So this is powered by the Mediatek p23 that's, an Ccta core CPU it's paired up with six gigabytes of RAM a 64 gigabyte rom. It runs Android 8.1. It has a notch display on here. So if you're after that new, somewhat questionable trend, then this has of course got that on there, so the earpiece will be a little bit smaller and it does have dual cameras on the front. So we've got one that's 16, the other is 8 and the same exact setup on the rear. So one is 16, 8 F, 2.0 aperture. How you me did you claim they are using Sony, sensors, they're, curved glass rear and a metal body around the outside of the frame of it? So it should hopefully have a really good build quality. The battery capacity is 3850 milliamp hours and the display is that full HD plus because of the notch, it's a little bit of an odd resolution, so it's 2246 by 1080. Now it does have 18 what quick charge as well with this dual SIM support. So we have a rather plain looking black box here on the back of it, you can see it's just listing those specs here. So if you want to know the LTE band support, you can see that right there, so it does cover band 20. In fact, it's got global band support, which is great for a phone of this price. Of course, so I can see the phone or has a case on it, which is good to see more manufacturers doing this, including cases.

So this is a textured matte rubber, which is good it'll, give it a little bit more grip to it. Obviously, when your hands are cold and dry phones can be very slippery, considering this also has glass on the rear. It does cover the volume up and down and the power button here, which is good that case, but I will just put that phone to the side there for a minute and we'll take a look at what else we get so I've got this little leaflet here. This is just saying thank you for choosing ume digi, so that'll be warranty card instructions and all that the SIM tray tool right here and then we do have a red type c cable, and this right here, of course, is what we're going to need for audio. So that's all types – e2, 3.5, millimeter adapter. Unfortunately, no 3.5 millimeter support on this model and then our media tech pump Express charger. The maximum output of this one is 12 volts, 1.5 amps and you can see it is a EU plug. So the z2 weighs a hundred and sixty eight grams and comes in at nine millimeters thick, so it does come with this pre applied screen protector out of the box. Taking a look at this wide notch. We have here so that's. The first thing that strikes you when you look at the phone, we do have 2.5 D, rounded glass corners here, which it has the manufacturer, claims Gorilla Glass, two front facing cameras, so once 16 megapixels, obviously the larger one.

There then, the 8 megapixel is the one to the right of it. Now the earpiece you can see is very small, that is about half the size of your typical earpiece. Hopefully this is not going to affect call quality. I will have to test that out and then to the left of the earpiece right here we have an ambient light sensor and a proximity sensor. Now your energy on their webpage are saying they advertise like 3d face unlocking tracking but it's, not using actual proper 3d mapping. Are things like the what the iPhone 10 has no that's really kind of false advertising there, because it's, just using your typical Android 2d face unlocking now on the rear, you'll see we've got two dual tone: LED flash and other two cameras rear round fingerprint reader. Now these cameras again it's the same setup as the front so and if 2.0 aperture, 16 and 8 megapixels, you can see that we also have curved glass with the edge along here, which is a nice touch. It has quite a bit of a Samsung feel to it and why I say that is it's, just the design of it. So we've got the middle frame around the outside. On the left hand, side here you can see there's our sim tray, so that will take either a a nano sim and micro, sim or nano plus micro is ECAD. You can see some antenna lines there so top and bottom and the middle goes around and we have a speaker grille at the bottom.

So obviously there's going to be one speaker in here, the mic and then a type C port up the top secondary microphone. That has it so there is no IR transmitter with this one and we don't have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Sadly, so the buttons are, on the right hand, side we've, got the power volume up and down, and they are made out of metal and they do have a good feel to them, so their build quality for a two hundred and fifty dollar u.s. phone, I feel, Is good it's very good, it feels nice in hand the weight isn't too bad and neither is really the thickness time to power it up now and we'll. Take a look at that display, so you me digi there it's an IPS panel, the resolutions, twenty to forty. Six by 1080 and it is running stock Android 8.1. I hope they haven't put any bloatware on this, so I just had to tone down the ISO settings with my camera because of course, when you first put this up, they put the screen into basically like a full brightness it's set on full brightness. At the moment. I believe – and here we have obviously a good look at the knotch and the bezels side – bezels aren't bad at all there we still have quite a bit of a chin here, so the bottom bezel is large and you're still quite a large top bezel there.

