This tablet comes with an eight inch hd display micro sd slot, with up to one terabyte of space, a quad core, with two gigabytes of ram: dual band, ac, wi, fi front and rear cameras and adobe atmos sound system all right, everyone we are going to be Starting with an unboxing video, the amazon fire, hd 8 width alexa. How exciting is that so let’s go ahead? We can see already on the package that comes with 32 gigabytes of space and as well as it’s, fast and responsive with hd display designed for entertainment watch. Listen read play just ask alexa and great for the whole family, which is great because you know um. I am a teacher, so this is definitely something i can use in my classroom as well as let my niece and nephews use when they come over and try out some really cool amazon games. As we know, amazon has purchased twitch, so they are always coming out with really fun games and i’m excited to use this in so many different ways. All right as we can see, it’s pretty sealed on the top, which it’s, which is great it’s great. If you know to keep everything nice and secure inside all right, we got in, we got in, we made some headway and we can already see look at that. Nice packaging is really sealed in there and we’re taking it out. Oh wow look at that not too much uh package waste, which is great, and we can see already that they put it in this nice folding case.

So that way it doesn’t slide around in the box. We can see they have the amazon logo in there, and here we have is the tablet let’s go ahead, make sure we slide this up and voila. We have the charger. Nice packaging has a usb charger, but it does come with the wall mount. So if you want to plug it into a usb port, you can as well as if you don’t have a usb port. You can just plug it in here and connect it to the wall. Hello, welcome do more with alexa, so here has all the different things to try for free, very nice, very nice. Thank you, amazon, hello, and it tells us some of the ways to get started. What’S in the box, the overview getting started and how to charge the tablet. So it comes in a nice sealed wrapper so i’m going to go ahead and open that, for you guys, you can see right here, there’s a little slit i’m going to pull it up and then i’m going to slide it up like that and voila let’s see Wow, this already feels really nice. It has a nice matte, black and uh. It has a gloss uh, amazon, logo and already wow wow looks really good, so i’ve logged into the wi fi, and so now i am gon na go ahead and put my tablet on its charger, which it comes with. It has the usb cord, which you can easily plug into a usb port, and right here you can see is the plug for to charge it.

If you don’t have a usb port, it does come with this. You just plug the usb into this hole, and then you just plug it in like that, and it would charge already. I can tell you this tablet feels really lightweight, which is great for portability. Maybe you want to you, know: tuck it in your purse or give it to a child to use. It feels sturdy. It feels sturdy and but at the same time, it’s lightweight, which is great. When you log into your amazon, uh fire hd 8 tablet, you get prompted to your wi fi and logging into your amazon account, which then connects to your other amazon devices and also lets you know about other amazon devices. In case, you want to create an account on those programs, so already it’s, very user friendly. It had a tutorial and in the initial prompting stages it does allow you to right away, create a child safe account, which i appreciate that, because whether you have a child, niece nephew or maybe you are a teacher and you have a class of students. Those are things that you definitely want to have. Is those parent controls and that’s part of the initial setup that this tablet does come with, as well as a walkthrough of how to use this platform. So maybe you have a question: hey alexa. How are you today, i’m good, my march madness bracket might have been an air ball, but at least my team mascot quiz is a slam.

Dunk very thank you. Thank you. Thank you, alexa, wow and right here at the bottom. You can see there’s a square, a circle and a triangle so to minimize the screen itself, you just click the circle and it’s gone. If you just wanted to make it smaller, then you would just click the square and it would make the display itself a little bit smaller. Overall, this device is really clear to see all the different images. I just can’t wait to play games on this and really test it out in regards to the gameplay experience, but overall, as a device to browse the internet, to be able to read books and use alexa and any of the other tools that are on here. That to me is fantastic i’m, looking forward to trying this tool out more and we shall see, but overall i am really loving it. The only thing that i notice is, it does leave a little bit of fingerprints but that’s a common thing with most tablets. Usually, what i do is i keep a set of spare electronic safe wipes that help wipe this green. So, if that’s, something that you know bothers you that sometimes we do get fingerprints, but those can easily be wiped off.