Here we go its alive and well see what starts up here. Oh theres, three people weve got just a minute to go. Um, Im gon na pull up something and see make sure Audi is going out this time I see audio and yes, it can pick up my helper Whispering too so, hopefully, no one can tell that out or figure that out words are hard. Barely! Oh you, okay, the cat that likes to watch YouTube videos with me has decided to jump up and my helpers laughing. I dont think she liked what she saw all right. Well now we have no one in the room. Okay. Well, sorry, Ive scared, everyone off, but uh. I guess maybe someone will come back and see when its posted as a recording, all right well for anyone who does come back by and look at it hi Im good monkey Im a little under the weather. I have a sick one at home and, of course, thats apparent. That means you get sick too, so I dont remember who gave me best dad in the Galaxy. It was probably neither of my kids, its probably my wife and right now, Im sipping, some tea with a cough drop anyways, the thumbnail. If anyone saw it yeah that was a disassembled Barbie Dream House for several years and broken pieces finally said its going to the dump. So why not just use that as a background? I dont know that I did anything before so um because of that I got a Barbie out and I dont know how many of you know how hard it is to find a clothes Barbie that has all of its hands and legs and heads when you have Girls, I dont know why yeah anyways and then Star Wars, just because it was there and it looked better than the brown box.

If you do happen to uh, come into the room and youre viewing the video please hit the like button. That helps me out later. On and were going to take our Barbie away unless someone asks unless someone asked for it to be brought back all right so to open up the box today I have a knife. Hang on a second, I got a preview. I can look at that all right. So this is from uh Jerry rig everything its one of his knives that he sold the sold the clear ones after going over the clear Tech that is actually still sold today, because of Prisons. So I bought one of the knives off of them did not get a dollar with it, so that was a little bit of a bummer anyways todays video is not sponsored. However, the product that you see in front of you was bought by my wife for me to review, because she said this is kind of cool um. Can you tell me how much it costs? Do you remember? Okay, shes looking it up, I I dont remember the exact cost technology is slow. Sometimes, even when you have the best technology, then I have to tell it Im: not a robot shes, not a robot shes, Dr meatball, and Dr b. Ball is not a robot. Although people yeah select got ta kill hi over there, I see someone typed in the chat. Hello, sorry Im, not tech, savvy enough to bring that over into the view.

So everyone can see it so youd have to actually look at your chat but yeah hi. Nobody! So hello to nobody, all right were going to go ahead and get started and just open the box up and take a look at it. This laptop cost 105.43 all right so 99 plus tax thats. What were looking at this is: it was 99.99 yeah. If I can get into the screen, this is a Lenovo. Well, what the heck was it its on here somewhere, oh its a 100 e second generation um. It is powered by an AMD 3015 e at 1.2 gigahertz. It has four gigabytes of RAM and a 64 gigabyteon emmc and its supposed to be at 11.6 inch display. The question is: is it going to be any good or not that one I dont know if well have an answer tonight were just going to see if its in the box so opening it up here or something there we go lets make noise and wake the Kids up all right, we got a power supply that is looks like USBC, so its on the right side of the Sentry and uh it doesnt plug the brick directly into the wall, so thats always nice. I dont know why they covered these up unless its to use less oil, otherwise its just more plastic wets thats it for the Box to get some paper, um initial setup, plug in hit button and then overview and more stuff cool, all right and the safety and Warranty guide, how many languages is it in thats, just English, okay, thats! Not all right, so were gon na get in here and start looking at it real quick there.

We have it its a Lenovo, the outside of it looks like it would be kind of. I dont know not smooth, hmm, okay, sorry. She was just reading some specs off to me or showing me. It is drop resistant up to two and a half feet and water resistance up to one and a half cups. So we were not going to try that out tonight about the amount of a can of soda okay. So with that Im not going to try that out tonight, but please subscribe to the channel. So you dont miss that, because if you havent noticed, I like dropping things or throwing things so that yeah were going to see if it lives up to that all right, so I dont know what its made of all right. What do we have here? Can I get it in screen is that a laptop with a keyboard doesnt feel terrible and a track pad and no sticker other than e support, QR code and the energy star, so thats pretty cool all right. On the one side we have a USBC power. Usb super speed, three point: oh 3.2, gen, 1 thats a little bit of a bummer HDMI port and a headphone jack. Just like your iPhone doesnt have all right. On the other side, we have a power button, another USB 3.2 gen 1. What looks like a Micro SD card reader and a spot for a Kensington, lock cool all right? Well, when it comes to do the actual review video it doesnt look too hard to get into, I can actually see all the screws.

