This is kotlin back again for another video on pagusappen. I think today is about umidigi or umidigi um. A11, a11 foreign, the Music, a 10.4 inch 2k full view display so 2k resolution 2000 by 1200 resolution, 7.8 millimeter bezel, android, 11 pusha with global lte band, so global lte bands that means melodrama in a sim card: mediatek p22 uh, chipset processor, so not bad. So on graphics card, newtons power, vrg, 8320 condition variant, 4 gigabyte ram at 120 gigabyte internal storage sd card, so this is hybrid and gaming. Yes, a sim tray slot, so no bubbles uh front camera. This is this: is the eight megapixel front? Camera chatter, as we may antenna bands, so major thats, very nice, typically typically very good. This is 16 megapixel, okay, so uh, i think major, may Applause, foreign good for one sim and one memory card, you know, detect my 4g voice over lt in arena, so compatible sim card holy fingerprint um, fingerprint fingerprint fingerprint, oh Music, fingerprint. But this one has a fingerprint boy brand, the man. I think this is fully laminated little 1080p. This is 2k display option. Okay, so developers option available wireless debugging, important wireless debugging system features we very good, very nice wireless debugging, very good. We made understand private dns support, so im not going to get nothing and so pay the personal again and dns for some mobile data, sharpness uh, basically good for a video hauling special is a front cam, so it is how about the video hello whats up? This is kotlin back again for another video, so nip thousand is very low par isnt tablet.

What can i say this is just a mediatek p22 uh, its not a g series, its just a p22, so thats a higher low engine, its a nice low end category is 11 hours and 47 minutes, as you can see so. Uh average range for uh matagalang gamut 11 hours screen on time; uh Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Music, heavy gaming; okay, so i think for online class, most of the time uh some video hauls social media, basically for uh light entertainment like no. No, no netflix youtube; no, no movies, no sound trip, no music good, then, since uh since squad speaker and so Applause good for uh uh, heavy gaming. Okay, like the thing number surprise, comes up in nasa 15 000 impressions, uh um an official store nasa. Nine thousand three hundred long shot dont forget to subscribe like and share okay.