Seven point inch eight inch, color ink device; i’ve never had one we’re gon na look at the device we’re gon na unbox. It see what we’ve got with it and then we’re going to look at the stylus and how it writes because that’s what i want to know really and then what is the cutter like so let’s get into it jb here. As you know, this is a place for reviews, good energy, all kinds of productivity tips and just fun. This is a community more than a channel, and i appreciate you being here and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments specifically on anything. You want me to review or what we want to bring to the table here, but let’s get into this let’s open it up. First now i opened up the box that it came in. This came from china from books, and i don’t know if this is what you get from amazon, even though i’m going to put it in the link below so first is we have a box, and i believe this is a screen protector and that kind of bums Me out, i was, i wish they would put the factory screen protector on at the factory. This is i’m, just not good at it all the books. Products typically do that it drives me nuts – i i doubt i’ll put it on here. If i keep this, i may be ebay this product. By the way i did buy this um.

This is a not not a spent to product review. This actually is a purchase from me. I did purchase this device. Okay, we have a couple screen protector accessories to get the screen on. We do have a sheet of paper from a google play, uh that’s how to get the google play store on here. The books devices are, as you’ll hear me a lot of times. They’Re great devices it’s just this setup can be really tricky. I i consider this the engineers device, because it’s more of a left brain device where, like the remarkable 2, is more of a minimalistic or the super note. You just jump in and use it. This has a lot of functionality to it and that can be a problematic, sometimes uh. It came with some extra marker nibs a um. I think this is a strap for the stylus i’m, not sure, and then we have a books typical books cover, which i believe is their little denim kind of cover, let’s go ahead and open it up and take a look. The packaging is is decent, as always with their products. Let’S see. How does this open up? I don’t want to destroy the box because if i don’t like this, it doesn’t suit my needs. It is going to be going up on ebay, so let’s see. I just want to see what the cover is. The case is like, hopefully, it’s not a sticky case let’s see, and it is not a nice little case, it’s, not bad little.

You clip in case that’s, not bad, and i i don’t know if that comes with it from amazon or not read the description. If you go over to amazon and take a look at this thing, okay, so let’s go ahead and open it up. As you can see the box here, um let’s go ahead and just get into it and then i’ll go charge it and do a couple tests. But let’s see i want to get the initial stylus test. I did get some complaints on the ghosting from a couple of my subscribers that have already got this and said that they didn’t, like the ghosting box, is fine, comes out normal, like the normal box and let’s see here we go kind of a smaller device. 7.8 inches okay. Here it comes out of the the case and again another screen protector and that’s just a bummer. I don’t like to put on screen protectors. Please books, please put that on the factory i’d, actually pay extra. You know i bought this device. I would pay extra for that. I just think it’s just a pain for some of us to put on okay. So here it comes in a nice kind of a plastic books, nova series piece of paper let’s see how this comes off again. I don’t want to ruin this because i may be putting this on ebay. Okay, so here’s the device um. It looks pretty good. The colors it’s a little dark it’s powered off right now, so we’ll see i’m going to power it on in a minute we’re going to take a look at it, but let’s look at the accessories in the box.

Let’S bring this back over and just to make a comparison. Just so you can see the size here’s, the remarkable two and then i can bring in one of my bigger devices. Just so, you can kind of see it’s, pretty small, but big, and i don’t have big hands. Okay, all right! So let’s look at what we got in here. We have a power, cable and that’s, interesting, okay, so there’s a charger cable. I think it’s usbc. I would assume yes, it is usbc, and then we have the most important thing, which is the stylus, and i have other styluses. I actually have the remarkable two here, which will make me have a good indicator. If, if i can use that one or not, and then we have the stylus kind of a thick stylus again, i do not like book styluses, they’re accessories, it’s, just so cheap, this thing’s plastic, it just doesn’t, feel good, um and then yeah. So i think that’s got a little hole there for this. This thing that you can put it on there, but let’s go ahead. What i’m going to do is i’m going to fire this up, because everybody wants to see this we’re going to do two things we’re going to do a writing test. Color test see how dark it is um and that’s where we’re going to go. So let me charge it up, be right back and we’ll get on this. Okay, we are back, the device is on.

We are ready to go uh. I think i’ve been pretty good focus, okay, first thoughts on the stylus. I do not like it. I think it’s cheap. It feels like plastic, okay compared to the remarkable two and other styluses. This is heavy uh. This is just kind of a cheapy thing for 400 device. I wish books would do a better job. Okay, let’s go ahead and look up here. You can kind of see the coloring in the different areas. I did not put a screen protector on here. I have the brightness pretty high. So if i come over here to brightness and i go ahead and bring this all the way up, you can see it’s a little bit brighter. That is the maximum i’ve heard it’s been pretty dark, and that is an issue that i’m seeing a little bit now. Let’S get into the notes, so the notes i’ve been playing with it a little bit. The writing experience is not that great it’s a little bit glassy and i think if we end up with the screen protector, it’s gon na even gon na feel more. I think if we use the remarkable is a little bit better um. It feels a little bit better on the device uh than the the stylus that comes with it um again, it’s pressure. As you put more pressure down, it comes it’s, not horrible. You can kind of see that okay, so let’s go ahead and erase see if that erases um, but the writing experience is okay, it’s, not great it’s, just okay and i don’t like the nib or the stylus that comes with it now to change colors.

