3 inch display intel i7 next generation, 16 gigs memory, although i like 32 one terabyte, ssd, nvidia, 2078 gigs windows, 10 and all the other jazz, the hmm, oh my god, oh it’s, opening this will last me about seven years: oh, oh alienware, piper Open sesame – oh oh whoa, what wow chawhakhan so nice? I7 10th generation. I think this is bluetooth, uh, 5.1, wi fi 6.0, or something like that. If we got it arrived backwards, keyboard let’s check out the power brick okay for this monster eating, where what is not the biggest one. The alienware that i saw on dell was like 32 gigs and then what nvidia, 3070 16 gigs holy crap whoa. Look at this part, brick, never seen that huge bar brick like this that’s, huge wow, all right, let’s turn it on first impression: nice, the 17 mark indicating that 17 inch. This is the r3. Oh okay, first impression, let’s just hold it pretty sturdy. I, like it a lot of uh fence right here for the air ventilation. I suppose the typing the keyboard is not not too bad. Pretty good number pad right here and let’s change over to see. The port report is that i don’t know oh there’s hdmi. Oh usbc, so hdmi there’s, the usbc port. That i’m not sure, i guess that’s the power core and on the bottom, oh, no there’s, only some lint on it on the bottom there’s, the lots of vent ventilation, really good there’s.

A logo anywhere logo feels pretty heavy. But sturdy heavy in a good way, substance let’s, pour it on anything happening no we’re on let’s, see oh, how long look at all the colors wow look at that. Oh look at that it’s! So colorful, all right, let’s set this monster up. Well, not the best of the beast, but it’s still a beast. While we wait for the computer setup so far, let’s go over what i like trackpad feels good sturdy. Usually i don’t like trackpads. I like i prefer to use the mouse, but this is pretty good. Feels good the build quality so far, so good and the feel here is nice. I like how that uh. The color of this is pretty good white it’s, my color, oh there’s, a mark on it already. Oh whoa, it’s, ready wow. Look at that what’s, the battery yeah truck pads, pretty good 54 percent um all right. I think we’re ready to roll so far, so good, so let’s see system info. So we call windows 10. This is alienware. M17. R3. The intel i7 1070 10th generation 16 gig of ram because you have to update the processor as well. This one doesn’t support 32 gigs. Apparently um does also have what one terabyte of memory – oh sorry, storage, components, multimedia okay display.