They have this qr code for the easy download of app and also they have a qr code for tracking the parcel which is on the receipt. Let’S open it and see how it’s like it’s a 5 star supplier, and we ordered this android remote air, remote mouse, and this can be used with different things: android tv box, tv, computer, mouse game tablet and pc it’s for multiple use, it’s a good quality handheld Remote so uh like i ordered it yesterday and it arrived today, so it’s very fast service and i will give 10 out of 10 to the supplier and this game wrapped in this let’s, open it and see how the product is like, because sometimes the product is Not good from inside, we have to see how this supplier is, and this is a box, and this is the remote. I say this is a very good quality remote. It looks good quality and it’s about the price is about 800 rupees, and so the buttons are nice push for push buttons and they are good quality, but they are not cheap product, and this is for power. This is for directions. This is for google voice. You can just put it press it and it will be used for the voice or internet search, and this is the page – and this is a qc proof product, which means it has a frequencies. And this is the panel for the signals for the infrared, and this is for the batteries, and they also have this usb, which is the most important thing to connect it with the device.

So i would say that this is a good supplier and the product came very fast manner, so this is very good. Please, like our video and subscribe our channel. We appreciate your feedback in case of any more con orders. I will in case of any more inquiries. I will happy to answer your questions and i will also put link for this product on my channel. Thank you very much and bye.