Even though we have the notch, so we go through setup here. Very quick in fact: I'll skip ahead with this, because this is just gon na be a standard. Eight Android, 8.1 setup. Okay. So here we go on the ROM, so I went through the typical setup of Android 8.1 added, my fingerprint and just put my credentials in there for Google Play Store. So you can see it is here now have a look at the stock. Apps we've got onboard. So there are quite a few there. I guess they've added a lot of you could say Google's bloat, but there is a good thing here that we're not seeing any unwanted kind of Chinese bloat or applications that aren't even relevant to literally anyone that isn't, of course living in China, so that's not there, Which is good to see FM radio, so we do have hardware, FM radio actually that's the first time I've seen it were the only a type C port, so obviously they've wired it through it see other manufacturers haven't even bothered to do that, for example with Shomi Phones they when they had a tight support, they normally drop FM radio hardware tuner support. So I have a look and see what version here it is running so it's Android 8.1, but the patch level is May the fifth so that's another positive there that's recent. That is good to see and I don't believe there are any Wireless updates, but I will check right now.

No at the time of this video I'm on the current software, so that some trade correction here will take to nano Sims or a nano sim and micro sd card. The frame around it is reinforced with the middle as well, which is good now to demonstrate the fingerprint reader. I find it to be a little bit slow. Actually so it isn't always on one place, my finger there and you can see it just comes on, so it will take about two seconds there. So one two yeah one and a half second, so it's not the fastest. Now, taking a look at the display, so the gamma checks out to be approximately around 2.3 and it is an IPS. So the viewing angle 0k. But I probably because of the screen particular actually that this is happening. But it does shift out to darken a little bit when you look at it at certain angles, so not the kind of viewing angles, of course, that you'd get from say an AMOLED panel. But for this price range category, a mobile phone, the display does look good. The maximum brightness of this panel tops out at 450 Lux, which is not bad. The whites are a slight tiny bit cool white. There seems to be no mirror vision. Application on here normally it's three display settings where you can tweak your white balance and that's missing the blacks. Look okay for an IPS panel, colors as well, do look good! So all in all, this is a decent panel that they have used here.

These 6.2 inch IPS now there's one important thing to point out with the notches, and this is happening with all the knotch phones that I have recently reviewed apart from perhaps maybe oneplus, because they're not just not so wide but you're missing out on a lot of. I feel key crucial information that you have with a mobile phone, so you can't see the battery percent right here and you have to swipe down and then you'll see your remaining battery percent notifications, for example, if you're on 4G or not again, you're not gon na See it so, you have to bear in mind that when you swap over to a knotch phone that you are going to be missing out on some of that important information, it just cannot be displayed because there isn't enough physical room there. To put it all in a display because of the knotch now, apart from that hiccup with the rom, the rest of the experience is quite good, it's, actually very smooth multitasking, going through selecting your various different apps. That is all quite good. Of course, we've just got the on screen navigation buttons. It doesn't have a gesture mode with it, but I have noticed that the performance of the ROM in general really is good. Apps install fast moving around is really quick and, of course, you can do multi screen split screen mode here, because it is running Android 8 that came in with Android 7.

So, for example, you want Play Store here, drag that to the top that'll be at the bottom. You want to load any here's, for example, treble check, and then you can see right there that both of these are working well. It does run a little bit slower, though, depending on what apps you're running in the split screen mode, but yes, performance good that at least gets a thumbs up from me. Looking now at synthetic benchmarks, this is an so the hello P, 23 can get 80000, and this one here so that's on par with other Mobile's that run this chipset it's about 20000 points less than the hell eox 20 and about 3050 sorry thousand points. Since I a Snapdragon 636 wireless AC speeds, the throughput here connecting up to check out just the maximum. I can get so it's not dependent on my actual connection, speed but more the router to the mobile, not so great here. So it was about a hundred and fifty s than maximum. Ideally, I like to see a lot higher than this if it's over 300 that's really good, but this is all the chips it can really do. So if you have a fast fiber line, you cannot take advantage and get really super quick download speeds of those large android games. Now, the GPS perfectly fine here it doesn't, lock on to every single satellite that it will see, but the accuracy always hovers around three and four meters, so that's, not a problem, and this includes driving moving the car, so it's gon na be fine for GPS.

