold it at weird angles. Its a 10.1 inch display, so its really small, its a portable tablet. You can also see this by the processor that it is used so its acceleron and 4120 quite a weak processor, but this is not made to be your main machine. This is meant to use when uh you need something more portable. The resolution is a little bit odd, so you have 1 200 times uh 1920. So i think this is 18 by nine. So its not the regular 16 by nine aspect – ratio, uh, yeah. The processor starts at 1.1 gigahertz and goes up to 2.6 gigahertz and has four cores and four threads so im quite surprised by how powerful it is given the size. But here we have some registration numbers, some addresses from the manufacturer, so its building shenzhen like most things that uh you can buy electronically, but without any further ado lets just uh open the box. So have here a knife, quite a beautiful, crumpet knife and lets cut the plastic that surrounds this, be really careful not to damage the box in any way, because its quite beautiful and stylish, given that it is such a simple box Applause, i know some of you Might want to just rip it off uh, and i would do this myself if it was my product, not somebody elses, all right now its out and lets see how we open it, so it has to have a seal somewhere.

I think this is the place in which it opens yeah, so you open the flaps here is something that i think you can use to hold it when you get it out and first thing we have a small box in here, so it didnt come up in The whole thing you can open it here and it looks like this – is the charger, so a charger that resembles quite a lot, the asus chargers that i have seen the first time i started i was like. Oh, this is an asus. Now it isnt it comes with type c adapter, so i think you can charge it from an external battery bank, even though its going to be slower its going to be okay, and it also has like a removable head. Take this out looks like you can remove this yeah and in here, theres also an american plug, so this being sold in europe. It comes with the adapter, but you can also use the american one and i think there are adapters for other plugs for the british and all the stuff depends where you buy. It lets see whats in here as well, so some protective foam thats good for packaging, especially since it is sent from china, so it doesnt damage itself and in here let me be careful about how i get it out. Its quite fixed Applause. All right, easy here is something else: yep we can put the box aside and heres some protective foam in here.

Another box, let me see if i can get it out, looks like the box with the manuals and the warranty pretty boring stuff im not going to go into all of them or yeah. Maybe some people want it. So i just look sticker guide and a warranty table, and in here the best part, yet the tablet itself in a protective bag. Well just flip it around. So you also see it, and i also see it. This is the tablet, so in here some more specification tells us about the processor, about the fact that it can dock with the keyboard and uh about that it has a touchscreen pretty normal stuff for a tablet has a windows button here, because this is the windows Version from what i saw on the box, you can also get the android one. Ah, it doesnt focus yeah theres, also an android version. Uh lets go around it so here the power button volume rockers a camera on the back wow and the camera on the front cool, really cool that you can take pictures with this. On the back and in here there is engraved the intel logo and the has a 64 bit processor that it inputs 12 volts at 2, amps and im going to pull this aside a little because im not going to power it on. I want to leave the owner to power, it uh add all the um settings on it, because its gon na ask the name of the pc, passwords and all that stuff and then were gon na.

Do a review uh in here the second part of this unboxing. We have the companion keyboard, so this is a keyboard uh. I have another video on the channel with an asus d101 aj and it looks really similar so its basically the same product doesnt, look like uh. It has a place to be open, so im, just gon na use the knife again youre on top not to scratch anything all right right, take it easy and now its out quite a heavy keyboard, but thats good, because they actually use heavy magnets and it has To be heavy in order to sustain the tablet, and the tablet in here should have a docking mechanism, so heres the places in which the keyboard goes and the connector, i think, because it has four connections, is like usb and uh in order not to scratch the Keyboard one fact now its put like in the closed position, and if i put it like this, its gon na be quite hard to get it all right and then we can open it really careful not to scratch it. When you do this, but now now its a laptop and smaller than my laptop, even though mine was 10 inches, it had bigger bezels. So, im really want to see how good its gon na be, because compared to the processor that i used to have on the asus tablet. This is way faster and really curious how this works thats about the tablet and im gon na pull this aside as well and for the last part, the pen, this being a tablet with tough screen, whats the best addition for it.

Then the pen has a charging cable in here, because i dont think this has a place to stay onto the tablet. Didnt see one at least all right, so it has two buttons here. I think this is the charging port yeah and you can use it to right on table im, actually curious to see if its magnetic so lets, see if i get it close somewhere yeah, i dont find it but uh maybe were gon na see in the review. It has to have a place – i guess, if it doesnt im gon na, be quite disappointed, but it has to have some place and thats about it. For today, uh stay tuned on the channel and uh were gon na, see you soon with the unboxing of the unboxing.