In addition to entertainment, For example, some friends in the design industry, around Xiao Bai can rely on iPad to complete a lot of work. But on the other hand, the Android tablet has a lot of gimmicks for productivity, but it ends up in the hands of users who buy the money to be productive. There are a variety of Android tablets out there, but thats when Android hit the market, But in the tablet market they do very poorly and they dont even make a sound like xiao. Bai was sitting in that pan Yitan video and hes really cheap overseas. However, the design and hardware configuration of the carrier from five years ago are not enough for the lucky ones to come, and this video xiaopai wants to share with you the product, Although it is also an M built flat street. There is a big difference between it and the sound, which is the price Super super expensive.. How much Dont ask Hello, everybody. Im the master.. Welcome to my digital, The principle of the little white baby digital is that products within 50 yuan can rely on their own. More than 50 yuan that depends on friends Under the help of good friends. Finally saw this mansion. Aminem domestic processor of domestic should be a tablet. Computer gold pie a Although it is only an engineering level system, is not perfect, but take a simple experience should still be ok. The packaging box of the product is very simple.

In addition to the logo and product model printed with financial S, The bottom left corner of the screen is also printed with the size of the screen.. Why do you want to emphasize the size? Do you want to introduce other sizes in the future? The memory is 8, 256 combination should be the best version cant afford it. Cant afford to open the package and put the tablet aside. Take a look at the following accessories on the left side of the tide. Is the power adapter On the right side of the folded Xu Card, Jane step on the data line manual, warranty card And half of it for your little candy for 3000 and your big friends at the screen? Please pay attention. Please throw the small candy into the trash can under the supervision of the children.. Next lets. Look at the product., The gold brand. A 1 comes with a special thick protective cover. Cixis design was adopted to be able to switch between two viewing angles that Xiao Bai thought at first 17 is in the leather case. It turns out its actually designed on a tablet so that you can use it on iron objects like your refrigerator or your vacuum. Cleaner All right lets move on to the product.. Those of you who have followed this tablet should know some of its parameters. The screen is 11 inches in the emora material, with a horizontal ratio of 4 to 3 and the top and bottom bezels are 5 to 3 mm, and the main bezels are 7 to 5 mm, respectively.

At a ratio of 2368x at 1728 pixels, Statistically a little bit more than apples iPad Pro the body measures 23.5 times 178 times 67 millimeters and weighs about 500 grams On the left side of the body. Is the power button and on the right side, is the TPC interface.? The main car is also arranged with four speakers. On the top. Is the volume control button and on the bottom is the TF card and SIM card? The back of the fuselage is a mirrored glass design with a diamond shaped lattice texture printed on the bottom of the glass.. The glass is nice, but you cant have it both ways, Its safe and easy to wear a condom. The front facing camera is 5 megapixels for video chat, which should be enough for selfies.. There is no beauty feature. The rear. Camera is 800 pixels with dual LED, fill lights and supports 8x digital edgewise, which is perfectly fine for taking some documents. Yes, On the back of the third, there are also five metal contacts designed to connect to the exclusive keyboard cover.. Unfortunately, Xiao Ben didnt get them so he cant demonstrate for you Lets. Take a look at the operating system, The gold medal of the first dozen is the LINch based G O s Catch up to debut in January 2021, when the small white experience is still not bad hook, 0 6 version and this time in the gold medal hit A project prototype above the pre installed is 0 9 point 1 version.

It is estimated that gold a will not be officially released until version 10. As for the UI interaction of the system, it is similar to the OS of iPad. In the interface ring of the lock screen. You can retrieve the unlocked digital panel and enter the desktop of the system after unlocking. The layout of the desktop is also very Apple. Like, instead of the status bar with the notification center on the left and the shortcut menu on the right and the apps in the middle and the shell at the bottom System, section of the application are specially made a big screen out of the red accident. Of the stone to small white first feeling is that this is still the familiar snacks system Swiping around the app 30 or so will quickly switch between apps and swiping. Up from the bottom will bring you to the most recent task list. Swiping in from the left or right side of the screen will only exit to the home page.. The remaining browser is the open source CRM browser which has the same experience as the CRM browser. If you dont like it, you can go to the app store and download another browser Like firefox or something Its just in beta right now, so theres, not a lot of software out there theres only six of them out there like this is a desktop level. Graphic painting software, Although very powerful, but the rule – is a third party software Theres no on screen Y adaptation, so a lot of the buttons in the mini are still more suitable to use the mouse or stylus to beat.

There are also third party software with mismatched amount S such as WP S 2019. It is well adapted to the large screen UI and the Sogou input method, also, specifically, for the financial S launched an adaptation version of the empty keyboard. As for other centim quality, software Xiaobai also installed some such as Penguin home QQ chat software or the kind of retro style full appearance. Moreover, wechat can also be installed and run, and the interface of wechat in the default full screen after the style of financial peripherals is still very matching, And then there are a couple of productivity programs that you can install. For example, if you want to retouch a picture or if you want to clip a video, you can install OpenShot. If you want 3d modeling and animation youre not going to be able to install it and theres very little software on it, but its all available and its all free and open source. If you really do not want to use the terminal to install these software, small white tape paper also recommended that you install brush less than bell this software. This is a cross platform, open source application store, which contains a lot of 00 platform. Software in a graphical form for the 00 system is very user, friendly, Almost forgot to say again: jin Tai, a above the Android application, ecology version. It does support Android software, but White did some research and found that his compatibility seems to be not the case.

. The Android software that Ann downloaded from duplicate couples was packaged into the first batch of formats. Several android apps are available for download but are still in beta. There are a lot of problems in the light of the white and I dont think they will be fixed until the official release of 10 is released. Tonight. Finally, lets talk about feelings. Kim Pai has a central mini tablet: computer for appearance, design and product light, and so on. Theyre both doing amazing things, especially with the one that came out in 2020, This gold medal, A is the level of todays tablet computer.. As for its system, it is similar to the iPad, many of which are currently in the test board stage. There are a lot of features and interactions that need to be improved, but the compatibility of Android applications is the most important. If you live well, you can make up for the lack of applications of the Link system and attract more users, But if it is not done well, it will definitely affect the final direction of the product. And the price of the product is currently 549 for the Gold Pie, one stylus Thats about 3500 yuan, Its a lot cheaper than the iPad Pro Its a little bit more expensive compared to the android tablets on the market. But it depends on the individual needs of the android productivity, apps, Of course, its not as good as a which is the open source software on the system.

All the members of the country, this period of double class, play what is here if the small class want to know more about the a and the fine outside is the operating system can also leave a message or send a bullet screen to inform small white Xiao Pang will answer the questions at the first time. Welcome..