But this was also in that package and when i opened it up and saw what this was, i decided to do a poll over on twitter to figure out. If you guys wanted me to open this up or to keep it sealed – and i was kind of surprised to see the response to that poll, because it was a very, very close vote – there’s a very divided consensus on this. A lot of you wanted me to open this up, and a lot of you wanted me to keep it sealed now. There’S, really two schools of thought. When it comes to opening up sealed new old stock software, you’ve got one hand that’ll say you know this is sealed software. You should keep it sealed because it can be valuable and it’s. Just you know, keep it on on a shelf and you know keep it in its wrap here. Then you got the other side. That’Ll say you know what this software was made to be opened up. It wasn’t made to be just kept in this sealed prison forever. Right and i kind of bounce back and forth between those two schools of thought, i do have some vintage software. That is sealed that i have no intention of opening up and then there’s packages like this – that, i think, would be cool to showcase on the channel and i’ve done this a couple of times with some hardware, but i don’t think i’ve ever done it with a Windows version, let alone a server copy of windows or observer edition of windows and that’s.

What we’re going to be doing today, but first i want to talk about the results of the poll because they were very very close. It was about 55 to 45 55 being open, it up, 45 being keep it sealed and the main reason a lot of you wanted me to keep this sealed. Was you know that this could be valuable someday? A lot of you were saying that you know this is a promotional sample it’s, not for resale it’s sealed you should keep it that way. Uh to you know, preserve its value. Well, i found out that ziltz acquired two of these copies off of ebay. For about fifty dollars each and i looked on ebay, myself and there are more listings with this exact, same product, promotional sample and all and now they’re going for about 80 to 85. Each though those are just the asking prices that you know, people are asking for these, the value can obviously fluctuate over time. It can go up and down. That is pretty normal, but i don’t know if this is as valuable as some of you guys were saying. Maybe it is, but with all of that in mind, i’m still going to be opening this up today, because well that option won in the poll and zilch told me to open this up. Now, though, we are going to be opening this up today, we’re not going to be installing it because well for one we’ve, already installed server 2003 in a separate video, this copy of server 2003 right here uh.

This is windows, small business server 2003, which is you know different from the enterprise edition here, and this is a bit of a different. You know this is not your typical retail or i mean this isn’t a retail copy, but i would take a guess that this is what a retail copy of server 2003 would look like so i’m, going to turn that over to you guys in another poll in The community tab be sure to, let me know if you want me to do an installation of this copy of server 2003. We can definitely do it, but i don’t know how many would want to see that, because you know we already have taken a look at what the installation process is like. But i want to spend the entirety of today’s video focusing on what’s inside this package and how it compares to the consumer side of things, which would obviously be with windows. Xp home edition right here. So we’re going to be comparing the contents of these and seeing how uh the how the contents differ, which i expect them to differ a lot, but we will. We will see here now. Obviously, on xp you had xp home edition and xp professional, but server 2003 is kind of in its own lane, because this is a server operating system for enterprise use in this case, so without any further ado, let’s open this thing up for the very first time Since it left the factory so i’m going to try to be as careful as i can, because i want to try to preserve the shrink wrap, but the problem is you can’t really do a clean cut right across because the flap begins right here you see, and This is kind of a separate.

It is the same piece but it’s not like. I have to then come down here and try to slice this open and then come back up here and do this so we’ll try to keep this as intact as we can i’m trying to just make a clean, even cut there. We go that’s kind of exactly what i want to do there. It is okay, so we’ve got the shrink wrap intact and the shrink wrap has got this important sticker right here uh. So that was one thing that i wanted to. I wanted to try to keep it, but luckily all of the stickers that were on the front about them, you know promotional sample and all that includes 25 microsoft windows, client access licenses. All of these are uh stuck to the box itself. Now, the box, you can see it’s, definitely taken a little bit of damage over the years. You can see on the side here. You know you got these like creases in here. This is because, unfortunately, unlike copies of windows, 95 and 98., these copies did not include a cardboard insert, which looks like this. Let me grab a copy here, so here’s a copy of windows me and if i open it up here, though this box is damaged, you see this cardboard box insert in here. This allows the box to keep its its shape over the year, so you can see there’s going to be no creases or anything on the sides here.

That’S not like this copy of xp here, which has this giant dent here from it being smashed at at some point. It appears we have the same thing going on with this server 2003 box here, but this is much heavier much heavier than this box right here. So let’s see uh let’s, see what’s inside okay and it looks like we’ve got a very thick manual and a dvd case or a cd case. So we’ll pull out the manual here. Oh yeah, that is a that is a thick manual for sure. You can see. There’S a there’s, a crease in it too, from it being uh. You know positioned and stuck in here on this angle here for all these years, and we got a bunch of paperwork here, probably our license agreement and everything. We’Ve got microsoft, subsidiary information, so these are all of the different microsoft subsidiaries in you know all these different countries here they’ve got it sorted by region. So that leads me to believe that this was probably just sold like it was the same copy or maybe just the contents of the box because like if this was sold in a different country, they would want to have it in that country’s language right like if, Like if they were selling this in japan, they would want the box to be in japanese and the manual to be in japanese, but i guess this was included in uh. Every every single box, just to you know, make it easier for them.