So, if theyre not hitting under feet speaking of feet, I cant tell if thats, rubber or plastic its very hard, but maybe a little bit of rubber there. All right does anyone think that Ill have to plug it in to power it on? I dont know it says that theres 13 and a half hours of battery life when its fully charged not sure how they shipped it, and it has been sitting here in a box for a week or two okay. Well, technically, I think theyre supposed to ship it with a 50 charge. It has to do with shipping lithium batteries at least thats. What Ive been told by someone else? I havent verified that when I hit the power button cool well now we know all right. So what we got going on in the chat, hello and plug they have some structural stiffness to prevent the bedrooms and thats, even though youve got in the chat right now. Okay, well, hey thats cool, so it seems like its really really short. So what were going to do is were going to plug it in and see if it blows up, but I do have to find another Outlet. Actually I think I can unplug the camera. The battery should be charged. Will the cord reach? If we do this right, you might see the power supply blow up on the screen. No, he didnt, okay, so one of these, not that size must be this side all right.

It shows a power should be your USBC yep, its the only USBC on there and does show a uh. They show a power icon, so Id be curious if you can actually use it as a USBC port cool. All right, well, dont see any lights on the outside, oh theres, a light. You got an orange light right there saying its charging cool see if it boots up. So the quick answer is the 100 laptop any good and say: well, maybe there he just came alive. So, according to this, the ports and the hinges are reinforced, and this is designed to be slightly rugged for children who may use it for school and take it to and from school okay, and it talks and part of the drop resistance and water resistance is specifically Due to kids, taking it to and from school, and it being advertised as being pretty rugged, okay, all right! So not it doesnt look like a true rugged, but it does have a a little bit better feel than say my laptop, which is bigger and do for replacement too. I dont think this is going to be it though, but if it works, it could be interesting to use. As for like my car Diagnostics or stuff, like that, where I need a Windows machine, but actually in my home life once Im no longer employed by the the government, I dont need a Windows machine. I can go to using Linux or anything else and its not that Im deprive windows or Microsoft is just options thats all, so we can go through setup for real, quick sure.

Why not its uh loaded with Windows 10.. I dont know if it is Pro or home use its correct. It is pro okay, thats good means, itll support things like um BitLocker encryption, oh no connection to a network. I dont have internet. We know. I still owe everyone a video on how to bypass this. With Windows 11., they have made it where you cant, just click. There are some ways you can get around it. It is not hard at all. You just have to know what to do. Whos going to use this PC good monkey create a super memorable password yeah. Oh man, if I didnt put a password in it, doesnt ask for Recovery. Ive, never tried that before huh. I know yall like seeing my recovery answers. Oh wow scroll works out of the box. Look at that cool um! No, no protect your device, Lenovo Music ID profile for no lets, say next. What happens? What happens? Um? No? No! No! No! So we can expect Lenovo craftware on here thats great hi, whereas normally I have all of this kind of uh recorded. So I can use it in a video if I do it uh, when I do the actual review video on this instead Ill just have to refer to this live stream, I guess cool. So what have I been up to lately uh stuffing things? I guess I havent been able to sit down and actually go through and test anything.

I actually had an issue. Oh man, since the little router computer that I bought from AliExpress just quit. I did sit down with it and try to figure out what could be wrong and my best guess is: it just gave up the ghost some ESD damage or something like that. What main Brands dont load a ton of crap, where a mass produced machines uh. So far, what I have found is: none of them and the no name brands that you buy, like my trig key or the B links or anything like that. They may not have crapware, but they may have built in viruses or back doors. I have so far. Only one Windows machine that actually had a virus on it that Microsoft Defender caught and I was like well thats – not reassuring, and this right here is just their version of the virus. I guess um youre not connected yep thats right all right, well, thats, an interesting background, hmm and it thinks it is 4 27 a.m. On March 28, 2021. I regret to inform you, if youre looking at this and wanting it to be 2021. It is not. We are in 2023, so if even if youre watching this in 2040, no, we did not record this in 2021.. However, I will say my video quality from the camera is good, but I think going through OBS as a software grabbing it for the stream really degrades quality all right.

So what else is new? Well, I created a new YouTube channel, its a retired AF guy. So if you got a chance, you should go check that out and it is put in the chat right there. So if anyone wants to go see it so far, really only one video but Ive got some more ideas, especially for the stuff that I dont want to put Tech related here and uh yeah. All my stuff should be here next week, so that will be a complete and utter utter mess. But I will get my desk back my desktop computer and we can see if it survived the trip from Alaska to the East Coast and then my vehicle has arrived at its Port two. So at some point I got ta fly out and get that so pretty soon Ill have all the stuff from Alaska and uh thats about that. Well, I think, with that we have opened it up. Weve proved that it worked Ive gotten uh a little bit of Engagement cool. So if you are watching the video or if you have watched the video a thumbs up would be really appreciated. Um if youre, not a subscriber and youve seen it please subscribe. If you get a chance go see, Jerry rig everything, he does some pretty cool stuff with some tech um. He breaks things more than I do and thank you for stopping by.