I don’t know if it’s really going to work because, as you can see i’m on eraser, no wonder duh user error, um, there’s red you can kind of see red right and if i go let’s go a different color let’s go like um gray. I think they’re close, i just don’t, see that’s gray, i mean i can make it thicker let’s, make it a little thicker let’s make it real thick here, but for me, i’m not going to take thick notes right. So i don’t know if i really need the coloring let’s go ahead and erase all this and see the ghosting is a problem see that’s? What everybody’s saying is that the ghosting’s a little bit of an issue? So if you come over here and refresh the screen again, okay, now you have a clean screen. So if you come over here – and you want to take a note and again, i think this is an indication of the bigger devices too, of kind of how they’re going to work. I think they’re still a little way from the color there’s black let’s go ahead and go with a you know: red color. This is the device. So i personally do not like the riding experience and then you can see it ghost. Can you see that right back there it’s ghosting, when i push this it’s ghosting that okay and i think what does that do? Does that take it back to i don’t even know what wt means, so i haven’t gotten the instructions again.

My reviews are just right off the cuff straight out of the box. Again, i purchased this as far as black and white looks great. I, the colors, just don’t, do anything for me, okay! So writing. That was the first experience i don’t like the stylus. The writing. Experience is average at best. Okay let’s go into actually uh some of the seeing some of the stuff. Now. One of the things i do like is the web browser on. It is pretty cool, so i went and grabbed a video now that you’re going to watch video here but i’m going on a2, which is going to be more ghosting right and i’m gon na play this video for you let’s see if we can play it. Let’S refresh it’s an advertisement on my video, but you can see the ghosting okay here i am talking so you can kind of see it’s i mean almost watchable that’s, an a2 let’s go into regular normal mode and we’ll move it. I mean. Obviously this device isn’t meant for video, but you can see there is there – is some stuff there and the color isn’t bad. I mean it’s again the ghosting you can see, let’s go back to a2 mode and they’ll take away the ghosting and refresh and when you’re looking at color stuff, it’s, not bad, but again the ghosting is, is there see it it’s it’s, just ghosting and i i’m Just not sure oh it’s, on a2, let me go back to normal i’m.

Sorry, maybe that’ll help and let’s refresh this and we’ll take a look at a webpage. This is my webpage and there’s still ghosting on there. Let me refresh the whole thing. So a lot of people want it for comics, and i i don’t know what these refresh rates are: it’s gon na be able to work right: it’s, okay, like it’s, okay, but it’s, not anything spectacular, like game changing and here’s some books, ideas, okay, so let’s go Back let’s go into the app, so the two things i want to look at was the color to see if it did anything for me and then the um and then the other. You know the writing experience. The writing. Experience is okay, but the color doesn’t do much for me. You can see a little bit of the color on some of these apps it’s kind of cool, and you can kind of see some of the apps here. Let’S see news and you can kind of see they got a little bit of color to them. Is it the the big game changer that i thought it would be? I don’t know i i just it’s okay, i’m gon na say it’s, okay, so if you need color, i just the ghosting’s pretty rough and i think that’s. What some of my other subscribers have sent in is like the ghosting’s pretty hard on it. So i think, as a black and white it’s good it’s just do you want to spend the extra money on this device um when it it’s just not that fantastic and then i got to put a screensaver on it and again i bought this device.

So there you go, you can kind of see the coloring. I mean it’s, it’s it’s, decent. I, i think we’re still a little ways away from the note taking app that’s going to do everything for you and different colors again. I i think this is a little too small anyways to be my primary note: taker um but they’re getting there. I think coleto like three. This is coleto, i think 2.5. I think they just need to keep working on it. It’S close. The writing. Experience is not horrible, um it’s, just not great it’s, it’s fast and again, when i take that and put that on now, i’ve got a little bit of ghosting there. So if i want to go gray, you know it’s it’s, okay, again, nothing great all right. So i just wanted to do this quick review of it, so you kind of get an understanding and the two things i’m looking at is the stylus quality, which is not great and is the note taking ability something i would use. Probably not. Would i use it as a reader i’m gon na try it, but i think the ghosting’s gon na drive me absolutely crazy. I might use it for some comment comics, but even then i don’t think i’d use it i’d stay with my kobo, because it’s just easier. So again, this is just like a regular review of me. Will i use this thing? I don’t know i’m gon na give it and i bought it.

I’M gon na give it a week or two right now looks like it’s going on ebay that’s, my rating of it and if you’ve got some comments down below if you’re saying, hey, jb, no you’re doing something wrong, let me know, but even in all the different Modes, the ghosting is not that great. So if i’m trying to read something in color it’s going to be hard i’m going to have to keep refreshing it, maybe they can upgrade that in software and if i was going to use it for taking it’s okay it’s, not anything that i would like the Remarkable two, my paper device or supernote, which i would definitely go to um. They still have some work to do and i wish their accessories were just a little bit better, all right. So, as always, if you like these reviews, please put a thumb up that helps me um. If you want more like this, leave the comments below.