So, okay we’ll, set that aside we’ve got this oh check this out the top 10 benefits of microsoft windows. Server 2003 do more with less tell us a little bit about it, more powerful, more reliable and more secure with less time less effort and less cost. Yes, sir, oh we got a little bit of a discoloration going on there. I don’t think that is yeah. I don’t think that’s supposed to be that way that that was probably from sticking to something in here. So this tells you you’ve got 25 not for resale licenses, and this is your license agreement and on this pamphlet here, you’ve got the four different editions. It gives you some information about them, so you’ve got standard enterprise, data center and web. This, of course, being enterprise. Now this other copy – i have is of course, small business server, which is not mentioned on here at all, so this probably came out after this was printed. It didn’t exist at the time of printing, but i think this is r2 server, 2003, r2 and last but not least, let’s go ahead and take out the case here. That has the cds themselves. So we can install this so there we go and check that out. Is that cool or what you also have that promotional sample sticker on the cd case, which is pretty nice we’ll open it up here. So it looks like you’ve got a cd here so right here, you’ve got the operating system disk in that the classic.

You know microsoft, holographic style fashion. Here you can move it around to see if it says genuine and all of that, and then right here you have this cd for a windows system, resource manager which uh you know in in this case is included in here, which is pretty great. So there you go, let’s, go ahead and close this up and we’ll take a look at just you know to compare these here. We’Re gon na look at what comes in this copy of xp and see. You know how how things compare now the design of these two boxes is very similar, and that is obviously intentional, and i think it looks really really nice too, because you know you can see that just like literally at first glance here, you can tell that these Probably came out around the same time and they did, though, interestingly enough missing from the box. Here you see how the xp box has the start button down there. You don’t have that here, it’s missing the start button, which i find interesting um, but there you go that’s like a slight difference. Obviously, the different color scheme is the main difference, so we’ll open up our copy of xp here now the copy of xp. You don’t have a super thick instruction manual, at least not in this box. Here, oh here’s, my copy of professional. I just have that tucked in here uh. This is. I believe this is an oem copy, uh yeah, so you know it’s not not as fancy.

You just have a little booklet here. You don’t have this nice packaging and everything, but we’ll set that one aside uh. Also on this professional copy, you’ve got the start button down there, yeah just really like minor stuff i’m pointing out here, but this folder right here is the only thing that was in this box now: i’m, not sure if we’re missing anything, but i believe in here We have uh the manual, so here is, of course, the cd right here and you’ve got your artwork that you know showcases. Some of the new features talks about movie maker, creating cds well not really new features, but just features that xp has and then over. Here you have your explorer thing here, which is just a little uh. You know pamphlet kind of similar to i’d say this one right here. This is like the closest thing you got, though, it’s not as like graphical or anything. So there there you go and then right here. I believe this is the manual right here. Yeah, so contents get ready, install it troubleshoot it make it accessible, get support. So this is your little manual, though i don’t know if it’s called a instruction manual. Doesn’T say that anymore on it just says, start here and this technically isn’t a manual. This is a getting started guide according to what it says right there uh. So this is probably your xp counterpart to this, but this is just far more detailed because there’s a lot of information to cover so this just to give you the page count here is 268 pages, and this xp getting started guide here.

15 pages, so i don’t know i mean maybe we are missing the full xp instruction manual or the the getting started guide. Maybe this isn’t really the full getting started guide, but it does tell you how to get it installed and you got like troubleshooting steps here. Troubleshoot it i honestly feel like there should be a much thicker manual kind of like this in this xp box, but because, like in this windows, me box right here, let’s just open this up, we’re really diving into a lot of stuff here, aren’t. We, i believe you have a a manual. Oh actually, you don’t, no you’ve got your quick start guide right here, that’s all that could really fit in here. I don’t really think you can get a much thicker manual uh in this in this box here, along with the quickstart guide, so yeah, i guess microsoft, just you know slimmed down the documentation that they included over the years, because with windows 95 you have a book. I don’t think it’s as thick as this, but you have a a pretty thick manual, slash getting started guide and with xp you’ve got this uh or not this one it’s this one right here, this pretty tiny thing with uh. What did we say? Yeah 15 pages, as opposed to the 200 that was in here, 200 and whatever so, but yeah there. You go guys, that’s a brief little look at microsoft, windows, server, 2003 enterprise edition and how the contents of the package compares to what you would get with windows.

Xp home edition and again huge thank you to zilch for your donation. I really really appreciate it and i will have a community poll down below uh in the comments. I’Ll have like a link to it, but that is going to wrap it up for me today.