He is the two week CHUWI COREBOX PRO a mini pc or a latest generation mini work station. Is the model latest updated dc with 10th generation intel i3, 10.005, g1, 12 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of ssd wifi, 6 and bluetooth, 5.1 integrated and a rich set of porter, which includes 2 gigabit ethernet separate inputs for microphone and headphones 4. Usb 3.0 port hdmi displayport power port is even a thunderbolt 3 thunderbolt 3, with which it is connected via a usb type cable. Yes, the external monitor of the blitz wolf, the b da b pcm 6 without using any hdmi connection. Therefore, both the power supply and the video signal are taken directly from the very comfortable thunder 3, and also the build quality is really remarkable. Alternating plastic and aluminum, with double cooling fan in the lower part, a mini pc. Therefore, among the richest and most substantial, despite its price, may indicate the opposite. In fact, the kiwi core box pro can be purchased on amazon for just under 400 euros and on ben wood for just over 300 euros. As you can see in these images, these offers come directly from my official telegraph channel of tecnest ds offers that you will find linked below in the first of in video descriptions together with links to buy these products. Take a look, but before telling you how it goes, I ask you a very important question: why buy today in 2021, a mini pc like this? Well, the reasons are different.

A mini pc of this type is positioned halfway between a fixed pc and a laptop, a laptop free interpretation, and you will tell me in the comments what you think, but I think that a mini pc is suitable for all those people who do not have the Material space in which to install a station for a fixed pc and want a fixed one, yes, but small and super compact, he d to connect perhaps to a monitor already present in the house. Why not? Our television? He in the end takes up very little space and you can put it in any hole but also suitable for those looking for a light pc not me else, because it is all connected. I do not want to do damage, but it weighs just 850 grams, so it is easily transportable. Obviously, you cannot use it outdoors as a laptop, but if your intent is to carry a pc from one house to another, maybe from home work where you know you see a monitor to connect it to is perfect and save some nice money because, with the same Performance, a mini pc, obviously costs less than a laptop, as there are fewer components we do not have a keyboard mouse and, above all, we do not have the display, which is usually external and that we may already have at home ready to use without having to Buy it separately and for those who want to do things big well, there is the brics workshop ida, dpcm 6 portable, monitor belonging to the family in the wolf, this n ello specific and model from 17.

3 inches full hd, fully touch is a touch display is really Very comfortable, if combined with a mini pc, because it allows us to access any browser application functionality by simply tapping on the display and without having to connect a mouse. And an external keyboard is usable both with its magnetic case, which will also serve us to cover the display and then transported the ride and with its plastic stand. If you want more stability, there is also a small remote control to control it remotely. If you do not want to use, the keys is the touch oh well is always handy and also the two stereo audio speakers are also encapsulated. That will allow us not to have to connect headphones or external speakers, but we could play the audio directly from the monitor. Obviously, the quality will not be excellent as a dedicated audio system, but for working to play is fine, as the price costs just over 200 euros to buy it on well good and finding italy. A display of this size with this quality of display is completely touch at just over 200 euros. It is really a titanic undertaking, however. Blitz on off also produces other external monitors of different sizes and solutions. The link is a bit below in video descriptions. There is also a 4k model and staying on the subject. The coro box pro supports up to three displays in 4k, 60 hertz connected simultaneously and speaking of performance.

Well, it is super responsive and we already notice it from the few seconds needed to boot inside. So we find a good non titanic size, SSD and 256 gigabytes. However, it can be replaced with another unit or we can also add a hard disk inside. It are, in fact, the physical predisposition to insert it in addition to the dedicated cable, the pre installed operating system is obviously windows. 10 in Italian, with original key, is already active. As you can see, the data transfer speed of the usb 3.0 is really excellent. Ness. A type of problem with productivity software, such as the classic world, entrust in the opening is no appointment to report same speech for web browsing even with multiple open tabs and the playback of 4k videos that are from the web from youtube or from the internal memory. Well, he really has no uncertainty switching instead to more demanding software, such as 4k video editing using adobe premiere. Well, obviously, this is not the fastest pc in this sense, but it is still possible to work on our videos easily, even by inserting various effects. I must admit that I was really surprised in this respect. If you are looking for a cheap pc with which to edit the 4k of your drones, well, he is fine, and obviously we conclude with a few words dedicated to gaming, certainly the two week with chrono box in the machine designed for this use. Yet you can do it safely, as you can see in these images, obviously, without exaggerating with the quality graphics.

However, games such as asphalt or counter strike is the mythical and the files 2 well would run great and the cooling fans, as you can see. Indeed, how you feel it is not only but the noise if they are very discreet, but always keep in mind that machines like these prefer energy saving so as not to have to weigh heavily on the electricity bill as a very powerful desktop PC or a gaming. Laptop could do so guys, impressions after two weeks of use really very, very positive for both products. I say it without doubts and certainties this small two weeks box pro is the best mini pc. I have ever used in recent years very fast with many ports, including a fantastic thunderbolt. 3 is suitable for any use. The doug dpcm 6 blitz wars is instead a generously sized external monitor with an excellent visual rendering. A beautiful display is undoubtedly with the great comfort of the touch. If I have to find a flaw in this beautiful mini pc, I would identify in the absence of an input for sd and microsd. However, it is a small problem that you can easily run with a usb reader adapter a card reader call it as you like, as its hub like this by spending a few pennies. I would therefore recommend the purchase of these products. Well, certainly, yes, and to who well certainly to those looking for a fixed PC that is compact and small and can be inserted into any hole, perhaps because they do not also use their TV as a display without having to add an additional expense.

And I would also recommend it to those who want to work with a very portable machine. The blitz wolf instead is a perfect monitor as everything in one touch display and audio speaker, so you will not have to add practically anything else, and it is a fantastic unit to combine with this mini pc or other wishing you could use it. Why not to enjoy multimedia contents of your smartphone right r agazzi? I think I have really told you everything about these two, in my opinion, excellent products. But now I want to know your opinion. What do you think of the 2 cor box pro and of the soft bp cms bric you find them interesting, covers them este or not? Well, let me know by leaving a nice comment below and if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask. I am always here at your complete disposal and if I liked this video at least a little well, you can support them very simply like leaving me a like a comment. A share by subscribing to this channel by activating the bell line that do not miss the notifications of my new next videos, it’s all completely free. This is said, we now say goodbye and we make an appointment at the next video you always want here on at nick sestu tech.