Of course it does have a hardware compass that is part of the sensors that it has on there and when it comes to 4G download speeds and uploads perfectly fine. I mean I'm with orange and Spain here, and that is about all I can get where I'm situated at the moment with any phone. So you know this. Beads are poor, but no issues with the signal strength either has been good for both wireless and for 4G. So the internal storage emmc 5.1 spec, which is good to see I half expected to see the older four point. Five point: one spec TMC in this and those are a lot slower. So this is fast, of course, it's not as fast as ufs, but for this price range of phone this is not bad at all, triple check. So does it support seamless updates? No because we don't have access to both of the partitions here, so that's a little disappointing to see. If it had this, it will be much better for getting updates and also for things like custom, roms and all that, and now, when it comes to the wide vine support it's a level 3. So what does this jargon mean? Well, that means no Netflix HD, no it's, just gon na be in your standard definition. Unfortunately, so 1080p YouTube that's, not a problem, but the purpose of showing you this right now is just to give you a sample of that loudspeaker, which is rather loud but it's.

Not super high quality, but does the job and checking out gaming performance here. So this is pub G on the medium sitting that had auto detected so I've just gone with this sitting, and I have noticed that from time to time you will get some lag and some stutter, but for the most part it is actually good. It is playable. You can see when i zoom in there with the scope so that's fine, just don't expect the best performance, because it will be a little bit disappointed with that from time to time. You will see those legs and those status as mentioned, and you will notice too that there is this odd black bar at the top, so something's up with that it's, obviously down to software that you me digi will need to patch this after 20 minutes of gaming. I have noticed that the phone does get quite warm to the touch it gets up to around about 33 34 degrees. Maximum is what I've seen on the back of the phone, taking a look now at the camera app, so the stock camera app is missing. One important feature that was advertised on their website that it could take those bokeh effect photos so with a blurred backgrounds using the dual cameras, but it doesn't seem to be there. So if you swipe up down from the top sorry, you will see that these are the settings we have here so you're able to set the picture size up to 16 megapixels, your ISO.

There is other settings, but there's nothing there to actually swap that mode over into what would probably be in one of these spaces here would be that settings, so they obviously need to add that with a firmware update, it's not available at the time of my video Here so that should hopefully the coming soon we do have HDR mode. You can see in video mode. You can shoot also up to 1080p here that's the maximum and those are the settings there. So video format. You can change that over to the dated very dated. Now, 3gp, which i would not recommend using so it's, the sample at a front facing camera, can shoot in 1080p maximum and the quality is alright. Audio is okay, not too bad. No electronic image stabilization, so you see that it won't shake around obviously going to have to use one of those handheld mobile gimble's to get steady footage with front facing camera sample footage. Now this is from the rear, camera so 1080p maximum. No electronic image. Stabilization! No 4k. 1080P only there are other mobile phones that are actually cheaper than this one here that can shoot in 4k and suddenly even support electronic image stabilization with applications like open camera. So that is an area of disappointment here. This sound seems to be alright and you're. Getting reasonable 1080p quality here could perhaps be just a little bit sharper but again we're just lacking out on resolution, because it cannot shoot 4k.

Okay. So, just to recap here we have a very nice build quality here on the z2 from ume digi. It is really quite good and it does have a bit of a Samsung kind of look to it. The frame they've used around their metal volume buttons dual cameras on the rear. However, at the time of this video we cannot use the secondary cameras to take those portrait mode or depth effect photos, which is a shame that feature releasing with the phone and not being available isn't great. But I expect that that will be coming soon with some firmware updates, so it does run stock Android 8.1. This is definitely one of the best features of the phone because it doesn't have any bloat either, which is good. Rom performance surprises here that it is very quick. It is fast it's smooth. The screen is also another positive that it's a bright screen. Now we also have global LTE support on this one, so it's going to work everywhere around the world, another positive. So when it comes to the cons, well, the loudspeaker performance, isn't so great and with the notch, you are missing out on seeing some details. For example, you cannot see some of the notifications. We can't see actually any notifications what the current firmware way had set up. You have to swipe down to see the battery now. This happens with other mobile phones as well. You don't have any 4k video recording so other mobile phones that sell in this similar price category and group of this phone.

They offer, I feel, a bit more there because you're getting 4k video support, some of them even have electronic image. Stabilization support the likes are, for example, the redmi note 5, that one there sells for about about 220 us and if you use open camera, you get EAS support and you do get a little bit more there. So it really depends all what you want from a mobile phone there's. Also one other thing too, that I didn't point out in the video, but it is missing a status LED on this phone it's, nowhere to be found, and even when you're charging it there's. No little red light to tell you you're charging you've got a look at the screen. You can turn the screen on and see the battery percent there so battery life it's gon na last for around about 7 to 8 hours of on screen time. That'S continuous, but expect around about 6 hours. There now charge time it's fairly quick. It comes in around one hour and 50 minutes to fully charge the phone with the included charger so that isn't bad there.