I want to show you this new digital tablet that i got from the folks at sense. Labs – and this is the senslabs pen tablet medium size, all right, let’s start out by opening the box, so the box comes in a very well protected plastic wrap. I got ta say it looks really premium and i haven’t seen a tablet wrapped like this. In a while, all right, let’s go ahead and remove the plastic, so the back of the box shows you what’s inside uh. The box itself feels a little bit heavy, so i’m interested to see what uh what’s actually inside and what the things are made of. Are they heavy, then they’re, expensive, put them back all right, let’s remove the other seals. Okay, now let’s take the box from the inside let’s open up the black box. Now here, first things: first, we have a thank you card with some links on the back of the page nicely printed paper by the way, all right now, let’s get to the actual tablet itself, so it feels a little heavy okay. So it looks pretty good as well. It definitely is not made of plastic uh it’s made of some metallic material, which makes it a little bit heavy, and it feels really sturdy and well made it’s almost like the material that the macbook pros are made of. I think so this tablet can be used with the wire or wirelessly as well, which explains why there is a power button, so it’s really thin uh, but it feels really sturdy it’s a little hard to describe uh what the material is.

All right, let’s check out what else is inside Music, so it also comes with a back to store the tablet and other components i got ta say this also feels really well made and not like some cheap uh back with the tablet. Okay, let’s keep going. So this also feels heavy it’s a pretty cool container. So this is where you store your pens, your extra nibs and the wireless usb connectors. So it comes with two pens. One looks like a standard size pen, the other one is a little bit thin and it has two buttons instead of three, so it comes with two usb usb connectors one for the tablet and one for the pc. So you can connect the tablet wirelessly. So a few different nibs at the top and the net removal tool. This container is also made of some kind of metal, so it feels really premium. I got ta say a little bit surprised that they went uh with this type of material for a container. Okay. Now let’s check the last box, so it looks like this comes with the usb cable and a glove. Cable looks good, it’s a good size in my opinion – and this is what the glove looks like. I don’t personally use these when using a tablet i don’t know. I feel kind of silly wearing them, but i guess it’s cool addition. So here is the warranty. Page looks like you get two years of warranty, which actually sounds really good.

Alright looks like that’s everything that comes with the box. Let’S, try out putting the tablet inside back okay, so i have connected the tablet and it looks like it has some glowing corners on it. The cool thing is that you can actually change the colors and the brightness of these. So i tried this tablet on one of the projects for the channel now to say it feels pretty good. So far, the pen and the surface of the tablet feel good. I think the size of the tablet is also pretty good as well it’s about 11 – maybe 12 inches long. I think so. When you install the sense labs driver, you get access to the settings as well, so you can change. In my case, i change the size of the surface where you draw on. You can also change other settings for each pen like the buttons, the pen, pressure and other configurations as well. So, like i mentioned earlier, i used the tablet to make the rocks. You saw earlier that’s going to be a separate video, but i also made this other prop as well. So overall, i really like the tablet, especially how well made it feels. The only thing i don’t really like is the three button pen, one of the buttons is rounded and it’s a little difficult to press. In my opinion, i think it’s a cool concept to add an extra button. I think it would have been better if that extra button was the same shape as the other buttons, but the nice thing is that it comes with two pens, so you can choose whichever one feels better for you other than that overall, i think the tablet feels Really good, i believe sense.

Labs are new to making digital tablets, so it looks like they went the extra mile as far as the actual quality of the materials that they used to make the actual physical product it’s not perfect. But if you’re in the market to get a new tablet uh, you can check them out through the link in the video description, so that’s it for this unboxing and review of the senslabs pen tablet medium i’m going to leave you with a short time lapse for The making of this prop using the tablet, if you have any questions about this tablet, make sure you leave a comment below and if you like this video, do me a favor and hit the like button.