That comes with it. Guys we already take out the box think about, like you, know, making a video about it, but they just recently popped up to my face laptop called nothing something this year, the other ones when you put in the laptop. You know this overheats here, so you started charging the charger, so guys will show you guys it’s, you know actually did some stuff on it already. So here it is guys. So basically, what we will be doing is that so hopefully you guys can see saying some something something i know because we’ll look a bit further. So basically guys the laptop is very flexible. It is also a top screen, sony guys, guys that’s. My name things. Company has a touchscreen: it can like scroll down guys i’ll show you, so you can fix like that’s to make it happen, so everything so. Basically, what i’m going to do when you’re putting the password, which you guys can’t, see okay, guys open the beautiful link so guys we go click on one guys, i’m gon na show you guys it can also go into tablet mode. So what we’ll be clicking is here this little arrow. This is the song, but this is just so basically so we want to look okay, you guys can see. You have um, so you have. You can see that that also mounted it. So here we have location. You know everybody see everything looking at the night night light, maybe that is then they have tablet mode of the network.

Our settings effect mode, mobile hotspot, connect project and vpn and focus assist whatever i’m clicking back on it. So i have this screen somewhere and basically it is something that you guys see is the brightness. So your test tutorial guys you want us to make you call it like this, for you guys to see it. So, basically, the internet is on it by debate. If internet on it so let’s look okay, guys so the internet, depending if you guys, can see silicon wi fi something it’s tears. What this is so much work? Okay, so you can do this loading, so we see we’ll put a video. So these are my subscription whole in his case, so this is basically it for this. We have put keyboard okay, oh crap, so let’s see like this, so you guys can see it is very flexible. So yes, that isn’t so go put it in tablet mode. When i would take them fixed by this stone, sublet move now so guys notification. Let me come in show you guys. Notifications are coming, um let’s see what else we have here. Yes, you guys can see like this, so we can see too, of course, and coke over here we’re going to put it in tablet mode. So you guys let’s close this so tablet will basically just this stream alone. We can use um, i think i’m, not gon na comment it from her 22 hours ago guys. The comments are coming in like crazy, because you can see this is what it is here is let’s jump right in notification after the other and post a notification.

In my family phone now so so um let’s click let’s click. Here we image is it add, so we can go into tablet closer to you guys. So this is a little bit more. So basically we just can use the touch part. You know so i’m going to show you guys so i’m going to touch it. No one look at this all right, so the tablet mode we’re going to tablet mode we’re not going to use the key. Why do not use down here so we want to use in here. So this is posts and stuff like that, so we’re going to keyboard. So this is the keyboard tablet module once we have reached in tablet mode. This is what it looks like. So basically it’s like a tablet itself, something laptop anyone anyway, one that’s gon na call it so so i’m gon na go on someone’s um, youtube, channel and type it. You guys see. What’S hold on okay, let’s go to chuffman let’s do tuffman again, so guys. Stuffman is live, yes are, okay, if you guys can see these actually like. Since then you could touch your thing. So this thing guys, a lot of persons are actually live right now. So let me show you guys. I’M talking place for you, let’s jump over to test my life. I don’t know this marion person said let’s jump over this land differently, get it july, 22nd. 2019, okay, guys. So this is anyway, so guys that’s.

It so pause this and show you all right. We know some music people, i have to use it sometimes so i’m, basically getting the hang of it, so that is it so let’s. Take it off tablet mode now in this message, something something tablet more then go click it does. It turn back normal and that is it for our video by ruby. If you guys are wondering no, i did not buy it, i got it from school. I got it from school. Let me kind of show you comes my name hold on hold on. Let me exit this guys so hold on, as you guys can see. Okay, i don’t because my name is already in so what i’m going to do, i’m going to close, not sister, is available. My next number, there is my signature here, so i went and picked it up. You guys see the review and everything that we did. You guys send me some new devices well, by the way i have an extra device to run my playlist on. I did some more pranking people, what that was all that were not seen at a lot of right nah. It worked like anyways guys, so that is it for our video. Thank you for watching love.