So this is the box right here. It says in search of incredible. I can’t really read it so yeah let’s open it. Okay. I know why do you open this? Oh sure, there’s tape right here, i need scissors. Okay, let’s open it i’m, careful with scissors by the way, so, okay let’s open it using the small scissors. Okay, i’ve opened it. Oh, this is a laptop i’m gon na. Be careful wow, so this is what it comes with: okay, i’m, going to remove it! Oh wow it’s different from my laptop i use for school like it’s, the same brand but it’s bigger and it’s a different color, so it’s like a grayish color – and this is the laptop i use for school. You can see they’re different, but they’re the same brand. This one is different: color let’s, see it’s more bigger and it doesn’t have chrome on it. Um let’s, open it, Music, wow, that’s, wait. The charger is different from mine. Has this little circle thingy? Can you see that, like that the charger my mama let’s, see if they’re different see this is like, like a phone charger, because if it’s my phone it’s like a circle, oh wait, the keyboard’s, so nice look it’s big like like the keys, are big, then there’s. This gold thing what and then over at the computer i use it’s like this and it’s like a different color, see like the keys are different. The keyboard is different.

This is like more of a square shape the keys and then over here it’s, like more, like a circle, shape it’s, so cool i’m, going to show it to my mom and dad look in this and there’s this thing i don’t know what that thing knows, but I’M, going to show them that now turn it on in search of incredible. Can i can i do that? Wait, hi there, i’m cortana and i’m here to help cortana a little sign in here. A touch of wi fi there and we’ll have your pc ready for all you plan to do use your voice or the keyboard along the way, and if you’d like me to stay quiet, just select the little microphone icon towards the bottom of your screen. If you need an assistive screen, reader press, the windows, control and enter keys at the same time to turn on narrator, okay enough interest, no, the mic is right. There, oh it’s, it’s touchscreen. I don’t know that right now go down no go down. I’Ll go up! Canada, okay keyboard is set to the u.s want to stick with that. Um Music, you Music. Yes, do you also type with another keyboard layout? Now let’s get you connected to a network that way you can get updates now type your credentials, you’re all linked up. Now. Music, um, okay, asmr use windows, hello to unlock your pc, with just your fingerprint, not only faster it’s, more secure, now, Music.

This is how you put the fingerprint i’m videoing. It talk with me and other apps on this device. No now choose! If you want to let microsoft and other apps use your location to help you with directions, weather and more, and if you ever lose your device here’s where you get to choose, if you want help finding it next choose whether or not you want to help microsoft. Diagnose and fix issues, and if you want to help improve language, recognition and suggestions for apps and services that run on windows, you can choose to do that here. Music, if you want tips, offers and suggestions that are tailored to you. Last up for these settings choose whether or not you want your ads to be more relevant windows can save your spot in apps files and websites. So you can keep doing what you were doing now: let’s link your phone and pc using a microsoft app that can work some magic between your devices. Hey look that’s me cortana. Can i have permission to use the info. I need to do my best work almost done now. We just need to get a few more things polished up for you and windows will be all yours looking forward to helping out hi. Oh wait. I want to see this we’re gon na go with let’s. Go with formation next, so this is the computer nice. So i have to do a new, durable, what’s turbotax. Is it touchscreen no um and that’s how you log into the pc now i’m, going to clean up so part time lapse of that guys hope you enjoyed that unboxing and a tiny, mukbang asmr hope you enjoyed the unboxing of the new pc.