How are we going to say it uh? It is the high tab, seven inch wi fi android tablet. It is uh an android 10 tablet with a seven inch screen: uh 2400 milliamp hour battery 32 gigabytes of storage, quad, core processor multi touch screen um, one gigabyte of ram here’s the specs down here, android 10 quad core processor, 1.5 gigahertz. I believe it was the um all winter a100 or something like that: 128 gigabyte micro, sd support uh, dual camera i’m assuming front and back wide of wi, fi, 802.11 b g and n with bluetooth 4.0. So you don’t even get a wide ac, wi fi or anything like this. Just your old standards. This thing was the box is, is backwards from the front to the back. If you flip it over, it should be the other way, but whatever i picked this up at office depot for 49, i was on the app looking for something else and came across this, and i saw that it was 49 and i was like well i’m going To get it for a video and if nothing else, it will be just you know fun to see how bad a 49 tablet is, or maybe how good a 49 tablet is. You never know, i’ll give it a chance. They do have some other models of this. That are a little bit higher up with more ram and more uh, storage and stuff like that um. But here we go just in a little bag.

You get a charger, get a charger. My 1200 phone didn’t even come with one of these. It says hyundai on it, switching adapter usb a and then we have usb a2 it’s, actually usbc, which is very nice um, and it actually says you can use that for data transfer, everything as well, so you can plug some stuff up for this i’m guessing and Then we have your user’s manual right here. This is the 7w7wc1 model i’m. Guessing seven is the screen size, wb and wi fi. They do have a 10 um, which is a 10 inch screen 2 gigs of ram. I don’t, i didn’t, see that one at office depot so i’m, not sure how much that one was or is um. Here we go so we do have one camera right here and then it looks like one camera right here. Um it looks like this is like the part of a screen protector. It looks like it does. Have a very poorly installed screen protector. It’S got dust under it right there, piece of dust, um bubbles, so we’re going to go ahead and remove this as well. Maybe i can wait, let me turn it on first and then we’ll play around with that. So you have your looks like a micro sd card slot up here comes out somehow, okay, so it just like flips open um and you can pop a micro sd card in there um. We have a reset and power volume right here, so we’re gon na go ahead and see if this thing is charged at all – and it is so, it is powered by android go edition um, which is funny.

It doesn’t say that on the packaging i’ve never used. Android go before trying to get this crappy screen protector off here. I’Ll work on that later, after the video main china hyundai branding on the back okay. Here we go. Let me just connect it to the wi fi real, quick, all right. It is connecting i’m still trying to oh there we go. I got the screen protector, almost it’s still connecting i’m. Just there. We go get that out of there. We don’t need screen protectors. Forty nine dollars just going to check, updates still checking for updates, still checking for updates all right. I’Ll get this all set up and then i’ll come back all right. I got it all set up. It did take quite a while to uh check for and install those updates, but once it did that it was um it’s, you know pretty good. You have the play store on here. Um just you know your basic stuff. You do have your google apps right here. So most of those are go. Apps like um assistant, go gmail, go gallery, go maps. Go we got the youtube app, which i did sign into, because i want to show you some speed so i’m opening this app from being completely closed. Um. Just to give you some launch times and we’ll go in here: we’ll go to subscriptions and just see how long it takes to load. Now i have gigabit internet. This thing, doesn’t have very fast wi, fi capabilities on it um, and you can see here just how long it takes to load up the subscriptions page where on my phone or ipad or basically any other device, i own that would be pretty much instant.

Um you’ve got your basic settings in here. You know just your regular it’s, pretty much just a dumbed down version of android 10 um, like i said it is android 10 go, but there doesn’t really appear to be um any like uh bloatware on it. I don’t see any there’s, no hyundai apps or anything crazy like that it’s, just your um slimmed down android go um stuff, so we’ll go and just turn it off here. Just wake it up and see how long um see what it looks like doing. That i mean it’s not too bad um, i would say it’s comparable to something like an android fire tablet. Um, you know just one of those things you find on sale for, like ‘.49 um only advantage to going with something like this. Is you get you get actual stock android? You don’t have the fire skin over top of it um. So if that’s, something you’re looking for if you’re looking for just a cheap, you know like road trip tablet for your kid. This is probably perfect for that. They can watch movies on it.